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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Buy Me A House.

Just a quick post to say something like buy me a house. I want a house. This website is to make money to earn a house so i'm rich. So far to try and make money on this blog i've recounted how I defeated some terrorists, gained immortality from God who's not real so I don't actually have immortality and suffered heaps but still not made any money. All very good reasons and tales though to donate towards my house.

I can't think of anyway to make money here yet really but i'm trying. The world doesn't like me. Buy Me A House. I've made $10 US dollars so far plus another $4 US from Google Adsense.

Reason Number 17 to Buy Me a House is "Because I don't Have One".

Macgyver Theme Song - Solo Accoustic.

Macgyver Theme Song - Solo Accoustic.

Killer Tortoise.

Killer Tortoise.

Truck Drifting.

Truck Drifting.

Fruits Vs Bugs.

Fruits Vs Bugs. The Influence Bug and Trooper Bugs head out to Bobby Nelson's house to influence him to steal. It's up to the secret agent fruits, the Agents of the Spirit, to stop them!

Worlds Dumbest Criminals.

This Guy is so Dumb I like to refer to him as Butter Feet.

Attempted Break In.

Angry Professor

Professor gets a little distracted with a student using a cell phone.

I Wanna Be Famous

I Wanna Be Famous.

Friday, September 7, 2007


I've run out of things to write about. My own house would make me much more comfortable. Thats all i'm really thinking about when I try and write something for this webpage. It seems now i'm just whining when I keep asking for donations for a house.

I don't like the word donations to much. For me it's like well i've suffered enough so a house should be almost automatic. The world doesn't see it that way. Here I am though writing with nothing to write about. I have a belief that the government owes me a house for me ringing a talkback radio station and declaring theres going to be a war 2 days before September 11. I believe. The government and actually everyone else doesn't see it this way though. No-ones being very nice. It's wrong to accuse anyone of deliberately trying to hurt me by denying me a house but i am being hurt.

I would just like to say about me that i'm really sick and would like a house because of this, it's what I need. A house for me is not just something. It's because i'm really sick that i'm asking for a house. It will be a place to rest and rehabilitate as much as possible and will remove certain worries that live in me. Security. Comfort. Warmth. Stability. Everything someone who is sick needs. Many more things than this a house will provide for me.

I encountered many bullies and much bullying during school. The adult world is no different. Some people take pleasure in others pain. I'm saying that there are people who attack and cause harm using others weaker than them in Hitler styles ways to every degree. There are bad people. Thats possibly what I will have to endure from this webpage from some people. There are bad people. It's a bad world. Nothing I can do except suffer.

I can't handle the truth but there are millions of starving people in the world needing food. This means if millions can't even get food then what chance or hope do I have of getting a house. This is kind of realistic. How can the world be this way. But it is. This is my webpage.

Government of New Zealand or anyone else - Can I please have a house because I have suffered extremely. Please Help.

Darcy Lee.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Donate To Me

Hi. My Names Darcy Robert Lee. I'm 29 Male from New Zealand. I'm looking for donations to buy a house, a real nice one, $200000 NZ dollars one. I want that much. No-ones ever donated to me in the 1 year now i've been bloggin now. I haven't put in heaps of effort on these blogs that i've been running or anything like I haven't said much. I'm not writing much overall on my pages, in keeping with trying to make $200000 dollars with as little effort as possible perhaps, but this does bring the chances of making money down.

At the moment my efforts haven't even achieved possible critical mass of even just one donation but I said that. I haven't had any donations yet. It's possible I could raise about $70000 dollars in a mortgage from the bank so maybe I only need about $130000 dollars. All it could take is just one donation from one wealthy person. Ok thats all for now I just wonder if you want you can donate to me for a house for me. K. Thanks.

Here's my sales pitch for donations. It's never not a sales pitch. Ok I have nothing.

Any Chance I Can Have Some Money?


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where The Hell Is Matt?

Around the World Matt Harding.

Golf Playing Parrot.

