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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Diablo 3 Auction House.

Diablo 3 Box Guest Passes and Notepad.
Recently i've been playing with the Diablo 3 Gold and Real Money Auction Houses.  I've been buying gear on the Gold Auction House and then re-listing it on the Real Money AH with mark-up to make a profit.

I started with $2.50 in my Paypal account and have worked my way upto currently having $55 US dollars in my paypal account with another $11 in sales due to clear overnight tonight, so really i've got $66 US.

Not only do I have $66 US dollars but I also have 10 legendaries all valued between $5-$15 US dollars listing value on the RMAH which are currently all listed and waiting for someone to purchase them.

All I did was research the markets and bought low and sold high using the price difference between the two different Auctions houses.  I buy gold off the gold AH for US $0.25 cents a million.

With the US $2.50 I had in my paypal account I  bought 10 million gold and then bought one item off the gold AH.  I sold that item at a profit and then once the money had cleared I had enough money to purchase enough gold to now buy 2 items from the Gold AH.  I just continued in this pattern of purchasing gold looking for bargains on the gold AH and re-listing them with mark up on the RMAH.

It's taken about 3 weeks to earn that money so it's not like you'll be able to earn enough to make a decent living but if you have some spare time like me then this is probably something you can do to earn some extra money.  The game has paid for itself so far.  But it is a dying game.  It's nearly a year old now and people will be moving away.  An expansion will revive things but that's probably a year or two away.

What the Diablo 3 AH Looks Like.
It's has been fun getting sales of things and watching the profits roll in.  It's getting harder now though as well.  There don't seem to be as many bargains as there once was.  I do wish that I had been doing this earlier.

One really good way of getting gear that will fetch a good price is to bid on items.  You basically need to be there when the auction closes but you can get gear this way alot cheaper than sometimes paying the buyout price.  Sometimes it's worth the wait to place a bid not to get the gear straight away .  You should place a bid at the max of what you think the item is worth and on how much of a mark-up you can place on it.

If you plan of using Diablo 3 RMAH then stats to look for are Critical Strike Chance, Attack Speed and Critical Strike Damage.  Anything with one or two of these stats is worth alot of gold.  These stats also when combined with Vitality and one of the primary stats Dexterity, Strength or Intelligence make them item even more expensive.

With the money I have earned i'm going to purchase World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria and some game time and start playing that again.  That at least is my hope.  I also hope to make a lot more money from the Diablo 3 RMAH as I make better choices in gear selection and learn to price stuff more efficiently for sales.

If you own the game and you have some free time and a couple dollars in your paypal account then you should definitely look into trading on the AH for some spare dollars and a bit of entertainment.  You don't even have to play the actual game you can just trade pretty much like what I do.  If you persevere and do the maths you should make a profit.

 Darcy Lee

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May The 4th Be With You. Woohoo Double Rainbow. 5 Year Anniversary.

Again I don't know what else to type about. I'm turning age 33 in 7 days so getting older and time is moving on. I've already got my birthday present from my mum. I accidentally locked myself out of my house and had to call a lock smith to get into my house. That was $90 nz dollars. All the locksmith did was use a piece of bendy plastic to slide into the lock and open the door. It took all but 10 seconds. It was easter Saturday I think but hey $90 dollars is a lot of money.

So caught another mouse last night. That makes 5 mice in 5 nights. Going for number 6 tonight. They love cheese. Hopefully I can out trap them before they breed some more. I don't know where they have all come from. I am totally infested. It's going to make me sick probably. But I can't afford to move house. They are ruining my furniture I think and they got into my hot water cupboard and now there is mouse poo and urine all over my towels and socks and other clothing. Yay exciting for me. The joys of slumming in New Zealand on the Government benefit.

I saw the video Double Rainbow today. I'll post it on this page I think. It has 26 million views. Woohoo Double Rainbow.

What else is there to write about. My pet rock shop had a pretty good couple of days for me anyway. The last 2 days I got 10 hits and then 15 unique visits. only got around average 4 unique hits a day.

I found a wholesaler of pet rocks that includes the carry case, straw, rock and manual. I asked for a price to get one delivered to NZ and it was like $17 US dollars via paypal so probably not going to happen.

I could really use one to examine the quality and see if they are worth putting pictures up on the petrocks website. Though thinking I won't sell to many of those either but they are a better quality product than just a rock that i'm selling.

So why should you gift, give, donate, bequeath, money to this website. I don't know really. There are so many websites asking for donations. Just looking back at my first post to which is dated April 27th 2007 I have now been here for just on 5 years exactly. Thats a long time to be typing away. In 5 years I haven't gotten one payment from anyone.

So you could be my first. You could be my first ever payment of money from asking random people through the internet. Someone has to go first. Maybe this could start a cascade of payments. Where I have failed is picking up traffic. My sites aren't generating enough traffic so getting donations is hard. I'm not the greatest sales person either. I actually worked as a sales person selling electronics and computers but I failed at it.

