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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Martyred. Prophecy. Virtual Reality.

Where will this technology lead? It's still secret. Classified. If you mention it to a mental health psychiatrist they can very well lock you up.

At this rate the technology will be hidden for years. I'm guessing this is because of the harmful benefits and control and manipulation of people it possibly brings.

I'm talking about virtual reality technology. The ability to send pictures, full motion video - directly into your head. Your brain. Your mind.

Artificial Intelligence is surely existing right now in a very infant form. Computers need to be a lot more powerful and smaller before A.I takes off in the home. But imagine Google shortly. You'll ask questions in a search engine and the answers an A.I could bring for you would be much more accurate than the automated bot that Google currently is.

Soon you'll be having a conversation with a computer. Soon it will be more intelligent than you. If it isn't in some ways already - the top secret classified computers they have existing right now.

I'm sure A.I exists right now and you could actually talk to a machine and set it to work have a conversation... I''m just rambling pretending I know stuff about technology. Where they are at.

The government does have virtual reality technology right now a picture4 in your head. Now you bring this together with A.I and imagine the worlds you get.

It's all very boring. Until you see it working.

I'm guessing your bored. It's actually wrong to talk about this technology. Because it's secret and classified if you tell people you've experienced it they just think your delusional.

It's very sad. It should be out in the open already. I look like a fool talking about it like it exists. More than a fool. I look mentally unwell.

Well right now this technology exists. I've experienced it. Talking about it gets me no friends. I get martyred.

I'm just curious. Why will no one believe me? Do you believe. There is no God. Jesus fails. Do you believe.

Pretty hard trying to tell people this tech is real. Fairy Tale. So do you believe. You could write your president. Write a letter. Lot of good that will do. Watch this technology come along. This is a prophecy. A foretelling of the future. Virtual Reality. In your head. A.I. Worlds, Stories, Movies, Internets, Computer Games. Every aspect of your life intercepterd with virtual reality technology.

I predict Virtual Reality in your head, brain, mind. It exists right now. I'm a prophet. I'm telling the world. Yet no one believes me.

What should you do if you believe me? I'm not sure exactly what believing is but it could entail a donation of money. It could involve you doing some research or at least some off duty thinking. Prepare your mind.


Darcy Lee

Monday, July 19, 2010

Advanced Secret Technology. Secret Advanced Weapons Technology. Virtual Reality. Trade Mark.

Sorry to displease the government gods. There exists a secret technology that has the ability to send full motion video directly into your mind. This advanced secret technology can either send full motion video from a live feed directly into your mind or it can be any computer graphic or anything you can see on a computer screen. It also exists in 3d.

Another thing it can do is send text messages. It's a kind of Virtual Reality Technology.

Another technology is the ability to read and discover hidden thoughts in yourself. They can ask you questions and before you even know you are answering thenm.

Yet another technology is Sex on Fire. Or at least fire. They can give you a sensation that your body is on fire. Like burning. Very pleasant but hard to describe.

So as far as tech goes this stuff is of the future. They have a school where people train on this tech.

I had this dream that I got expelled. It was scary. Proberly true though. I was like "Fine f***ing expel me then". For my bad behavior.

Another technology is the Artificial Intelligence hooked upto the video to mind tech. I'm not sure how powerful it is but I did get a couple of times the word "RAM" come up meaning it didn't have enough to carry my thoughts. They'll sort that out soon enough. Beware the New Life.

Aslo another tech is they can mess with your dreams. Making them very vivid indeed.

Thats all I can think of in the way of Advanced Secret Technology. As a last minute thing they can also see through your eyes, see what your seeing.

Any of this technology could be used as a possible weapon or to manipulate. But the potential for education and the pursuit of pleasure is pretty good. Don't anger the Government Gods.



I Love You America.

Going to post "I lover you America" on here to see if they'll donate any money.

I love you America.

America is nice and rich. MMM. The thinking is if I love them they'll give me money.

I could get ignored. Which is no money. I could get something like "we don't want your love" Or "Your love is worthless". Which is also no money. They could also just accept my love and still not give me any money. They are of course the Americans under no obligation to love me back.

Me love you America.

I guess i'll just get ignored.

Anyway I love you America.

How about donating.

The WAR on Terror.

Woeman. Like woe is me. Shortened to woman. Maybe theres something in that like how the word woman came about. I find words can be quite playful. Or there's Father describing a fat woman most probably from pregnacy but allocated to Dad Fat - Her. Or something.

So the war on terror it's incomplete. It's missing something. It's missing a website. A website set up with a phone call on it. A phone call where I yelled war and the whole context was about war. 2 days before September 11th 2001. All on nationwide NZ talkback Radio.

I'm sad. TPTB (The powers that be) won't let me have a copy. There afraid. Maybe. I don't know. Maybe it's cause i'm such a badboy.

Anyway I want a copy. No-ones helping me. I've reached the end of the road. TPTB won't give me a copy. Theres nothing left I can do. I can't afford a lawyer. So thats that. The Evil TPTB won't let me make money. They prefer to see me live in squalor and poverty.

This phone call I predict would go viral. It would reach a wide audience. And it would speak to people and lift them. But i'm a badboy so the govt won't let me have a copy.


Also if you want you could donate. It could help fund a lawyer to get a copy of my phone call which would be seen by lots of people and make me a little money and fame. But the money probably won't goto a lawyer i'll just spend it.

The WAR on Terror.

Friday, July 2, 2010