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Monday, July 30, 2007

Secret Advanced Weapons Technology. SAWT. Or Not.

If I use my imagination perhaps I can invent some Secret Advanced Weapons Technology. If I claim me yelling war 2 days before September 11 was Secret Advanced Weapons Technology well that should do. I can't tell the truth actually about yelling war 2 days before 911. Do I have to accept most of the other opinions that I get that it wasn't important or no conspiracy or nothing less than nothing. It does make it secret.

Ok the truth is that i'm hurt. I guess I have to bow to the opinion of peers as to what the truth is. Current life in the universe is very incomplete. Me yelling war was nothing important. It wasn't a conspiracy. It wasn't powers. O wait. Secret Advanced Weapons Technology. (Just making this up as I go along).

FOR SALE. I have Secret Advanced Weapons Technology that I could sell some one government. Thats something about me yelling war. I yelled war. La la la la. It's obviously Secret Advanced Weapons Technology. Oi GOVERNMENT CAN I have some money. For Yelling War 2 days before World Trade Center and Pentagon. Oi GOVERNMENT. For the effort. The Secret Advanced Weapons Technology I have is. For Sale. Come on Governments you can do it.

If your a government asking what you get in return for money your paying for the Secret Advanced Weapons Technology i'm selling well I get a house and car and stereo and laptop and couch and 50" TV etc and you get to have less money and thats it. This Secret Advanced Weapons Technology is available to you the general public. Payments can be made by Paypal Credit Card by clicking the Paypal Donate Button. Of Course The Governments Read My Page.

From Darcy.

My House. America. Financial Assistance.

I don't have much to add to this blog today. I'll complain about my house and how much rent costs and September 11. Currently i'm paying $85 NZ dollars a week for rent. The most I can afford is possibly about $110 though $100 would be more comfortable. For my $85 dollars in NZ I get a really cold house on the main road in my town with two rooms. The house i'm living in is over 100 years old I think possibly. Thats why it's so cold. NZ is cold in winter. My next house that I will move to will be better I imagine but not much considering the amount of rent I can afford. They are going to demolish this house down soon. I could have a mortgage but house prices are very expensive and I don't have a deposit. A house I could afford wouldn't be very nice paying $110 a week mortgage.

Would you like to buy me a house. There isn't much on this website that would make someone spend so much money on me. The worlds full of poor people who are starving all wanting a house as well meaning the chances of me getting a house are not so good. I've been writing letters to the Prime Minister of NZ asking for a house but haven't got any reply. I don't really have many options apart from writing on this website. The longer I run this website though the more chance I have of making some money for a house.

One thing I thought I could use to make money was when I yelled war on talkback radio 2 days before September 11. Perhaps as a novelty. I mean you have to hear the call, it was alot more than me just yelling war. But no-ones interested. September 11 is old news now. I really do think people lack knowledge about suffering because if they didn't it possibly wouldn't exist, thats saying alot, it's far more complicated than the current powers of the human race. The thing that made me yell war, well that was suffering. In my suffering I don't have any strength and I do the best I can. I had a prediction there was going to be a war and I made it.

Everyone was saying there was going to be a war. I was the one who said it two days before publicly in a specific style and happened to have trained myself since a young age. No-one cares. Thats what you get in this world I guess. The kind of help I need is financial. Not much else. I guess because i'm skitzophrenic I obsess about my phone call but it's also because I hold hope that I can make some money. I suffered to create it. They won't let me have a copy. Or money.

I would like people to donate money to me or buy me a house because I rang a radio station and yelled war and then two days later America was attacked. I'm looking at you Americans. I guess all skitzophrenics are treated this way, locked up away, ignored by everyone, labeled, left to endure their suffering on there own. Financially locked. In my call I gave it everything and made a point of showing it.

Financially I can be helped. You can help me. There is not much else that anyone can do. No-one likes me. I don't like me. I know I need shelter, food and clothing. The American government or NZ government don't want to give me any assistance financially. Um I yelled war making a point of showing I was giving it everything I had no-one cares. The End. The point could be don't even try.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My Grandma just died a few weeks ago June 15th 2007 86 old a week from her 87th birthday which is a long life. She was mostly healthy up till about 18 months before her death and she passed away peacefully in her sleep.

