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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moving In One Week.

I sit staring at the screen wondering how I can get more traffic. Not very exciting staring at the screen and not knowing what to do. An idea is to post more. More words, more traffic more people might have a use for your site.

I haven't posted very much over the years but at least i've kept the site alive. I don't know what to post about. That has to be a problem.

One thing I did recently was buy a digital camera for taking photos. It's a 12 mega pixel Panasonic lumix DMC S1. I don't need it. And I doubt i'll use it much. It was such an impulse buy. It cost $140 NZ Dollars plus they don't come with an SD Card so you have to buy that to and that was another $30 dollars for a 4 GB card. I like shopping though. Having money is fun. But making wrong purchase choices can be just not fun. I like the flash on the camera which lights everything up right before taking the photo and it takes good quality photos not like a video camera which doesn't have a flash. The photos here are exactly the camera I bought.

So writing more posts. Well I bought the camera with the thoughts of using it for this website. But me being stupid I have nothing to take photo's of. I'm very silly.

Writing more posts i'm thinking will be hard. I need some variety in the topics of what i'm posting about. I have a kind of writers block.

I have exactly one week until I'm moving house. Not looking forward to moving. It should be ok. I will be poorer. But I hopefully can cover all the bills.

Anyway as usual donate and leave a comment.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Doesn't it suck to be poor. Living in a horrible house. Eating terrible food. I talk about the same things all the time on this website. Pretty much not that interesting. My life is the same everyday. Stuck at home, doing the same thing.

Ah, I long for money. It gives you freedom. The governments of the world muwahaha, have conspired against me to make me poor. You know I worked hard. I'm not getting paid.

DOES anyone want to give me money? NO.

The governments of the w0rld muwahaha, owe me money. Yep they do. Pay me the money you owe me governments of the world.

I really want some money. I have earned it. I want to say that my September 11th phone call is my property and it deserves a website. I want a copy of the phone call. The governments of the world owe me money for this. Because they know why. I worked hard. Click the World Trade Center Link on the left to read the story but it's really badly written like what i'm writing now.

Governments of the world muwahaha give me some money now.

I can't afford to pay the rent no more. They ignore me and cause me heaps of pain. They have ignored me for like 8 years now. 8 years is a really long time. A really really long time.

Sorry I suck. Please donate to me. The governments of the world won't. Damn I suck. I R bored. No one believes anything I say.