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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Underworld Born Slippy

Underworld Born Slippy

Heard this on the trainspotting soundtrack. Adding to music 2.

This website has developed over the years and now includes over 400 Music videos from You Tube. Some of them have died nasty deaths no longer working. But i'm guessing that a majority do work.

All these music videos are hand picked and hand listened. They brought me some joy temporarily at least. Musci can help in those moments of sadness and mourning. It can bring comfort even if it is temporal.

This site now has three catagories of Music. The first just plainly called Music is top shelf stuff. This started being a all in all category so the further back you go there could be some stuff that made it in there that's not so great but if you read it should explain this.

The second category entitled Music 2 is still good music but it's probably not going to be quite as good as Music. Eg it might not last as long or just be a few plays or something.

If I get a lot of plays out of a song it goes in Music.

Music 3 is for things I listened to once and don't really like but have added just to say i've been there.

Those are the categories.

Also over the years this website has moved a little away from being an immortality war on death website. This is going to change. I'm going to continue to bring back the theme of Immortality and a War on Death.

My first ever blog which no longer exists started with a war on death theme. I'm quite happy with what i've achieved here with this blog but I want to make it alot bigger. I need to post a lot more and make alot more videos.

I'm just lazy. I have lots of time. But I sleep lots. I often don't feel like using the computer finding many excuses not to. I have been bumping my Godlikeproductions forum post a bit and it's now upto 25k hits in total.

Anything Less than Immortality.
My GLP forum post is about my World Trade Center September 11th 2001 9/11 Phone call to a radio talkback station 2 days before the attacks and also the songs that were created by famous artists and musicians from further phone calls I made after the attacks. Just as I asked.

No one believes of course. Much to amazing for people to believe and to many other people lying on the internet to get attention.

Let the truth shine I guess. In this darkness we all badly need some truth.

Seek immortality. Fight death. Hold on to your life. Do good.

Scripture for the day:

Romans 2:7
To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life.

And just one last thing to round out what this website entails but how bout if you can, you donate towards buying me a house. That's right this is also a buy me a house website.

I been trying for ages to get donations. I don't get much traffic. One day.

Darcy Lee

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Video Posting your Website.

I have an idea of how to create content video for a monetized You Tube video account and at the same time create content for your website. Simply read out loud any posts or material that you post on your website, well out loud to a camera.

I'm no comedian. I'm no movie star. I don't even want to appear on camera much. But i've decided that i'm going to from now on write posts here on and hopefully make them appropriate to be read out loud for a camera and then posted on You Tube.

This is an experiment for me. I'm finding it kind of hard imagining how to write for a video. I've never made many videos even after owning a video camera. It just sat there and did nothing.

Basically now that you can make money from You Tube it's worth having as many videos on it as possible, as a bonus it could generate traffic for your main site which I found happened quite a lot or chiefly now earn you money via Adsense ads displayed alongside your videos.

So some information about This site is now dedicated to Virtual Reality Technology or more specifically Pictures Movies Images Graphics in your Head Eyes Mind.

Virtual Reality Tech of this kind has existed for a long time with the image quality improving considerably since it's first inception. It's only a matter of time until it's release. is also about September 11th 2001 and how I, Darcy Lee made a phone call to a nationwide talkback radio show where I yelled "WAR" 2 days before the planes hit the buildings.

At i'm also trying to make money via credit card donations and advertising to support myself and my daily lifestyle. I'm trying to raise money for a house which is pretty impossible. I live on a benefit and don't nearly make enough money though at the moment I am living sustainably but with no spare money each week. So far i've made like $10 dollars in my pocket with another $39 on adsense which becomes available when I reach $100. No one has ever donated to me in about 5 years of blogging.

So that's it for this video post.

Darcy Lee

Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello World. This web site is entrepreneurial. I'm trying/attempting to make money. So far i've meet failure. Any money I earn of which I haven't earnt any is going to go towards my daily living costs. That is unless it's alot of money which would be worthy of saving. If I made alot of money it would the money eventually go towards a house. I live off a government benefit so am very poor. I will be living off the benefit for the rest of my life.

