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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Professional Beatboxer

Professional Beat Boxer.

This is a Ted Talk. He goes through some of the sounds he can make. It's pretty cool.

Adding to music 3 and movies.

Darcy Lee

Japanese Precision Marching

Japanese Precision Marching.

Thought i'd add this. There has been a couple of other videos that I was going to add but decided against it. Adding this one to movies.

Darcy Lee

The Cool Cool River

Paul Simon.
The Cool, Cool River - Paul Simon.

My Flatmate was playing a Paul Simon CD and I heard the lines "And I believe in the future We shall suffer no more Maybe not in my lifetime But in yours I feel sure".

These lines instantly made me like this song.

Here is another Paul Simon song from the same album. It's pretty good as well. I originally thought this was the song that the above lines came from.

Born at the Right Time - Paul Simon.

Darcy Lee

Give In To Me

Tree Days Grace.
Give In To Me - Three Days Grace

This is a cover of the 1991 Michael Jackson song Give In To Me. It's not a bad cover but I like the original better. The original is amazing.

Darcy Lee

Woe Is Me

Woe is Me - Tik Tok.
Woe Is Me.

A heavy metal cover of the Kesha song Tik Tok.

I like this cover. I also think that Tik Tok is one of my songs. Pretty sure there's some of my lines in there anyway.

Darcy Lee

Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch.
Five Finger Death Punch - The Bleeding

Like this song. It's acoustic I think. Check it out.

Darcy Lee

The Calling Wherever You Will Go

The Calling.
The Calling - Wherever You Will Go

Not sure if this is one of my songs. The opening lines "So lately been wonderin" sounds familiar. It has been 15 years. Don't really like this song. Adding to music 3.

Darcy Lee

Brooke Fraser Therapy

Brooke Fraser - Therapy

Brooke Fraser is an artist who has done some of my songs. Mostly from her album what to do with daylight.

I left a couple of messages on her instagram calling her a murderer through hate trying to get these songs exposed. I live in absolute poverty starving a lot of the time.

Brooke Fraser.
I was really just trying to get some money. It's all about the money.

I need somewhere to live. I need to support my smoking and marijuana habits. I need food.

I'd be happy with $600 a week and owning my own house.

I think i've earned it.

O yeah I started smoking again. I did 5 years and 4 months without a single puff. Then I had one. It's so much harder to give up this time. I had the mindset before to give up where I don't this time.

Anyway that's bad news about the smoking. I can't afford it but still manage it somehow.

I'll give up again one day.

Brooke Fraser - Sound of Silence.

Discovered this somehow after listening to Therapy. Not a bad cover. Brings to memory disturbeds cover for some reason. Also sound of cylons.

Darcy Lee

Kelly Clarkson Since U Been Gone

Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone

Don't think this is one of my songs. Check it out anyway not fully great or anything. Adding to music 3.
Kelly Clarkson.

Darcy Lee

Ashlee Simpson La La

Ashlee Simpson - La La.

Ashlee Simpson.
This is also another of my songs. The chorus anyway. The line "You make me wanna LA LA" that's me from my September 11th 2001 World Trade Center radio talkback phonecalls. They is quoting me.

Darcy Lee

Steriogram White Trash

Steriogram - White Trash

This is another of my songs. I am The chorus. The I'm White Trash Part.

I sung that. Now it's a song. Ewan Gilmore appears in this as well. He's dead now. He was the original westie I think. Ewan was a NZ comedian from way back.

Darcy Lee

Steriogram - Go

The line "When you grow up in this country town" is from me and also some of the chorus.

Werewolves of London

Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon.

Warren Zevon Werewolves of London.
A friend recognised this theme from something on tv that had been mixed with it. He looked it up and now i'm posting it to my site. Just to say i've been here.

Adding to music 3.

Darcy Lee

Marry That Girl Magic

Why You Gotta Be So Rude - Marry That Girl

I came up with "Marry that God" or "Marry that Good".

Not sure how I came across this it's been a while. This has over 1 billion views. I like this song. It's kind of a pop reggae fusion.
Magic Marry That Girl.

Added Labels "Marry" and "Girl"

Darcy Lee

The Birds and the Bees

The Birds and the Bees - Dean Martin

Think I searched for the birds and bees hoping to come across an actual story involving actual birds and bees and sex education. This is what I found. I have a memory of someone telling me they had been told about the birds and bees. I thought it was an actual story.
Dean Martin.

Darcy Lee

Let the Bodies Hit The Floor

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.

This is an old man singing this. He starts of a bit shaky and then rocks it. Thought I would add it a bit for comedy. Check it out it's only a short clip.

Let the bodies hit the floor is a line from one of my phone calls just after September 11th 2001. I think it's original. I was talking about letting those who die be counted for something and build something out of their death. Let them hit the floor and pile up on each other till they reach daylight sorta thing.

Darcy Lee

Pillar Frontline

Pillar - Frontline

Think I remember this song from listening to Christian radio back in the early 2000's but not totally sure. It's not a bad song. Adding to music 2.

A good ol christain War song. Believe that we are in a war everyday of our lives.

Added Label "Frontline".

Darcy Lee

ATC Around The World La La La La La

ATC - Around The World (La La La La La)

The original of this video with 82 million hits has been blocked in my country. It was working so it's only just happened recently.

I like the la la la part of this song.

This was the blogs 800th Post.

Darcy Lee

The Corrs So Young

The Corrs So Young.

This was playing in around February 1999 when I first got sick. I have some memories of this song. I did quickly get sick of it though. Another song that was on at the same time was It's all about the money. These two songs are etched in my mind from when I was sick.
The Corrs.

Anyway enjoy this if you've never heard it before.

I like the lines "And tomorrow comes we'll do it all again" and "It doesn't matter if we never sleep".

Darcy Lee

Seeking Immortality Doctor Who

Doctor Who.
Seeking Immortality Doctor Who.

Not totally sure how I came across this but it probably has something to do with seeking immortality. I used to be a huge fan of Doctor Who back in the day. They used to hold Doctor Who marathons on tv and they would go all day. Some of the movies were classic. Can't remember them now though.

Not something younger people would watch. They just seem very budget now.

Enjoy this clip. I found it pretty cool.

This is where the five doctors meet I think.

Added Label "Doctor".

Darcy Lee