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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Meja All about the money


Meja - All about the money

First heard this in about 1999 on the radio down in WarLangTongue (Wellington) NZ. It was great.

Big Brovaz Nu Flow

Big Brovaz - Nu Flow
Big Brovaz.

Another of my songs. There's so many. OMG. I came for the doe.

Bring Me to Life Evanescence

Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

This is yet another one of my songs. Pretty sure this is anyway. It was released after 2001 and male lyrics in it are very much mine. Also other lyrics as well. Adding to music 2.

Shakira Whenever Where ever

Shakira - Whenever Where ever

It's possible this is one of my songs. The do not dare part. It might not be though. It was 15 years ago. Also the at your feet part. I said at your feet but also 2in1 atrophied.

Darcy Lee.

Supergroove Scorpio Girls

Supergroove - Scorpio Girls

Now this brings back memories. Used to crank this in my first ever car when I was about 16. What a great song. Scorpi orpio Scorpi Orpio Girls. Love the guitar riff. You should give this at least one listen if you've never heard it before. You might like it.

Darcy Lee.

Delilah Tom Jones

Tom Jones.
Delilah - Tom Jones

Not sure how I got here but I have visited this song so adding it. I don't like it, it doesn't appeal. Merely adding it because for some reason I have the tab open.

Rihanna Work

Rihanna - Work

Adding this to Music. Really like it. Heard it last night on the radio. It only got released on You Tube about 7 days ago and it already has 200 mil hits. Enjoy.

Darcy Lee.

Woe is Me cover of Katy Perrys Hot and Cold

Woe is Me - cover of Katy Perrys - Hot and Cold

Quite like Woe is Me. This is not a bad cover adding it to Music 2.

It also has sign language in the video.

SuperChick One Girl Revolution

SuperChick - One Girl Revolution

This is another of my songs. I got them to do lots of Christian songs. Anyway pretty sure this is one of my songs. But ya never know.

Darcy Lee

SuperChick - Me Against The World.

Another of my songs. Me against the world and independance day. Back again one more time. All lines from me. Plus a few more.

Silverchair Tomorrow

Silverchair - Tomorrow

This song came out when I was 14-15 years old, about 23 years ago now. I loved the whole Frogstomp album it was great.

I think I got a couple of songs done by Silverchair of their album Neon Ballroom but they date as 1999 so possibly mine because I asked the songs to be back dated before 2001. But again I could've just copied them. The songs are anthem for the year 2000 and miss you love.

Darcy Lee.

Classical Gas

Mason Williams.

Classical Gas - Mason Williams

First heard this song a long time ago as a guitar only version. I think I like this version just as much. It's a great song.

Darcy Lee.

ZAYN PillowTalk


ZAYN - PillowTalk

I heard this on the radio and looked it up.

I only really like the line "It's a paradise and it's a war zone." That line is the only line that made me look it up. I don't actually really like the song.

Added label "Paradise"

Ignition R Kelly

R Kelly.

Ignition - R Kelly

Heard this on the radio and I was reminded. Think this is another of my songs. The toot toot beep beep part and also bounce bounce bounce. But I could be wrong.

Loser 3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down.
Loser - 3 Doors Down

Not to sure if i've added this song already. I did a search for it but couldn't find anything.

This has potential to be one of my songs. It did possibly exist before 9/11 and I just quoted it. Thing is I asked for them to make some of the songs predating 9/11. That is to falsify the date when they came out. So it is possibly one of my songs with a falsified date. But who knows.

Darcy Lee

Dire Straits Heavy Fuel

Dire Straits.

Dire Straits - Heavy Fuel

Listening to this cause it represents my life style. Running on heavy fuel. Did a quick search and couldn't see that it was added so adding now.

Faith George Michael

George Michael.

Faith - George Michael

Gave this a couple lissons so adding it.

Nickelback A Hero Can Save Us


Nickelback - A Hero Can Save Us

Pretty sure this is another of my songs. I said "I am so high I can hear Ever" I also said "They say a hero will save us but i'm not going to stand here and wait."

The Sound of Silence

Simon and Garfunkel.

The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

A very deep song. I love the opening line "Hello Darkness My Old Friend"

The Sound of Silence - Disturbed.

A cover of the above by Disturbed.

My Demons Starset

Starset - My Demons.
My Demons - Starset

This was open in my tabs ready to add. I listened to it again and it seems ok. Adding to music 2.

Trapt Headstrong

Trapt - Headstrong.
Trapt - Headstrong.

Had this in my tabs ready to add. Again enjoyed this. Adding to music 2.

Alice Cooper Poison

Alice Cooper.
Alice Cooper Poison.

Can't remember how I got into this but I did enjoy it. It's been open in my tabs for a long time waiting for me to post it to this page. I enjoyed this song.

Four Seasons Vivaldi


Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Listened to this once right through. It's not bad. Don't know if i'll ever go back to it but maybe. It's like 42 minutes long. Some parts you will probably recognise.

Darcy Lee.

Vanessa Mae Storm Vivaldi Techno

Vanessa Mae.
Vanessa Mae Storm (Vivaldi Techno)

Liked this. Think it's been on an ad or something on tv. Anyway techno Vivaldi check it out.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vanessa Mae plays Toccata & Fugue

Vanessa-Mae plays Toccata & Fugue

The Beginning of this song should be easily recognisable by anyone. The top version is done with a violin. I've included the version below for fun.

Toccata & Fugue.

Big Piano.

Darcy Lee