I saw her mostly as a kid and less frequently as I got older. My brother and I used to stay with her alot and we would go fishing off the dock in Foxton NZ where she used to live. Thats what I mostly remember. I always saw her at family Christmas gatherings and such in later years which was always good. She mostly remembered my name too as she was known for mixing peoples names up.

Something really great for me that she has done is left me an inheritance. I've been told about $5000 dollars but I don't know yet. Thats like heaps for me. The most money I will of ever had at one time.

I don't have any debts so i'm able to purchase a few things that I have on my wishlist. I'm going to buy a 50cc Petrol Scooter $2000, A 30GB Harddrive Video Camera $1000 and spend $2000 on a completely new computer with 20" screen, 2 x SLI 512mb video cards and 2GB dual channel ram. I'll have two complete computers and should get at least three years out of the new one and longer. My current computer cost me $800 and i've had 2 years out of it so far.

I had added a scooter and video camera to my wishlist in this blog when it first began so that completes those orders and I can cross them of my wishlist. The things that I have left on my wishlist are not total necessities now except for a house. A house is the most important thing that I need.

Anyhow with a scooter now I will be able to rent a house farther from town so I should be able to get better quality and cheaper accomodation (until the fateful day I purchase my own house). With a video camera I will be able to earn money by making videos and posting them on metacafe which pay US $100 for every 20000 thousand views your video gets. A scooter and video camera both unlock some of the doors of my world to new and better things in many ways. Heaps of thanks Grandma.

By Grandma I will miss you. I remember you.

From Darcy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have Schizophrenia. Thats what alot of doctors have told me. My work here on this page represents that for most perhaps. I can see it myself. I'm on medication. I guess i'll write here to bring awareness to the condition. Basically it's a mental illness that can include things like hallucinations and voices.

Some people would have seen the movie A Beautiful Mind with Russel Crowe. This could be used perhaps as something of what it is like. For myself it's like everything is garbled. I generally feel very sick all the time and it's hard to work and do even simple things. Creativity is something that doesn't come easily. I really don't know what to say about schizophrenia other than if the doctors are correct in there diagnoses of me that it can be very painful. Actually one doctor said the pain was all in my mind, as in i'm not in real pain so possibly it's not painful at all i'm just imagining it. Would I know when I was in pain?

How about that. I have a very poor memory now. Thats one thing i've noticed. Looking back at my life I wasn't very smart as alot of the decisions i've made have lead to my illness. It's a poor life for me now compared to what I had. Everyones reality is different. For one person the world is an awesome place to the other it's really bad. My life has degraded substantially. Most of my health problems can be traced back to marijuana and tobacco. I would say I had problems before that though that made the decisions for me to start smoking.

Skitzophrenia. It's a bad uncurable thing that affects many people. I haven't said much about it really. It does make life bad though. I hope you live the life of the dream yourselfs. I can never experience what could of been. I hope that I can live to the age of 72 which will be the year 2050 so I can still experience alot and have at least something to say for what happened. I still smoke cigarettes so my lifespan is proberly only another 20 years though. I hope my imaginary suffering goes away oneday. I could be imagining anything.

From Darcy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Google Rankings Lost Somehow and Link Authority Dead.

For over 3 weeks I was getting about 4 hits a day from search engines with a couple of days reaching records of 10 and 13. I must have done something bad or wrong because as soon I put a sitemeter up that people could use to see the traffic for this page the hits stopped coming.

Somehow i've lost my rankings in google. If you searched for Darcy Lee before I was the number 1 place. Now i'm not even ranking for that term. I wonder what I did or what happened. A mission I have now is to regain the top ranking for the search Darcy Lee. I really do wonder what happened. Obviously I have displeased the Google God and i'm now being punished.

My strategy to regain my rankings is just to keep adding content and not do much else. New content should earn me new search terms at least. I do wonder how I will regain Darcy Lee in Google. I don't know. Time perhaps.

If you would like to trade links with this blog then leave a comment with your sites address and i'll set it up. Thats one way I can get better rankings. This blog is not just a bit fruitcake but fruit and nut so that proberly won't work.

I see that search engines will be moving away from rating how many links a site has pointing to it as a rankings rating tool as what is happening is major sites like ebay etc are creating infinite sub domains and picking up all the search terms like that. It will still be a factor but just not as important. Link authority is dead. (Dying). I don't know what is going to replace it but life on the web is going to change.

From Darcy

Saturday, July 7, 2007

7/7/07 - Live Earth. Start A Webpage. Land Working. The Stars.