Still you would think in 5 years of running this webpage I could of managed one gift of money via paypal. People don't trust me. I'm not selling anything. I'm not a worthy investment for your money. Well 5 years of trying u can't call me lazy. 5 Years and no money at all. Guess the internet lands are poor as well. Everyone's poor. O well i'm determined to keep trying to make some money through the internet. Even if it's through the ads on this page which I make money from by people clicking though they aren't very good either.

Yep 5 years of asking for money. This is why you should use your credit card and give me some money through paypal. I have a track record. I'm not some new start up. I'm not the best but I have a 5 year record. 5 years of dedication into asking for money via paypal and the internets. Support the old timers. Support me.

Darcy Lee

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leave a Comment. Ways You Can Help Websites.

So maybe your poor and can't actually donate any money to this website. In 4 years I haven't had one rich person land on this blog. I haven't gotten one donation. Not one rich person. Lol.

Well if your poor you could maybe leave a comment. Write about I don't know. Write about being poor.

I get spammed in the comments system, people leaving lots of links to porn sites and others, where this blog is hosted need to fix this.

Anyway I don't actually know how to convince you to leave a comment but if your the talkative type then that would help.

You could apply this to any website. Leave a comment. If your contributing your helping a website along. You Tube gets millions of comments. Heaps of hate and fighting though.

Another way you can help websites is by clicking links on there page. A website makes dollars from you clicking ads. Feel free to click some ads on some of your favourite pages. By doing this you are donating cold hard cash to the website owner. You can donate money.

That's a couple of ways you can help websites if your poor and can't donate any money through your credit card using the PayPal link like on this page hint.

Ways You Can Help Websites:

1. Leave a comment.
2. Donate with your credit card.
3. Click an ad on the page.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magic Spending Money "Card". How To Spend Money. Using Paypal.

So I just got a new national bank visa debit card. It's debit meaning it uses money I have preloaded on the card and not credit which is where u borrow money and pay interest. It can be used just about anywhere, pretty much anywhere a visa card can be accepted.

One annoying thing now is instead of swiping the card in eftpos terminals it has a chip so it has to be inserted in the machine.

I bought McDonalds and had to both insert then swipe my card. Unless i didn't need to insert my card in the first place but I don't know. Older machines you still just swipe.

So far i've used my card online for 2 things. Firstly I renewed my domain which cost NZ $22.44. The second thing I did. I clicked on the paypal donation button on my website and donated myself US $0.05 cents.

At first I couldn't get paypal to work. It was a little tricky. I found that I had to input my initials where it asks for your first and middle names. That and I also used my actual billing address that the card would be linked to, but i'm not sure if that was so important. It was mainly getting the information from the card right i think. I wasn't filling in my middle name.

I found that I get an email contact plus I would be able to see any address you entered.

Another thing I also did today was transfer my domain to another host. It was really simple all I did was get the UDAI which is like a security number for your domain and then goto the new host that I wanted and put the number into my account there. It was transferred in seconds . I think it was because it was a domain name between nz hosts that it was so quick and easy. I'm not sure if .com domains would be so quick and easy.

Another thing that happened is that one of my 2 transactions attracted a $1.00 fee as there are 3 transactions showing as visa holds in my online banking.

Right. So mission. I have a paypal button that can people with "Cards" give me money. All tested and everything. I have transferred money from my paypal account to my normal bank account which is linked to my card and spent the money. I sold some World of Warcraft gold. Like 5000. But I was paranoid that I would lose my account. So I don't think i'll do that again. I only got like $20 bucks nz for it anyway. And I thought that I would much rather have the gold at the moment. I have 50000G at the moment. That't not that much compared to some but it's a lot compared to when you start out.

Also I can now authenticate my paypal account with my visa debit card. This means I withdraw more than $500 dollars per month from my paypal account.

So i'm looking for people to give me money. I would say that the minimum donation is $0.50 cents US as to avoid the minimum amount of paypal fees. Please if your willing donate $0.50 cents minimum or whatever you can afford.

I have $1.69 NZ dollars in my bank account and I thought that I would give that away to someone. I'm going to upload $0.50 cents US into my paypal account. I'll do it now.

So I just deposited $0.50 cents into my account. The net amount I received was 18 cents US. So if you give me 50 cents I get 18 cents. Not much. Paypal must be making the big bucks with a commission like that. I'm about to upload the rest sec.

So I put another 60 cents US which is coming up as 86 cents NZ, into my paypal account. Again the fee was 32 cents. It was the same as putting in 50 cents.

I now have a paypal balance of 55 cents US which I'm going to look up someone in google and donate them the money. They will receive about 23 Cents. Preferably i'm looking for someone in nz. Sec.

So I just donated 70 cents NZ or 52 cents US to Wellington Cat Protection League. It was just some random cause I got by searching for "Donate Paypal NZ".

Thats all my money gone for the week. Payday 7 days away next Wednesday. The Wellington Cat Protection League will get approximately $0.20 cents US. LOL All that came from the $1.69 NZ I had in my bank account.

