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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looks Grim.

Hello, my name is Darcy Lee. I live on the government benefit and have done for the last 13 years and expect to live on the benefit the rest of my life. So establishing those facts what they mean is that unless something happens I absolutely will never own my own home. I won't even be able to have a mortgage as all the house prices are $200000+ and it's just not possible any more to buy a house while living on the government benefit.

So this is where blogging and the internet come into it. I hope to raise capital one day through blogging. And thats my small story. Give/Donate Money to me. Please. I'm very poor. I'm trying to earn it. But progress is slow and it looks grim. It looks like i'll never own my own house. I do sometimes wonder if i'll even get to own a 50" T.V as well. That would be great.

Darcy Lee

Random Photos.

Here are some random photos from the new camera I just got:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

MGMT - Electric Feel.

MGMT - Electric Feel.

Moving In One Week.

I sit staring at the screen wondering how I can get more traffic. Not very exciting staring at the screen and not knowing what to do. An idea is to post more. More words, more traffic more people might have a use for your site.

I haven't posted very much over the years but at least i've kept the site alive. I don't know what to post about. That has to be a problem.

One thing I did recently was buy a digital camera for taking photos. It's a 12 mega pixel Panasonic lumix DMC S1. I don't need it. And I doubt i'll use it much. It was such an impulse buy. It cost $140 NZ Dollars plus they don't come with an SD Card so you have to buy that to and that was another $30 dollars for a 4 GB card. I like shopping though. Having money is fun. But making wrong purchase choices can be just not fun. I like the flash on the camera which lights everything up right before taking the photo and it takes good quality photos not like a video camera which doesn't have a flash. The photos here are exactly the camera I bought.

So writing more posts. Well I bought the camera with the thoughts of using it for this website. But me being stupid I have nothing to take photo's of. I'm very silly.

Writing more posts i'm thinking will be hard. I need some variety in the topics of what i'm posting about. I have a kind of writers block.

I have exactly one week until I'm moving house. Not looking forward to moving. It should be ok. I will be poorer. But I hopefully can cover all the bills.

Anyway as usual donate and leave a comment.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So I just ran the latest version of GPUZ on my computer and the annoying thing is that all the stats have changed.

As you can see from the pictures the card is now registering a lot slower now in both the pixel fillrate and texture fillrate. The picture down below is the old GPUZ reading I got from my card when I first got it. I'm guessing that GPUZ wasn't reading the card properly or something and now GPUZ has been updated so reads the card correctly.

It's very annoying as I purchased the card thinking it was alot faster than it really is. GPUZ is proving less useful for new cards if it's going to show a false rating.

The card was at least a few months old before I ran GPUZ on it the first time and posted my original article so really GPUZ should be more up to date.

From these results it's like the power of my graphics card has been exactly halved. I can't explain the different results. I have been getting quite a few hits on my orignal posting of my video card results and I though I should post so that people can be more aware. I'm sure someone out there can explains the different results. As always Leave A Comment and Donate see ya for now.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Over the Years.

So the thing that stops me from posting at the moment is having nothing to talk about. If your wanting random incredibly boring stuff I can do that. Like I bought 10 mars bounty chocolate bars and m and m's peanuts packets, they were on special for 5 for $4, and I won two free bounty bars in the competition they got going. I also won a trumpet ice cream not so long ago. So that's pretty much how boring I can be. Here's something I just thought of. I found out through text message today that my cell phone will stop working on the 31/7/12 because telecom is shutting down the network for good as they are trying to move everybody over to there new xt network here in NZ. So my cell phone becomes a paper weight pretty soon.

I really at the moment don't have much to talk about. I think that's the case anyway.

On this website I have talked about:

Donations - But I have never received any. I have talked about getting money through people using there credit cards and paypal by means of traffic visiting the website. But it hasn't worked. But that doesn't mean that you will fail if your thinking of trying. I think I just haven't put enough effort into research. Also my topics are kind of fringe at the moment.

September 11th - I've talked about the American terrorist attacks quite alot and how I made a phone call to a talk back radio station and yelled war 2 days before the attacks took place. Well good ol Osama Bin Laden is dead now, i'm pretty darn sure he is and that leaves me with a confiscated phone call and zero dollars earned. The potential was there to earn well over a million dollars but it appears I have squandered that as well.

Virtual Reality - Technology that's new and secret is something this blog also tells about. I talk about pictures in your head virtual reality technology. Computer Brain connectivity. As computers get more powerful and intelligent so will this Virtual Reality Brain to Computer pictures in head technology become more useful and then eventually be released to the general public.

