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Monday, November 22, 2010

Phone Call. Property. LAW.

My Phone Call is not government property. It is not the property of the radio station. It is my property.

I want my property now to do with whatever I want.

Give me my property.

I want my property now.

Give me my phone call under power of the LAW.

Phone Call.

Give Me MY Phone call. What is the Fucking Problem?

Fascist Mind Control Slavery

I'm being tortured. What else can I say. I'm being tortured and no-one believes me. Everyday. For hours. By the government.

It first started 12 years ago when they lobotomized me with some machine while I was quietly living in my house not hurting anyone. Not a fly.

Now there back. They torture me because I supposedly hate America or something. Least I think thats the gist of it. They basically hate me so much they get great pleasure in seeing me suffer as much as humanly possible.

They cripple me financially. They do everything in there power to hurt me and make me suffer. They have me hooked up to a machine 7/24. Fascist Mind Control Slavery.

This is the government. Your government anywhere in the world.

They taunt me with there voices. Like listening to any stereo. And they taunt me with there images. One of the big things they do is scream "NO" at me when I ask for things like my phone call (See link at side 9/11) which is what attracted them this times and when I ask for money they scream "NO". Money is my phone call.

I said America sucks a few times and started hating on the people monitoring me and I end up a tortured slave, this is like 7 years after 9/11 and my phone call. 7 years of begging everyday for a copy of said phone call or some cash. 7 years. Let 7 years be marked and remembered as a fucking long long long fucking long fucking time to have no cash or a copy of my phone call and to be begging everyday for these things.

I want a copy of my phone call you fucking fascists monitoring me. Fuck off with your torture. I want you to goto jail. No one ever should be mind controlled. Fascists.

Give me my phone call. Fuck of with your fascist mind control slavery. Give Me My Phone Call.

If you believe people should be mind controlled tortured by the government do nothing. Read this and do nothing. That's what will happen to so many. Men, women, children, the unborn.

If you think otherwise like people should be free then leave a comment or do something.

If you want my torture to stop then donate some cash to me or time or something only you can think of. I really need a house.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tin Foil Hats.

Tin Foil Hats The jokes a bit old. It hides something though. People will just accept when the technology is finally released.

Everyone will say I knew all along.

I'm a pioneer. I must take the jibes and jaunts of people who haven't seen this technology demonstrated. The unbelievers. I must be locked up and goto Jail.

Hurts I must say. Getting beaten up. For telling the truth. Not one person will come to my defense.

In defense of this technology. The ability to send full motion video text images, practically anything directly into your mind.

I'm a pioneer and trail blazer and prophet. I'm sorry that I have to yell and scream about this technology.

I'm sorry I can't yell loud enough. I'm sorry that I appear as nothing but Schizophrenic. But that's exactly how they condemn me and no-ones going to believe otherwise.

I mean this is important. Really important.

Please remember I TOLD YOU SO I don't care if you don't listen, just remember.


Giving Up Smoking.

I stopped smoking on the 20th of September 2010. This was the fourth time this year that I had tried to give up. The first time time I did 11 days. The second time I did 30 Days. And the third time 32 Days. This time i'm sitting on about 60 days. Also this means that i haven't smoked for 4 months total out of 2010.

60 days is ok. I mean i'm wondering a little right now what a cigarette would be like. But I can so far seem to handle not actually smoking one.

I imagine if I started again it would be ever so hard to stop yet once more and that 60 days would be wasted.

One thing I think about is that things will change. The longer I go without one I think the desire should go away and i'll become less interested. My thoughts about cigarettes will change. It's like counting the days until it's so far that it's real hard to count and counting doesn't matter so much i guess.

I'm always guessing.

Cya Later.

Government Cover Up.

The Government is covering up my phone call. So is the radio station. Someone has a copy.

I demand a copy of my phone call where I yelled war 2 days before September 11th 2001 live on nationwide New Zealand wide talkback radio.

I want a copy now for release to the general public but mostly You Tube.

Something like this phone call would go for a million hits easy.

Like I said the government is covering it up and denying me a copy to release.

They are lying. They are covering up the truth.

If something like this has to be hidden what does it mean for the truth about 9/11.

I demand my phone call be released to the public. Now. Immediately. Without delay.

So the public may review.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Beating A Lie. Darcy Lee

My doctor condemns me. Mainly because I told him of my "Ability" as he called it, to receive text messages, full motion video, and images from what I call a Government controlled technology source.

I must now forcefully against my will be drugged for the rest of my life because of my testimony.

I tell the absolute truth, and I get condemned for it by so called professionals.

They condemn me for telling the truth.

They condemn me for saying what is correct and right.

They condemn me for being honest.

It is a war. Now.

The future is the weapon I choose. There is no death.

If i'm telling the truth which i am and you condemn me for it, I believe the condemnation will eventually end up on the condemner when the truth comes out. They will be utterly destroyed.

So all I need is for the truth to come out. And then some. I need to endure to the end until I am redeemed for standing in the truth and telling the truth. Or do lies trump truth?

Again they condemn me for telling the truth. Telling about a technology that has the ability to send full motion video text images directly into your mind, into your brain.

Surely this one time the truth can outlast and beat a lie.

Couple of Wikipedia Links.

This talks a little about what i'm trying to communicate but not really. I haven't seen much of a simulated universe. Though I presume there is one. I've mostly just seen images and text and full motion video beamed directly into my head. A simulated universe would require a fast A.I computer. There is definately a computer involved. The wiki articles don't mention this technology, this type of Virtual Reality much, but it is currently fully operational.


The Government cover up the existence of this technology by using doctors and psychologists. If you mention this technology to anyone you will be CONDEMNED.