My paypal account is ready to receive money via credit cards. It's tested. It works. I've transfered $20 dollars that I earned through world of warcraft from my paypal account to my very own bank account and then withdrawn that money.

What am I missing? Traffic. I'm only a page rank one site. I'm getting between 1-5 hits a day. I'm simply not getting many hits from google and google is my main and only traffic source. I know I want this website to be about Virtual Reality and minorly but eventually if I ever get a copy a certain phone call then majorly about the September 11th American Terrorist Attacks.

Virtual Reality is the future. It is greater than movies and computer games in the current format of technology. Pictures in your head. Virtual Reality. Pictures in your mind. Virtual Reality. Pictures in your eyesight.

This tech exists now. It's being practiced. This means nothing to the average person. When will virtual reality technology be revealed to the general public well I don't know. If you believe me you are one of the few if only. It will be the greatest innovation since the internet. Not many people will read this website before this technology is released. And it will probably be many years before it's release.

I need money to buy a house and live day to day. At the moment I pay rent. I also need money for a 50" television. I need to make an income. I think i'm dreaming.

I've been reading a blog at which sort of centers around making money. It has given me some inspiration. But theres no way I could ever be that sucessful.

I would like oneday to set up a charity. When i'm famous and can get money just from the fame. When i've made alot of money already. A charity to feed, house and educate people. Still dreaming.

So yeah I need to make an income per week but at the moment I have no ideas. Virtual Reality is not doing much as a topic as it is still very fringe. Once everyone starts experiencing virtual reality then there will be alot more talk about it but this website will be drowned out by everyone else or by the time virtual reality pictures in your head is revealed i'll be dead. It will be an amazing innovation.

I have such limited information about it that I can't sell it very well. I have no evidence. I have no proof. It's amazing. It exists. Yet to be believed.

Since i've moved into a new house I am more comfortable but I am poorer. Any money that is given to me will be put to good use. I am very poor. To give you an idea of what I would do with the money, well if you donated $1 dollar then I would probably leave it in the paypal account and not bother to withdraw it until there was more money in the account. If you donated $10 dollars then I would probably convert it to food. If you gave me $50 it would probably be converted to food as well.

If you gave me $100 I could convert that to maybe a few weeks food mostly take outs and a movie at the local theatre here in town. Also it would last a few weeks. It wouldn't be spent all at once.

I haven't got many ideas for what I would spend the money on apart from food. It's only when you donate like $1000 dollars that I could purchase some electronics like a 50" Television. Another item I could use would be a laptop. A real luxery would be Sky TV. More TV channels.

So going by this post any money I make will go on just feeding me. I've made about $35 dollars through the ads on this page. But that's over like 5 years. So the ads are my main source of income. I haven't so far been given any money by anyone.

I'm tiring now it's quite late here. I'll leave by asking you gift me some money which I will convert into food, savings a TV or laptop I can't think of much else I need. I just need to make a little more money each week to get by on. Also if you can't donate then possibly leave a comment or follow me on FB or twitter.

Darcy Lee

Monday, July 18, 2011

Over the Years.

So the thing that stops me from posting at the moment is having nothing to talk about. If your wanting random incredibly boring stuff I can do that. Like I bought 10 mars bounty chocolate bars and m and m's peanuts packets, they were on special for 5 for $4, and I won two free bounty bars in the competition they got going. I also won a trumpet ice cream not so long ago. So that's pretty much how boring I can be. Here's something I just thought of. I found out through text message today that my cell phone will stop working on the 31/7/12 because telecom is shutting down the network for good as they are trying to move everybody over to there new xt network here in NZ. So my cell phone becomes a paper weight pretty soon.

I really at the moment don't have much to talk about. I think that's the case anyway.