It's the date of the 7/7/07. There was some concert on this day for global warming. Live Earth? Music was preformed on all 9 continents for global warming. I didn't see any of it at all. It's to cold to watch TV for me unless i'm in bed and also it wasn't broadcast on any of NZ's main tv channels so I couldn't even get it if I wanted to.

What is there to talk about in blogs? The stars are pretty at night. They are really far away. There are planets circling the stars. The ones discovered so far are uninhabitable. I remember hearing of a planet that might be totally covered in oceans that they discovered. Might. I ask why are we stuck on the planet. I see time as the only solution to space flight. Time beyond my years that I have left. Is it pointless to think about what other planets could look like if you were walking on the surface?

I'm sure at one time they didn't even know other planets were out there. Now that we know out there is stuff how do we think about it. I'm wondering what I can think about that will improve my life. I don't think. There's always a catch on this website, i'm trying to make money. Todays attempt is:

There are many bad things in this universe. What I suggest you do is open a webpage and write. Communication. You could open a webpage to make money, that could come like way later though. Essentially you should open a webpage. Make it about anything you want. It's Art, Stories, Movies, Pictures. You. The World. To improve your life and the life of others start a webpage. Because it's free to do so. Because there are many bad things in the universe that need to be dealt with. Because there is much to be laughed at. (Because you can make money). Power. What words do you want to hear to make you actually this day start a webpage? Build some property. Work some land. FreeLand.

This motivation brought to you by my Paypal button which you can click and use your credit card to give me money - developing this land. Work some land also.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


Friday, July 6, 2007

TOP SECRET and Reason Number 15 You Could Donate to Me.

So once upon a time one day, two days before September 11 2001 I yelled WAR on a talkback radio station program in New Zealand. Nothing important perhaps. I wrote a letter to the radio station seeking a copy of the phone call 4 years after the event. A website it could be. But no, it wasn't important enough to have a copy to give me. They don't have a copy they said. Now the truth be told it's obviously been deemed TOP SECRET. Obviously. Everyone at the radio station has been paid off. TOP SECRET. That or it actually wasn't important truth be told.

I can't get a copy. Do you think you should have a copy? Are you a conspiracy person. Can I make something out of nothing? Perhaps no self respecting conspiracy theorist should be without a copy.

Ow. Reason number ow 15 you could ow donate to me is, i'm in pain :( ow

Thats my thoughts for far today.

From Darcy.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

September 11. 911. Osama Bin Laden and Me. How I Made 1 Million NZ Dollars and Turned It Down. Reason 14 You Could Donate To Me.

September 11. 911. Osama Bin Laden and Me. Osama Bin Laden is really quite famous now. I see him mentioned in the latest Quentin Tarantino movie Grindhouse and he's mentioned all over the place. Seeing that he's really quite famous now I want to try and ride on some of that fame.

This is an email I have sent a few people trying to make some money. I looked up "rewards for Osama Bin Laden" in google and have sent this letter to see if i'm eligible for any reward. Osama has a $25 million dollar US bounty on him at the moment being offered by the USA Government. Here's the letter:

To whom it may concern:

So it all started one-day when I was about 11 years old. The local radio station in Masterton New Zealand where I live was doing a live broadcast from Solway Park which is Mastertons most flashy hotel. Our teacher grabbed three of us from school at 9.00am in the morning and took us to Solway Park. I was the first to go on the radio and somehow I thought that the dj was going to go round the three of us and ask us our names, anyway the dj asked me a question and I said my name, Darcy Lee. I never listened to the question to know what I should have said. Ok so afterwards the other kids were teasing me about it. The excuse I used was I was going to be around a terrorist attack and I was going to go back to the radio station to stop it. By saying my name I was storing power which I would claim later at the terrorist attack by returning to the radio with my name being a trigger in peoples subconscious. Sleepers. It was also like offering myself "Darcy Lee" with me stating "this is whats going to happen".

Ok so when I was 12 years old I went into this bird aviary that my dad had. I started to have this daydream with pictures. My insanity as a kid I guess. In the end the sum total of everything that I saw was that I was going to be around a terrorist attack which I couldn't stop but still had to try but that by being around the terrorist attack it would be greater than stopping it and was in effect stopping it. I still had to try and stop it, that was the sum but it said I wouldn't be able to, I would be around. From that day I practised everything I could about terrorists, and trying to stop an attack. Later at say about 15, 16 years old I discarded my daydream as just something but carried on about terrorists as to me it was the most likely thing that would affect the world. I practised trained alot. Things with the mind mostly, thoughts. Anything I could do with regards to war. I lived. I trained myself for war my own style since 12.