Extra Terrestrials - I have hardly talked about Extra Terrestrials or aliens but I believe our government knows at least a few details they haven't told the public. So i'm hanging out just like everybody else who's kept in the dark. This is just a small push for more information. The universe is big. They the governments of the world must know alot about some of the universes secrets.

Housing - I've talked about how I dream of owning my own house and how i'm trying to use the Internet to go about achieving this goal. This is similar to donations i suppose i'm having trouble thinking what else this blog is about. I really do need a house though. Somewhere to park up and retire for the rest of my life. If I was really rich I could have a granny flat and rent it out and that would give me extra money without having to work so I could remain living on the benefit quite comfortably.

I totally dream of being rich. It's an ongoing fantasy I have. My house wouldn't have much of a lawn to mow and and with it making me an income from rent I would be on $400+ dollars a week with only rates and insurances to pay instead of rent if I actually owned it. The rates and insurance would be like $60 per week so that leaves alot of free income to spend each week. Owning a property like this would make me quite rich I guess.

Bill Gates - In an attempt to earn some money I wrote Bill Gates a few emails. This also didn't succeed. You can get his address by clicking the side link.

Possessions - This blog lists all my possessions though I don't have photos.

Movies and Music - I have listed all of the music that I have enjoyed over the years on these pages from You Tube. There a few short clips (Movies) also from You Tube that I have listed.

Religion - I have talked about religion a few times on here and very occasionally used scripture. I have believed in God in the past but not anymore. He's kinda let me down pretty bad and it was a childish thing to believe in. He plain just doesn't exist. Jesus is not a very nice thing to believe in.

Well thats pretty much all i've written about in posts over the years in this blog. The topics haven't diverged much.

Good bye for now. Photos are of dream house. This one cost's about $395,000 thousand NZ dollars as listed on trademe. Buy Me A House Today. LOL.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bang Bang Bang - Mark Ronson.

Enjoyed this a little but bit bored of it now.

Bang Bang Bang - Mark Ronson.

FAQ, Plans and Goals.

These are the days leading upto the move from my current house of 5 years 8 months to a new house.

I lose alot of ease of access to shops like fish and chips, supermarket, kfc, service station. These are all just across the road at the moment. My new house is alot further away. My new house is nicer though. It's about the same size as my current house but the interior is nicer and there is a fire place to keep warm and save using the electrical bill.

I have a flat tyre on my 50cc scooter at the moment. The rear needs pretty much a whole new tyre. It's pretty bald. Now it's flat. And there wouldn't be much point fixing it without replacing it. I don't use the scooter much at the moment but in the future it's going to be a lifeline. I hope I have good luck with the bike. I would much prefer a car but they are so much more expensive and really you need to be working to afford the running costs.

So scooter = pack mule for groceries in future, i'll need the scooter which has a compartment on it plus probably a school bag to carry all of my groceries. Joy and fun.

Nothing else exciting has been happening to me.

I'm jealous of people with educations. They can get awesome jobs. I can't even get supermarket work. They're also smart and do smart stuff. I ain't so bright.

I would like to get some sort of polytech education in computers if i'm ever able and i'm going to return to the work force. That would give me a foot in the door. But it's a long hard struggle from here where I am living in hell.

That's just one road. Rockstar is another road. No.

It's been nearly 10 months since i've had a cigarette. That's one thing. A good accomplishment.

I need some goals and plans for this web page. I dream all the time and so far the plan being is to get a freehold house and live off my government benefit while making an income preferably from home on the Internet that doesn't get my benefit docked ie under $100 dollars and having maximum free time and money to do stuff or just being outright rich.

The plan since the beginning and inception of this website has always been to earn money through donations and advertising. So far this hasn't worked. I've earned a total of $36 dollars so far in advertising. With donations and people giving me money i've earned zero dollars.

I'm planning on hopefully never working again. But maybe i'll have to work part time if I ever want to get any where financially. The internet is practically my only hope at the moment of making enough money for a house and the hope is pretty grim. This is turning out like a FAQ post.

So my goal and plan is to get a freehold house by making lots of money through the internet. This is more like a dream than a goal or plan I guess as my chances aren't very good. I've been trying for 5 years in a relatively lazy style and I haven't gotten anywhere. I don't have any catch or hook at the moment.

I do just have words. There's Virtual Reality Pictures in your head technology happening around the world right at this moment. And also somewhere exists a phone call of me yelling war 2 days before the 9/11 terrorist attacks in America live on talkback radio. The phone call I could post on You Tube and then have a copy of it selling for $5-10 dollars on Itunes. These are a couple of the things i've been going on about. So I believe I can make some money with these topics.

Thats it from me for now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Money for Me.

So at the moment i'm a little stuck on how to continue with this website. It's not drawing many hits. It's pretty much stagnent and it doesn't matter what I write it won't be very interesting.

