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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Living Water

Theres a mention of living water in the bible. Now the bibles pretty much unimportant. Christianity is fail. I only mention living water because like 11 years ago I had some. I woke up one morning took a gulp from this glass of water I had left out over night and it tasted like living water.

Living water is supposed to grant you immortality. According to the bible. Well alls I got was real sick like a few days later and i've been sick ever since.

It did taste very nice.

I've suffered alot. I'm suffering right now. It's constant. It never lets up. I don't enjoy life very much. I'm not very comfortable. I'm very poor.

I'm wondering if the living water is reproducable. Like they say in science you need to be able to reproduce the results over and over again or something. It's proberly not reproducable. Could it be mass produced? Was it me tasting the water that made it tasted like living or was the water actually living and anyone could taste it living. It could of been governement tech again like the fire. Proberly was. Poor Jesus.

People start cults and stuff like that with something like living water. Like they say "I'm the chosen one" and people start following them and obeying them. HAHA. I don't like religion. Ewwwwww. I tried that. Ewwww. Also proberly the first thing that happens when u start a cult is money. The followers hand over there money to the leader.

If you want to hand over your money to me you can. I been asking for donations for a long time. HAHA.

Anyway I like the idea of immortality. Living forever without pain or worry boredom fear or whatever. Just living a harmonious existence enjoying oneself. Even being excited waking up every morning. Forever.

Living water hasn't helped me give up smoking. It hasn't made me a fortune of money. I still get cuts and nicks and scratchs on my body so i'm not immortal. Damn ha. O and i'm still real sick.

Damn You GOD for Not being Real. Ewwww. So what am I trying to say in the article that i'm writing. Well I really don't know. I just thought I should mention Living Water cause it was tasty and it links to immortality and immortality is cool. If I happen to start a cult where people donate me heaps of money that would be cool to. Actually a cult wouldn't be cool but i'll take your donations.

If you want to donate to me you can click the paypal button. I suck as a person. My mind is dead. :( I'm gone. I'm really sick. :(

Government Technology these days OMG.





Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey WAIRARAPA buy me a house. You can donate with your credit card using the paypal button. This is fail.

Darcy Lee