On this website I have talked about:

Donations - But I have never received any. I have talked about getting money through people using there credit cards and paypal by means of traffic visiting the website. But it hasn't worked. But that doesn't mean that you will fail if your thinking of trying. I think I just haven't put enough effort into research. Also my topics are kind of fringe at the moment.

September 11th - I've talked about the American terrorist attacks quite alot and how I made a phone call to a talk back radio station and yelled war 2 days before the attacks took place. Well good ol Osama Bin Laden is dead now, i'm pretty darn sure he is and that leaves me with a confiscated phone call and zero dollars earned. The potential was there to earn well over a million dollars but it appears I have squandered that as well.

Virtual Reality - Technology that's new and secret is something this blog also tells about. I talk about pictures in your head virtual reality technology. Computer Brain connectivity. As computers get more powerful and intelligent so will this Virtual Reality Brain to Computer pictures in head technology become more useful and then eventually be released to the general public.

Extra Terrestrials - I have hardly talked about Extra Terrestrials or aliens but I believe our government knows at least a few details they haven't told the public. So i'm hanging out just like everybody else who's kept in the dark. This is just a small push for more information. The universe is big. They the governments of the world must know alot about some of the universes secrets.

Housing - I've talked about how I dream of owning my own house and how i'm trying to use the Internet to go about achieving this goal. This is similar to donations i suppose i'm having trouble thinking what else this blog is about. I really do need a house though. Somewhere to park up and retire for the rest of my life. If I was really rich I could have a granny flat and rent it out and that would give me extra money without having to work so I could remain living on the benefit quite comfortably.

I totally dream of being rich. It's an ongoing fantasy I have. My house wouldn't have much of a lawn to mow and and with it making me an income from rent I would be on $400+ dollars a week with only rates and insurances to pay instead of rent if I actually owned it. The rates and insurance would be like $60 per week so that leaves alot of free income to spend each week. Owning a property like this would make me quite rich I guess.

Bill Gates - In an attempt to earn some money I wrote Bill Gates a few emails. This also didn't succeed. You can get his address by clicking the side link.

Possessions - This blog lists all my possessions though I don't have photos.

Movies and Music - I have listed all of the music that I have enjoyed over the years on these pages from You Tube. There a few short clips (Movies) also from You Tube that I have listed.

Religion - I have talked about religion a few times on here and very occasionally used scripture. I have believed in God in the past but not anymore. He's kinda let me down pretty bad and it was a childish thing to believe in. He plain just doesn't exist. Jesus is not a very nice thing to believe in.

Well thats pretty much all i've written about in posts over the years in this blog. The topics haven't diverged much.

Good bye for now. Photos are of dream house. This one cost's about $395,000 thousand NZ dollars as listed on trademe. Buy Me A House Today. LOL.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

FAQ, Plans and Goals.

These are the days leading upto the move from my current house of 5 years 8 months to a new house.

I lose alot of ease of access to shops like fish and chips, supermarket, kfc, service station. These are all just across the road at the moment. My new house is alot further away. My new house is nicer though. It's about the same size as my current house but the interior is nicer and there is a fire place to keep warm and save using the electrical bill.

I have a flat tyre on my 50cc scooter at the moment. The rear needs pretty much a whole new tyre. It's pretty bald. Now it's flat. And there wouldn't be much point fixing it without replacing it. I don't use the scooter much at the moment but in the future it's going to be a lifeline. I hope I have good luck with the bike. I would much prefer a car but they are so much more expensive and really you need to be working to afford the running costs.

So scooter = pack mule for groceries in future, i'll need the scooter which has a compartment on it plus probably a school bag to carry all of my groceries. Joy and fun.

Nothing else exciting has been happening to me.

I'm jealous of people with educations. They can get awesome jobs. I can't even get supermarket work. They're also smart and do smart stuff. I ain't so bright.

I would like to get some sort of polytech education in computers if i'm ever able and i'm going to return to the work force. That would give me a foot in the door. But it's a long hard struggle from here where I am living in hell.

That's just one road. Rockstar is another road. No.

