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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poor With No Money.

Ideally for this website, to make money, to become profitable, I should be trying to post at least once a day. The problem is i'm stupid, I also live a boring life. Daily the same monotonous wake up be home all day go to bed day after day with the only difference being payday where I have to go out and do the grocery shopping.

If I could post once a day, I mean I have plenty of time usually, if I could post once a day, after a while then I might gain some traction and start to pick up hits in google, and traffic can be converted into money. I am getting more traffic than I ever have before but i'm not nearly happy with it. And it comes from only 2-3 different search terms. I haven't had any success with other social media such as facebook and twitter at least not yet, so practically my only source of traffic is google.

The top picture is my traffic for the last 14 days. With a minimum of 2 and max of 14 and average of guessing about 7-8. If you click the picture of the graph it will get bigger.

I don't know why you would be interested in knowing about this but I need something to write about. I got a hit for the words "immortality trap" the other day. Mostly I get hits for Bill Gates and his email address or his house and the Gpuz of my video card. Occasionally I get a hit for my name Darcy Lee. I get sometimes hits for the images I post along with my articles.

I'm not ranking for things like Virtual Reality, September 11th, 911 or World Trade Center and others which are themes of this blog.

VIrtual Reality along with the new word i'm going to use augmentation is the future and it's now. I have no proof about the technology to put pictures and a virtual world into your mind head eyes which is why no one is interested. People simply aren't willing to believe me.

People aren't interested much in this blog. They don't stay very long and aren't reading much.

I'm trying to be motivated in the face of share overwhelming odds. I want to make money from blogging. At least $80 dollars a week which is the cut off that I can earn on the benefit without them deducting from what I already earn. This is a dream of course. Lol $80 dollars, might as well be a million.

There's not enough money to go round, and most people are smarter, faster, quicker than me.

I simply don't have the where with all to post every single day about something different.

So i'm stuck. I'm not smart enough and the internet's not powerful enough to accomodate a dumb person trying to make a living from a blogger website. Sure for some people they have made millions. It was probably hard work and probably a little luck. I do suppose I only spend a couple or three hours every few days working on this blogger website which is not much in the overall scheme of things. It's just that again I have nothing to write about.

If you want to make money you have to post alot, which is alot of hard work. I'm not at the level of posting much. If you put in a 20 hour week on blogger after a while you might start earning money. I'm on the dole and have no spare money. In reality I won't make even a part time income from blogging.

Finding a part time job in real life is no easy thing either. I'm not sure if i'm ready to work. I'm still a bit shaky. Maybe in another couple of years I could work a job. If anyone will actually ever employ me. I haven't worked in over 12 years now. So re-entering the work force will be a challenge to say the least. No-ones interested in hiring a sickly 33 year old when they can hire someone fresh out of school who's really fit and hard working.

I'm only really eligible for the entry level minimum wage jobs as I have no skills. I wouldn't mind going back to polytech but unfortunately the student allowance pays alot less than what the invalids benefit dole cheque pays. I don't have a single spare cent at the moment to buy anything extra with and i'm not eating very well because i'm poor.

So enough about the poor condition of my finances, life and motivation. I'll leave it here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just posting this so I can use the image somewhere else on the web.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

September 11th 2001 Ten Year Anniversary.

So I thought I should mention the 10 Year Anniversary of the September 11th 2001 Terrorist attacks that took place in America. People might be searching for info about the 10 year anniversay and it might generate a few hits to be talking about the attacks around this time. I found that mentioning Osama Bin Laden when his death was announced generated a couple of hits, but mind you only a couple.

So why should I mention them. I remember about the attacks because of a phone call I made to a New Zealand nationwide talkback show 2 days before the attacks occured, where I yelled war and made a whole phone conversation about war live on air during prime time.

The phone call was clear concise to the point and basically said there was going to be a war and that everyone should urgently stand up and fight, I yelled war as loud as I could but still you really have to hear the phone call. 2 Days later the planes hit the buildings.

So that's my story for 9/11 I said there was going to be a War and everyone be prepared (no one takes interest in this) and then there was a war.

I don't have a copy of the phone call. It has been safely locked up away from public eyes and hearing for the possiblities that it presents.

