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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Haven't posted much text in a while.  Been posting music videos.  Something i'm very happy about is that Google Blogger offer text message login protection.  I've recently added that.  I was worried if anyone found my password they would be able to hack my account and delete all my posts which would really suck.  I do feel safer now.  If anyone tries to log in from a different computer they need to have my cell phone as it will ask for a confirmation code which is sent by text.

One thing that's happened to me is that I have been given 90 days tenancy termination notice and have until May the 10th 2014 to move out and find a new house.  This simply sucks majorly.

I mean in theory I should have my own fully paid for house by now after Sept 11th 2001 and what happened there.  If I could simply post that phone call on You Tube bam probably 30 million hits and it would certainly generate a house as well as a little fame.  But alas the Governments of USA and NZ conspire to torture and keep me poor so that nobody will listen.

I WANT MY OWN HOUSE.  This website has failed to generate a house.  Again if this website had my phone call from 2 days before Sept 11th 2001 embedded in it and links from Youtube to here this site would become popular and pick up many other sites linking to it as well as many hits in general.

I WANT MY OWN HOUSE.  The USA and NZ GOVTS owe me a house.  They also owe me a copy of the phone call I made 2 days before the 911 terrorist attacks in America.

It is going to be near impossible to find a one bedroom flat to live in.  I should be settled already and not living this daily tortured existence that I live.  I should have at least a little money and a house of my own. This should of occurred along time ago.  Why do evil men and women get away with such things.  No one even believes my story.  This is one reason why.  They use the cover of darkness to conceal there deeds. They keep me locked up in a dark place as well.  They don't let me think.  They distort my mind.  They are indeed evil.  They have proven themselves as such.  They have no interest in good.

I WANT MY OWN HOUSE.  I should own my own house by now.  I have earned it. It is evil that I must suffer again.  I have suffered for so long and so hard. Not one person understands the suffering that I have endured at the hands of other people in high positions.  I have earned a house.  I WANT MY OWN HOUSE AND I WANT IT NOW.

I am very angry.  But this anger is useless.  I WANT MY OWN HOUSE.  I am owed a house for my work. I am not being recognised.  The NZ and USA GOVTS are bullies.  They do whatever they want to whoever they want.  They do whatever they want.  They keep me and my phone call which would set me free under wraps.  I should have my very own house by now. Instead everyone ignores me.

This is very evil what is happening to me.  It is done by men.  These men and women make the active decision to torture me daily and deny me food and a house. There is no God to protect us from these Hitler type people who think that they are right in there own eyes to torture and maim and kill.

I WANT MY OWN HOUSE.  Right now.  Today.  I want a copy of my phone call to post on YOUTUBE. This is evil.  This is highly very evil.  This is totally evil.  This is wrong and evil.  This is bad.  This is evil.

Everybody just thinks i'm schizophrenic.  Technology and men did this to me not anything I did myself.  This evil that has befallen me is from the USA and NZ Govts with men behind it driving it.

This is evil.  I WANT MY OWN HOUSE. Today. Right now.  This is evil.  I really need a place to live. I have earned my own house.  I need a house of my own.  I have earned it through work. I have suffered more than anyone living I imagine if this is possible not counting Jesus if he's still alive.

This is evil what has happened to me.  I want justice.  Please help. But you won't.  All I WANT IS MY OWN HOUSE.

Give me a house USA AND NZ GOVTS.  I deserve it.  Why torture innocence.  You know you are evil in your ways, your secrets are dirty dirty dirty.





Thursday, February 20, 2014

Carrie Underwood Blown Away.

Blown Away - Carrie Underwood.

Found this and it was ok.  Getting a bit bored of it now maybe.  This is like the 4th post for this date and all music videos.  Been stockpiling.

Woe Is Me Delinquents

Woe Is Me - Delinquents

Got a few listens out of this but not many.  I like most of the song.  Going to add it because I think it's worth coming back to.

Gravity Shawn Mcdonald

Gravity Shawn Mcdonald.

This is one of my songs again.  Just the chorus where it says "I don't want to fall away from you but Gravity is pulling me on down".  That's what I said over Newstalk ZB live radio air in 2001.  I definitely spoke that line in 2001 I remember.  Anyway if your just catching up on this post and don't know my whole story then this is a little wierd.  But i'm not even going to fill you in.  You have to browse the website.  Check the Osama link on the left.

Gwen Stefani Cool

Cool - Gwen Stefani

I like the chorus of this song that's why i'm adding it, I think it will be worth a listen later.  I listened to Holaback Girl by Gwen as well.  That's pretty good also but i'm not going to add it.  Note to self remember Holaback Girl.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olivia Wise Roar.

Olivia Wise - Roar.

Listened to this a few times over couple days so going to add it.  Didn't actually like the original Roar by Katy Perry much but enjoy this version alot more.

Olivia recorded this on September 6th 2013.  She had brain cancer and passed away on November 25th. I think she was like 16 years old or something. This is her Roar.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dire Straights Sultans of Swing Live

Dire Straights Sultans of Swing Live.

The drumming in this is amazing he really gets going later in the song the guitaring all seems pretty basic but the drummer is cool.

Rihanna Shut Up and Drive.

Rihanna Shut Up and Drive.  Got a day or 2 out of this after coming back to it from a while ago after seeing it in the movie Wreck it Ralph.