Parrot that plays golf, basketball and does many other tricks!

Free Hugs Campaign.

Sometimes, a hug is all what we need. Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, A man whos sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives.

In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.

As this symbol of human hope spread accross the city, police and officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign BANNED. What we then witness is the true spirit of humanity come together in what can only be described as awe inspiring.

In the Spirit of the free hugs campaign, PASS THIS TO A FRIEND and HUG A STRANGER! After all, If you can reach just one person...


Amazing Guitar.

Lions, Buffalo and Crocodiles.

A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park while on safari.

Nothing But Complaints.

I have nothing but complaints about things. It doesn't help make for me a very good money earning website. My websites earned very nothing. Not that i've put much work into it or anything. Thats the key I would say. It's the time you spend. If you spent more time each week creating content for a website it would maybe start to make some money. It would have some content at least. Can I have some money.

I have nothing but complaints. Moan Moan.



Monday, September 3, 2007

Things What I've Been Doing.

I didn't post very much last month. I've lost some enthusiasm for making money through websites because I haven't made any money. It's easy for some. I guess thats the only reason. It's also hard for me to be professional as such. I find content I create is fantasy sort of stuff not so good for making money. I don't know what to write about really. It is fun though creating a website.

Anyway one thing i've been doing is playing World of Warcraft. It's an online multiplayer game like Diablo 1 & 2 if you've ever played them but it's also a world full of people who you chat to at the same time and join up with to complete quests. I got a 14 day trial from The Warehouse for $2.50. I'm going to get the full game now because it holds many hours of entertainment for me.

Possibly the only problem with World of Warcraft is that there is a monthly subscription fee for the game, $25 NZ dollars a month. The way i'm going to be able to afford this is I have a debt with Work and Income NZ who are our benefit paying managing people. There is only about $30 left on the debt from about $700-800 initially. It was for the purchase of my glasses and bond when I moved into my house. I have been paying the debt at $11.50 per week for well over a year now. So i'm going to have an extra $11.50 per week. World of Warcraft will cost about $6 per week. I'll play for something like 3 months and I should of had enough by then.

The game, what is the game and your actually going to pay money you say. Well in World of Warcraft you have a character who you create at the beginning who starts on level one. You then walk around in a world full of towns with roads, boats and flights linking them all. In each town there are Non Playing Characters who have quests for you. You take a quest and it will be something like kill 20 of a certain type of creature and collect something from them for proof. The creatures are all located off the sides of the roads. If you stay on the road your quite safe. You get experience for killing the creatures and then returning and completing the quest. When you have enough experience you level up making your character stronger to a maximum level of 70.

You also have equipment for your character like swords and armor. Creatures drop items sometimes and if they are better than what you have you use it making your character stronger. Some quests require a group of people to complete it. Because it's hard. O your chatting the whole time to like ordinary internet chat. It's very social. It's very addictive and the urge to get just one more level is very strong. Thats a very basic description of the game. There are over 4 million users online playing the game at the moment. If you can get hold of a trial period disc for the game then I recommend giving it a go.

Here is a list of movies that I have watched in the last month. This is also what i've been doing.

Die Hard 4 - Excellent though technical story. Awesome effects. Non stop. Must Watch.

The Simpsons Movie - Yep classic simpsons. Excellent. Spiderpig. Must Watch.

Transformers - Awesome. Full on. Total action. Must Watch.

Next - Nicholas Cage. He can see 2 mins into the future. I liked as well. Not exactly an action but interesting concept.

Evan Almighty - Sequel to Bruce Almighty. Very good as well though ending predictable.

Fantastic Four Silver Surfer - Very good as well. Better than the first one.

Flushed Away - Animation. Very good. I guess I think most main stream movies are good.

Oceans 13 - Yep this is good. First one is best this is next.

Wild Hogs - Good as well.

You should watch all these movies. All good. Ok so thats all for this post. Nothing in the way of value here from this post. You now have 4 minutes less life. Sorry no refunds.