It's been nearly 10 months since i've had a cigarette. That's one thing. A good accomplishment.

I need some goals and plans for this web page. I dream all the time and so far the plan being is to get a freehold house and live off my government benefit while making an income preferably from home on the Internet that doesn't get my benefit docked ie under $100 dollars and having maximum free time and money to do stuff or just being outright rich.

The plan since the beginning and inception of this website has always been to earn money through donations and advertising. So far this hasn't worked. I've earned a total of $36 dollars so far in advertising. With donations and people giving me money i've earned zero dollars.

I'm planning on hopefully never working again. But maybe i'll have to work part time if I ever want to get any where financially. The internet is practically my only hope at the moment of making enough money for a house and the hope is pretty grim. This is turning out like a FAQ post.

So my goal and plan is to get a freehold house by making lots of money through the internet. This is more like a dream than a goal or plan I guess as my chances aren't very good. I've been trying for 5 years in a relatively lazy style and I haven't gotten anywhere. I don't have any catch or hook at the moment.

I do just have words. There's Virtual Reality Pictures in your head technology happening around the world right at this moment. And also somewhere exists a phone call of me yelling war 2 days before the 9/11 terrorist attacks in America live on talkback radio. The phone call I could post on You Tube and then have a copy of it selling for $5-10 dollars on Itunes. These are a couple of the things i've been going on about. So I believe I can make some money with these topics.

Thats it from me for now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Invest, Information, Virtual Reality.

It's my birthday today May 11th. I turn 33. So my Nana bought me some socks. She celebrated her 80th this year, not so long ago. My mum bought me some track pants and other clothes which I needed. I'm pretty poor so don't get much spare cash to buy things like clothes and other necessities. My Dad or brothers didn't buy me anything.

It's 11.20pm at night so the whole day is nearly over. I woke up with a really sore neck this morning. When I say morning I mean about 5pm. I lay in bed for a while with my sore neck trying to sleep further as I usually do but my neck kept annoying me. It was pretty sore. I found I could get in some positions and it would be ok. As i lay there my left ear rang loudly as it always does from the government technology they subject me to.

So i'll make this post a further asking for money and maybe a Virtual Reality post so here goes.

As you can see I am just entering my 5th year of blogging here on this website. So I am well established and apart from death i'm not going away. I hope to live to about the age of 60 at minimum. As I have smoked alot of cannabis and tobacco in my life but not other drugs - this is why I lower my estimate of my life span lower than the average of 78.6 or whatever it is not to mention the psychiatric drugs they have me on.

The thing is I need to establish myself finacially. I need a house where I can retire to for the rest of my life and live safely out of harms way until the natural causes of death take effect. I probably have 30 years left and for those 30 years I will be blogging. As yet after 5 years, my blog only gets about 5-10 hits a day which is not good enough really. I need to expand. I've tried expanding before. It hasn't worked. What I am trying to convey is that apart from death, i'm hoping to be here for the next 30 years and for those 30 years be blogging.

Blogging is apart of me now. Sometimes i've had big gaps between posting but i've always come back to it. So if you could invest in me I will definitely be someone who's in it for the long haul. What can I offer in return. Well one thing I can offer is information.

I have information that technology currently exists that has the ability to port an image directly into your brain. This is the future of Virtual Reality. I have no proof only experience.

This type of information is future predictive and prepares you for whole new worlds that will be made available. This information hopefully won't scare you and you will embrace it as truth. If you call me a liar of mock me about this technology I will be hurt sure but you will lose as this tech is real. I am one of the first in the world to know about it. And basically I know nothing. But please all you have to do is have a little faith and you will know I am telling the truth when I say that the Government has technology to send full motion video directly into your head.

So information. Valuable information. Information about Virtual Reality. It's what i'm selling here. This is prophetic. Visions of the future of the world when the technology goes from being secret classified to open and available on the free market.

You are being let into a secret here that very few people in the world know about. Virtual Reality technology is real. You can now see computer images/video/graphics inside your mind.

