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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cyndi Lauper Time After Time.

Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper.  This song is from about 1984 so that's 30 years this year.  It's a slower song though I like it still.  I like the kiss the dog gives the boyfriend in the beginning.

I tell ya my computer needs more ram.  I only have 2gb total of ram.  I bought another 2gb as I have 3 free upgrade slots still but the 2gb was faulty.  I sent it back and the second one worked for like a week then the machine started crashing again.  I would take stability over something that crashes but is faster anyday.  I haven't been bothered to send the ram back as it's probably not worth it i'd rather just take the hit and be ripped off.

Oneday I will get a new computer with at least 8gb ram.  That would be awesome.  I usually have alot of tabs open in my browser at one time so that takes heaps of ram also it would be nice to be able to alt tab quicker if I have a game loaded or it would work better with dual monitors. My current computer would be nice and a bit faster with another 2gb of ram but it's ddr2 so it's real expensive compared to ddr3. If I had more ram in my machine I could maybe save 30 seconds or so of time here and there.

This is and has been Time After Time.