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Friday, April 27, 2007

First Post and Buy Me A Scooter.

I've been running a blog for a little while now on a free webhost and decided I should set up a blog here as well. My other blog can be found at I don't know what i'm going to write about yet but i'll just see what happens. where this blog is hosted is one of the most trafficed sites on the internet so there must be possibly an advantage to running a blog here.

I guess firstly what I want to achieve from this blog is to make money. I started with my other blog wanting to make money for a house but i'm about to change that to making enough money for a 50cc petrol scooter which is a much easier target. For a 50cc scooter I need to make about $1800 NZ dollars. So for all my websites now i'll try and make about $1800 NZ dollars for a scooter. It takes time to make money and you need to do alot of blog entries for content so readers have something to read and search engines can find you. You also need to set up a network of other blogs and websites linking to you and you linking to them. Traffic from other websites can be a big source along with search engines.

As an introduction my name is Darcy Robert Lee, I live in New Zealand and am 28 years old, 29 on the 11th of May 2007. I don't work or anything other than now just beginning to set up websites and stuff. My other site has been going for about 6 months now and it's only just starting to be found in the search engines. I've seen other blogs and they have done much better. So yah I want to make enough money for a scooter and then other things hopefully eventually a house. I'll tell you more about me as time goes along. Unfortunately i'm kinda sick and a little crazy so my posts could get silly at times but I have to take the risk to try and earn some money.

That was my first post.