Information Technology is about to rapidly change forever. The way you view an image on screen will be revolutionised. This is Virtual Reality. The Virtual World will mesh with the real world. You will be walking/driving/moving around with a H.U.D. (Heads Up Display) in your head, feeding you and nourishing you. When you get home you can totally emerse yourself in the latest game or virtual world or shop in virtual stores or explore the universe virtually. All in your head.

So what would this information be worth. To tell you that this world is real. That Virtual Reality is Real. Would it be worth a small donation to this website to keep me happy and ticking over and telling the truth to all who would deny the truth of the existence of this technology?

This technology will come out. But this is one of the few websites that will tell you of it's existence. This is valuable information. So if you feel upto it please pay for the priveledge of being told. You could with your new knowledge prepare yourself to make further money.

You could invest in domain names that are Virtual Reality related. This is just one way I can think of making money. Invest.

Invest in the concept of Virtual Reality of pictures and worlds in your head. Invest in this website.

Thanks for your time

Darcy Lee

Friday, August 20, 2010

How Google Adsense Works. Donate a Click.

After having no donations in nearly 5 years with a presence on the net it's quite disheartening. I still don't get many hits, though what happened a couple of days ago was pretty amazing. I got 55 unique visitors to my pet rock shop in about 12 hours. I just actually bought a domain for it to. On average the pet rock site gets more hits per day than Just for the search term Pet Rocks For Sale. It cost $20.19 NZ Dollars using my visa debit card. (You really should get a visa debit card if you want to spend money on the internet.) It's cool. I have 3 domains now.

So i'm thinking that because I haven't got one donation that google adsense might be the way forward. Google adsense are the ads that you see decorating this page. For every ad someone clicks I might earn 1 cent to 50 cents. Thats pretty much how they work. You click an ad and I get some money. Traffic makes them work. At the moment i've only earnt $20 US from them in 4 years but thats doing better than the donations i've gotton. So with that logic google ads are definately the way forward.

Unfortunately you don't get paid out until $100 US dollars is reached. Your not allowed to say click me about the ads or anything like that and i'm trying not to. Thoughs here is a thing for all websites maybe if you don't want to donate or are at least to poor then you should click an ad on there website cause you now know that it will make them money. This applies to any website and any brand of ads. Your pretty much guaranteed that by clicking an ad on any website that you will be making that website money.

So with your new knowledge if you feel upto it click some ads on your favourite website you will be donating to their cause. I'm not saying click ads on this website that would get me in trouble but your best website or new or unique websites remember to earn them some money sometimes. If your poor this is a good way to donate to people who you feel worthy. Remember you do have the power to donate even with out money. Donate a click.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Bought WWW.DarcyLee.Com.

Yep So I just Bought the world wide web address of It's Pointing to this site. Cost $31.44 NZ Dollars From My first .com address. My other address I own is a nz one as u can see not dot com.

So thats all the news. I got a new tv so i've got 2 tvs now. It's a 21" cheap one. Also got a new DVD Player. So got 2 DVD Players now. Also a new hard disk drive. 640Gb. Gives me 1.1 terrabyte of storage on my computer. Also got a cheap 5.1 surround sound speaker system. Cheap one.

Had a few hits from google on my no effort what so ever Pet Rock Shop. Most were searching for "Pet Rocks For Sale". I only set the site up to see if I would get any hits. I'd have to put more work into it to maybe sell a rock. Don't know how I would package a rock to send overseas if someone actually took me seriously. Lot of effort you know. Pet Rock Shop.

I haven't been doing any work on this website for ages, prolly because I havent made any money. Also I'm lazy also. Help me make money by donating to me. Some one suggested an FAQ. Well I need money for a house thats about all.

Aren't pertrol Prices High these days. Yeah Pertrol. This Website is weird. Yes. But donate anyway. FAQ I want money. (For A house). Heard the term LandBanking on the radio. Buy land, the price of the land goes up equals u are richer. Sorry when I don't make sense.

Darcy Lee