The phone call and my testimony which is not whole without a copy of the phone call is a possible conspiracy that could never be solved without the aid of the Government.

Internally they know things. They keep secrets. They rule (they is the governments and controlling powers) over the public with an ironfist. Information is controlled. I'm not allowed to present a copy of this phone call. They keep it hidden. For all the good it could do about 9/11 and the doors it could open it is simply kept secret. It will probably never see the light of day.

No one cares. However important this is with out the evidence of a copy of this phone call no one cares. This phone call is important and would generate alot of hits on you tube. I estimate it could top a million easily and would generate a whole new conspiracy and angle on 9/11.

The general public needs to know about this phone call that is still being kept secret 10 years after the September 11th 2001 took place but nothing will ever happen. I will die an old man and still be thinking about this. This is important.

I'm just rambling here. I just really want a copy of my phone call. Even after all this time. It would provide me with life long entertainment. The people have no power.

It's like freedom of speech and your speech gets taken away from you. I want what I said to be heard and it is intentionally being hidden. I couldn't be anymore angry about this. But there is nothing I can do. And nothing anyone else will do for me. I am kept tortured and miserable and poor. They keep me financially poor. I could earn money and generate decent traffic and people talking.

They keep me miserable. They keep me sad and tortured. All for lack of this phone call. They torture me daily. Because you won't believe the truth. You are as bad as them. No one will help me. Not one person. I sat here for 10 years waiting for a copy of my phone call to post on the internet. And nothing but cold miserable torture and mind control.

The government own you. They own your flesh. They can do what ever they want to you and if you say anything you get labeled by doctors as delusional. They won't let you hear the truth. They keep it covered up away from you. They experiment on people. They torture people. I am one of the tortured. Simply because you won't listen and you won't give any money. This is your fault not mine. I've done nothing wrong. I should not be tortured simply for telling the truth. I am not lying.

Stop torturing me. 10 year anniversary. Give me a copy of my phone call. You know who i'm talking to TPTB. Give me my phone call now. Fascists. Just give me my phone call. I Hate you. Evil.

Forgive me if I offend you but this phone call is an important part of my life and I want to move on and get some closure. I also want to stop being tortured.

I hate America for not releasing my phone call. HATE. Release my phone call now.

Darcy Lee

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I found a game that I might possibly play for a little while. Back in the day I used to play Age of Empires 2 multiplayer on dial up for hours at a time. Just recently microsoft have released the latest installment in the Age of Empires series located at

The new aoe game is a cross between World of Warcraft with questing and a tech tree and 40 Levels you have to go through by earning experience, then still very much like the original Age of Empires with a real time strategy like starcraft but set on earth with history based ancient civilisations like Greeks or Egyptians.

At the moment for free there is only one civ that you can play and it is a little cut back. Maybe in the begginning you could remain competitive for pvp but you would have to get the full game eventually. Something thats new is there are gear slots for your units, with greens, blues and purples (Epics) likes wow. You get armours and weapons as quest rewards and also from chests you get ingame. As a non paying customer you are limited to only green level coloured armour or weapons so once paying customers are geared up really well then you will be at another disadvantage. Some items are craftable from blueprints with materials you earn.

You can visit other peoples towns and buy and trade stuff with them like blue prints gold or materials and there is a ingame mail system.

I think AOE runs in 6 month seasons but i'm not sure exactly how it works. AOE online came out on the 16th of August 2011, I found this out originally after asking in the general chat and then later looking up the wikipedia page for aoe online. General chat which can be a bit of a wasteland, is available all the time in game and in your city.

AOE Online is powered by an updated AOE 3 engine so the graphics aren't bad and you don't need an amazingly powerful computer to run it.

Kinda cool how I stumbled across this game. I went to twitter because now that I am following more people it presents a lot of links. On twitter I went to Stephen Fry and he had posted a link pointing to time magazines top 50 sites of 2011 and from there I kinda randomly picked a site and it was a gaming site called where I watched a video of them reviewing AOE.

So all from twitter.

Check out

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Clue for Starting out on Twitter.

For over a year I had no followers on twitter. I now after 3 days have 188. At first I was just following one person MC Hammer. 3 days ago I added someone who had alot of followers. It was a person called shoemoney who had 100k followers. What happened after I had followed him was that 3 people started following me.