It doesn't seem to be achieving much. I'm coming up on 5000 unique page views but that's taken 5 years to acheive. So this page pretty much fails in all accords. One way I could improve the site is post more. But like I was saying i'm not sure what to write about. I don't have any skills or hobbies. I just don't know what to write about. I've written everything at least once. It's not being read, but it's still being written down.

I could complain about how hard it is for an unskilled computer user to post on a website and expect to receive money. It's pretty tough I won't lie. There's not many places you can turn and google won't help you much. Of course i'm sure anyone a little more motivated than me could achieve better results and I have seen websites succeed where I have failed.

So what else is there to say. Moving day soon. Should be interesting. Lots of lifting thats always fun. I been living in my current house for 5 years and 8 months. Thats quite a long time. I really do wish I was rich so I would never have to move again. You know just park up in the one house which is really comfortable and everything I need for the remainder of my life. I don't have much need to be moving all the time.

Paying rent is hard. I'm on the borderline each and every week with no spare money. It's hard not working.

TV is switching to freeview soon in NZ which means you have to buy a little box and probably a sattelite dish to get TV reception. No more rabbit ears. I need a decent TV. Like a 50" or better yet 2 of them one for the lounge one for the bedroom. But that's never going to happen.

At the moment I don't get the chance to save any money. No one's ever donated any money to this website. That's how clever I am. I'm trying to post more with nothing to write about.

I think i'll leave it there for this post. Thanks for listening.

Darcy Lee

Friday, July 8, 2011

Not Saying Much.

So not much to add today. I may have found a nice house to live in. But it means I have to take a big pay hit. I really wish I was rich. Wouldn't things be so much easier. Like owning your own home.

Anyways. Still no one has given any money towards this website yet. I've nearly had 5000 unique pages views pretty soon.

I still don't have much to say about pictures in your head technology. It exists. Thought I should remind you. Virtual Reality.

This blog has just gone over the record for most posts in one year with now 50 posts and the previous record being 48 posts per year and it's only July just on over half way through the year. But saying that most of the posts are music videos.

What else? Don't really have anything else to say. Oh well see you next time.

Darcy Lee

Somebody to Love - Justin Beiber

Last Justin Bieber Video i'll post here.

I love the spotlight dancing.

Justin Bieber - One Time.

Justin Bieber - One Time.

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never.

I was a little embarrassed to post a Justin Bieber song on my website but I must say I got quite a few days out of some of his songs. Mostly the ones posted here I enjoyed by him.

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never.

Ante Up Bert and Ernie. 200th Post.

This is Bert and Ernie Rapping to Ante Up by M.O.P

This is this blogs 200th post. Yay 200.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fish and Chips. 2 in 1. Fashion Tips.

So something I noticed but at one time NZ has been hassled about it pronounciation of the words Fish and Chips. I've been practicing with getting two words out of one sound.

So for example you hear Fish and Chips but it's also prounounced and heard as Fashion Tips at the same time. I can also pronounce Fission Shapes. Fission Sheeps, Fish and Sheeps. Fishing Shapes. Fishin Chaps. Fishing Ships. Fish and Chirps.

So all those examples can be made to sound like the original Fish and Chips and you can hear 2 in 1.

The mice (14 KIA i've talked about b4) that have previously infested this house infested my sofa and I came up with the line House Mouse Like Sofa. Which 2 in 1 Hell Smells Like Sulphur. Or Hell Smells like SoulFire.

I been doing religious stuff with it and and came up with the word BLOOD which I can also pronounce Ballard or Bullet or a few others but i won't go into it.

Imagination is another word. 2 in 1 Imagine there sin. But thats not a very good one.

So what are some that you can think of even if you can understand what i'm saying.

Leave a Comment.

For Hymn That Battles. (For Whom The Bell Tolls).

Darcy Lee

Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly.

Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly.

Listened to this for a couple of days.

I'm basically listing every song or cool video that I come across and watch and listen to and get more than one listen out of.

Dire Straights - Money for Nothing.

Love the intro to this song.

Dire Straights - Money for Nothing.

In 2000, Knopfler appeared on Michael Parkinson's interview program and explained again where the lyrics originated. According to Knopfler, he was in New York and stopped by an appliance store. At the back of the store, they had a wall of TVs which were all tuned to MTV. Knopfler said there was a man working there dressed in a baseball cap, work boots, and a checkered shirt delivering boxes who was standing next to him watching. As they were standing there watching MTV, Knopfler remembers the man coming up with classic lines such as "what are those, Hawaiian noises?...that ain't workin" etc. Knopfler asked for a pen to write some of these lines down and then eventually put those words to music.