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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Bought WWW.DarcyLee.Com.

Yep So I just Bought the world wide web address of It's Pointing to this site. Cost $31.44 NZ Dollars From My first .com address. My other address I own is a nz one as u can see not dot com.

So thats all the news. I got a new tv so i've got 2 tvs now. It's a 21" cheap one. Also got a new DVD Player. So got 2 DVD Players now. Also a new hard disk drive. 640Gb. Gives me 1.1 terrabyte of storage on my computer. Also got a cheap 5.1 surround sound speaker system. Cheap one.

Had a few hits from google on my no effort what so ever Pet Rock Shop. Most were searching for "Pet Rocks For Sale". I only set the site up to see if I would get any hits. I'd have to put more work into it to maybe sell a rock. Don't know how I would package a rock to send overseas if someone actually took me seriously. Lot of effort you know. Pet Rock Shop.

I haven't been doing any work on this website for ages, prolly because I havent made any money. Also I'm lazy also. Help me make money by donating to me. Some one suggested an FAQ. Well I need money for a house thats about all.

Aren't pertrol Prices High these days. Yeah Pertrol. This Website is weird. Yes. But donate anyway. FAQ I want money. (For A house). Heard the term LandBanking on the radio. Buy land, the price of the land goes up equals u are richer. Sorry when I don't make sense.

Darcy Lee