When I was about 19 I was walking home one night and had got to the point with chasing the terrorists that this was going to be the final run of things that I could do and that I had done everything I could do. A run is like refining and narrowing everything and being the best that you can be, becoming more skilled, I dunno a run. This was going to be my final run on terrorists as after this run there was nothing left to do. I'd been practising for years now. On my way home I got in a fight which basically opened total new areas in regards to the terrorists, a mountain of work, because of the fight. I had looked for the fight before though, ya know lurkers, in the style I use. Mind. Anyway I never completed my final run and new avenues got opened because of the fight. I now had more work regarding terrorists to be carried on with.

About 2 months before 9/11, me aged 23, was at Wespac Stadium in Wellington NZ. I used to get these lines come up in my eyesight sometimes but they were always just random. This time a big jet flew overhead and the lines came up and started following it. They had never done anything like this before. Because of the lines I knew exactly what they meant by the way they were acting and the first thing I said to myself exactly is "What the fuck do they want those for" they being bad guys. I then spent 5 minutes trying to think of things that they would want them for but didn't even come up with something like an ordinary Hijacking. This still was quite a major run on aircraft.

A couple of times I measured within myself independant of everything else I was doing. Question: Event that will affect world that I can have a play in. Answer: Terrorist attack. Question: Where. Answer: America.

When I left school I left because and said "Screw this here they come". I made many preparations in total regarding a t
errorist attack, always America. I did many things and trained alot.

So the ending is that 2 days before 9/11 I went on Newstalk ZB a nationwide NZ radio talkshow and said They Don't Think 3 times then yelled WAR at full volume made some attacks/stand against the terrorists got cut off and then 2 days later the planes hit the buildings.

I believe that you really need to hear the phone call I made to Newstalk ZB NZ before an opinion can be formed about it.

In the calls I made afterwards someone rang up because of and said "I've had enough" "I surrender" "I don't want to mess with this" they were frightened you could tell.

I just want to say again that I trained myself and then was around a terrorist attack as I said I would be in the place I said, radio station.

Thats the end of the letter. I mentioned 1 million NZ dollars and turning it down in the heading of this article. Well in one of the phone calls I made after the attacks I casually interjected "Can I have a Million Dollars". Someone rang up Newstalk ZB a little while later and said Yep i've got a million for you but don't know how to get it to you. I rang the station and rather stupidly turned it down. Because i'm dumb. Yes this dumb. Yes.

So anyways I would like to ride on the fame of Osama now, he's so famous. I could say I captured him or turned him in or something. Gimme some fame. No i'm not psychic.

Do you think I got the attention of America for like a second because that would be cool. Hello American Government Agents and Military who's attention I attracted all the way from NZ with a phone call to a radio station. Or not.

Reason 14 you could donate to me is because at the age of 23 I took on a group of international terrorists all by myself with a telephone and talkback radio show also which I had trained for. I guess I won't get the fame that Osama has and no-one cares. Can I have some fame? I'm a soldier hehe. Lee. Darcy Lee.

From Darcy

Make Money

I had a silly idea last night and thought about it for a little while and even sillier wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark about it, though I was actually more asking for a house and money directly, this was email number #150 or so sent to the PM's address.

The idea was to capsulate water and sell it. All my ideas are silly. If it was cheap enough it would go alright. Not really. People wouldn't be interested in capsulated water. It would be a cheap product to capsulate though, there's plenty of water. I thought you could maybe capsulate orange Juice or Coca-Cola or Milk or something as well. Unfortunately all my ideas are silly because I don't think to well.

So anyway if you the reader of this blog now starts selling pilled water and you make millions then you have to give some money my ways. Now if you want to make money using the internet then my first suggestion is to goto and setup an account which will give you a website that will look very similar or better than this one because your running it. After you've added a few articles and your blog has been running for a little while then start running google adsense on your page. Google adsense is where ads are displayed on your page from google and everytime someone clicks on one of the ads you earn say 5-70 cents US.