So anyway I'm Broke now so please give me money through paypal. You have instructions now. I managed to work it out in the end took a few goes. I even rung the bank. They couldn't help. All it was that I was filling out some of the details wrong. Anyway Thanks For Your Time.

Darcy Lee

Sunday, May 30, 2010

PayPal Donations. How to make money online.

So I managed to get some money deposited into my PayPal account for the first time. Around $20 dollars US. It was from something I sold. This meant that for the first time I had to set up my bank account so money could be transferred into it from my PayPal account.

It was easy enough. I just plugged in my bank account number and details and set the money in my PayPal account to be transferred into my bank account. It took about a week for the money to go through or less.

It gives me an idea that if I can start making money that access to that money is very easy. I can have money deposited into my PayPal account very quickly transferred to my bank account which is then on tap with my Eftpos card. Blah.

As for getting donations with this website I haven't even had one. Not one donation. Guess it's the quality of my work and laziness.

Donate to me. You can do this by clicking (it never works asking haven't had one donation) the PayPal button and using your credit card u can transfer me money. Donate even a dollar.

If you yourself want to make money online you can copy what i've done. I haven't made any money whatsoever though. But basically you could set up a Blogger website that looks the same as this one which is very to simple to use. Then setup a PayPal account and then start posting on your website your great ideas that will draw traffic to your website through the search engines like Google the traffic being the people who will give you money.

Also you could display ads on your website so that when people click them you make money. They obviously work better the more traffic you have. I wasn't completely telling the truth about not making any money on this website, i've made $20 US dollars now through the ads on this website but Google Adsense don't pay out until you reach $100 dollars. Also that took nearly 4 years to reach.

It does take work. It's not just sit back and do nothing stuff to make the money. I havnet made any. Anyway. You should set up a website yourself.

Friday, September 7, 2007


I've run out of things to write about. My own house would make me much more comfortable. Thats all i'm really thinking about when I try and write something for this webpage. It seems now i'm just whining when I keep asking for donations for a house.

I don't like the word donations to much. For me it's like well i've suffered enough so a house should be almost automatic. The world doesn't see it that way. Here I am though writing with nothing to write about. I have a belief that the government owes me a house for me ringing a talkback radio station and declaring theres going to be a war 2 days before September 11. I believe. The government and actually everyone else doesn't see it this way though. No-ones being very nice. It's wrong to accuse anyone of deliberately trying to hurt me by denying me a house but i am being hurt.

I would just like to say about me that i'm really sick and would like a house because of this, it's what I need. A house for me is not just something. It's because i'm really sick that i'm asking for a house. It will be a place to rest and rehabilitate as much as possible and will remove certain worries that live in me. Security. Comfort. Warmth. Stability. Everything someone who is sick needs. Many more things than this a house will provide for me.

I encountered many bullies and much bullying during school. The adult world is no different. Some people take pleasure in others pain. I'm saying that there are people who attack and cause harm using others weaker than them in Hitler styles ways to every degree. There are bad people. Thats possibly what I will have to endure from this webpage from some people. There are bad people. It's a bad world. Nothing I can do except suffer.

I can't handle the truth but there are millions of starving people in the world needing food. This means if millions can't even get food then what chance or hope do I have of getting a house. This is kind of realistic. How can the world be this way. But it is. This is my webpage.

Government of New Zealand or anyone else - Can I please have a house because I have suffered extremely. Please Help.

Darcy Lee.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

7/7/07 - Live Earth. Start A Webpage. Land Working. The Stars.

It's the date of the 7/7/07. There was some concert on this day for global warming. Live Earth? Music was preformed on all 9 continents for global warming. I didn't see any of it at all. It's to cold to watch TV for me unless i'm in bed and also it wasn't broadcast on any of NZ's main tv channels so I couldn't even get it if I wanted to.

What is there to talk about in blogs? The stars are pretty at night. They are really far away. There are planets circling the stars. The ones discovered so far are uninhabitable. I remember hearing of a planet that might be totally covered in oceans that they discovered. Might. I ask why are we stuck on the planet. I see time as the only solution to space flight. Time beyond my years that I have left. Is it pointless to think about what other planets could look like if you were walking on the surface?

I'm sure at one time they didn't even know other planets were out there. Now that we know out there is stuff how do we think about it. I'm wondering what I can think about that will improve my life. I don't think. There's always a catch on this website, i'm trying to make money. Todays attempt is:

There are many bad things in this universe. What I suggest you do is open a webpage and write. Communication. You could open a webpage to make money, that could come like way later though. Essentially you should open a webpage. Make it about anything you want. It's Art, Stories, Movies, Pictures. You. The World. To improve your life and the life of others start a webpage. Because it's free to do so. Because there are many bad things in the universe that need to be dealt with. Because there is much to be laughed at. (Because you can make money). Power. What words do you want to hear to make you actually this day start a webpage? Build some property. Work some land. FreeLand.

This motivation brought to you by my Paypal button which you can click and use your credit card to give me money - developing this land. Work some land also.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.