From here all you need to do is keep creating content so search engines will find you and bring traffic to your website and also create links on other websites for better search rankings and traffic. This way of making money should be a long term project. It takes time to start getting reasonable traffic for most people. There are a few other ways of making money with a website like this as well. You could ask for donations. A website is kind of like a writing a book in some sense maybe just to say.

To really find out ways to make money from the internet goto one or all of these websites. They have made far more money than me and are alot more dedicated and use many more means to make money, they have been charting their progress and you will be able to see mostly whats involved and have many resources listed.

Robs Million Dollar Experiment
Mikes Money Making Mission
Kumikos Cash Quest

As one last way you could try to make money from the internet you could email Bill Gates or some of the other celebrities and powerful people I have listed in these posts.

Click here for Bill Gates and other celebrity email contact addresses.



Sunday, July 1, 2007

Email Contact Addresses For the Stars.

I found some more email addresses for some celebrities. I don't know if they are legit or not thats all I can say. I haven't tested them at all. I imagine that most of them are monitored by someone other than the person intended if they are even correct or function at all. Click the email address of the person you want to email and it will open up your email software with the address entered. Just type the message and click send. These were all found on the internet so.....

Jackie Chan

Ok. The first on the list is Jackie Chan. Chan is one of the best known names in kung fu and action movies worldwide for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, usage of improvised weapons and for performing many of his own stunts. Having appeared in over a hundred films. You can email contact Jackie Chan here:

Wikipedia: Jackie Chan
Official Homepage:

George Clooney

Would you like to email contact George Clooney. Clooney (born May 6, 1961) is an Academy Award and two-time Golden Globe winning American actor, director, producer and screenwriter, known for his role in the first five seasons of the long-running television drama ER (1994–99), and his rise as an "A-List" movie star in contemporary American Cinema. You can email contact George Clooney here:

Wikipedia: George Clooney

Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born July 3 , 1962), more commonly known as Tom Cruise, is an American actor and film producer. He is tied with Tom Hanks as the only actors to have seven consecutive US$100 million plus block busters on their resume. You can email contact Tom Cruise here:

Wikipedia: Tom Cruise

Robert De Niro

Two-time Academy Award winning American film actor, director and producer. You can email contact Robert De Niro here:

Wikipedia: Robert De Niro

Leonardo Dicaprio

American film actor famous for movies such as Titanic and Basketball Diaries. You can email contact Leonardo Dicaprio here:

Wikipedia: Leonardo Dicaprio

Michael Douglas

Famous American actor. My favourite Michael Douglas film is The Game. You can email contact Michael Douglas here:

Wikipedia: Michael Douglas

Tom Hanks

American Actor famous for such movies as Forest Gump and Saving Private Ryan. I like Tom Hanks. You can email contact Tom Hanks here:

Wikipedia: Tom Hanks


American singer songwriter. You can email contact Madonna here:

Wikipedia: Madonna

Demi Moore

American Actress. You can email contact Demi Moore here:

Wikipedia: Demi Moore

Brad Pitt

American Actor. Troy. You can email contact Brad Pitt here:

Wikipedia: Brad Pitt

Bruce Willis

American Actor. I love the Die Hard movies. Die Hard 4 has just been released 2007. You can email contact Bruce Willis here:

Wikepedia: Bruce Willis

James Woods

American Actor. You can email contact James Woods here:

Wikipedia: James Woods

Oprah Winfrey

American television talk show host. You can email contact Oprah Winfrey here:

Wikipedia: Oprah Winfrey

Cliff Richard

Cliff is a singer. You can email contact Cliff Richard here:

Wikipedia: Cliff Richard

Keanu Reeves

American Actor. Point Break was an awesome movie. Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey were awesome. Um The Matrix part 1 ruled and part 4 is going to be awesome. You can email contact Keanu Reeves here:

Wikipedia: Keanu Reeves

Shania Twain

Singer. You can email contact Shania Twain here:

Wikipedia: Shania Twain

Britney Spears

Singer. You can email contact Britney Spears here:

Wikipedia: Britney Spears

Darcy Lee

Nobody. Runs this website. Will be rich, powerful and happy oneday. You can email contact Darcy Lee here:

Wikipedia: None available.

I don't know anything about the accuracy of these email contact addresses. Mostly you will reach representatives of the people. Ya never know though. Have fun. You can donate to me by clicking the any of the Paypal buttons scattered on this site.