So I clicked on. I started following more people. I am now following 900 people and yep 188 people have started following me. So that's great. People haven't followed me from yet as it's not getting enough exposure or traffic. I'm pretty sure that noone from twitter visited my website though, but also can't be 100 percent about that, so at the moment it's not generating any traffic even after posting a link to all my followers.

Twitter has been quite surprising. I never thought I could get so many users. I had just thought that people had just gotten followers via there websites, word of mouth or however. I had no idea all you needed to do was follow people and you would get followers. It's good. So my plan is to follow more people and hopefully the tide of followers will keep coming.

I have also set up a new facebook account and have a like button on this page. It will be a long time before someone likes me. Could be years.

Another cool addition to the site comes from What this does is crawl every page on this website and then display 3 pages from previous posts, picture and text, at the bottom of every post. It matchs similar topics and pulls out old posts that would otherwise never see the light of day. With this people will browse posts that they might be interested in, it gives them a clue what the post is about and all you have to do is click and it takes you straight there. It installs very easy if you have a blogger site. You basically just need to log in and then postion it to the correct place, (which for me was under every post), in the page layout section. Very easy took a minute.

So thats me for now. 3 new features to this page that hopefully over time will help. I'm becoming quite a fan of social networking.

Darcy Lee

Friday, August 19, 2011


Well what to write. I still don't have any great ideas on how to make money through this website. I don't think I ever will. I'm not smart. Still I must persist and keep trying.

At the moment once I pay all the bills each week I have no spare money left over. It's pretty depressing. I don't have any money left to save, not that i'd probably save it anyway.

Some people have had a lot of success using the internet to make money. Not me though. You can try and copy what others do but with the fringe topics i'm dealing with it's a bit difficult. No-ones willing to believe me about Virtual Reality Pictures In Your Head. But still i'm going to keep talking about it. It will happen soon. There will come a point where the world not knowing would be holding us back really badly.

So how to make money. I have no idea. I don't know where to even start. I'm not putting in much time on this website at the moment. That could be something. Working a bit harder and putting in some time could achieve small results I guess. But I don't know what to post about. I just go round in circles. So I stand defeated there.

I don't see me making much money from this site going on past experience I don't have exactly heaps of passion for it.

You need passion to drive you. I just have nothing to write about. If you want a boring life mine is it. Daily I do the same stuff all the time. Not much ever changes. I remain poor.

Ok enough boring stuff. This is what a post turns out like when I have nothing to write about. My posts don't deviate much. Just wanted to attempt to write a post.

Darcy Lee.

A-HA Take On Me

A-HA Take On Me

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've been reading a blog at One of the things he's got going is that readers send in a T-Shirt with there companies logo on it and then Shoemoney takes a photo of himself wearing the T-Shirt with logo and posts that on his website. Cool way to get free clothing. It wouldn't work on this website of course because I don't get enough traffic.

People would only be interested in sending you stuff if your big enough. If you get enough traffic.

If you want to make money, you have to work harder than what I am. I'm upto $37 dollars earned on google Adsense. Yey.

I was amused at the T-Shirt Idea with the thought of free clothing. Could be kind of gross Linkthough. Who knows what people will send. Clothing is another thing I would spend money on if you gave me any via paypal.

So that's two thing's I would spend xtra money on. Clothing and Food. I'm slowly making a list of how money would be spent.

The picture is Shoemoney in a shirt. You can see the rest of shoemoneys shirts HERE.

Snow Pictures from Masterton New Zealand.

The last time I remember snow in Masterton I was very young and not like this. Snow in Masterton is very rare almost never. It was piled up high over all the grass, cars and everything. The picture without snow is the front of my new house I just moved to.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello World. This web site is entrepreneurial. I'm trying/attempting to make money. So far i've meet failure. Any money I earn of which I haven't earnt any is going to go towards my daily living costs. That is unless it's alot of money which would be worthy of saving. If I made alot of money it would the money eventually go towards a house. I live off a government benefit so am very poor. I will be living off the benefit for the rest of my life.

My paypal account is ready to receive money via credit cards. It's tested. It works. I've transfered $20 dollars that I earned through world of warcraft from my paypal account to my very own bank account and then withdrawn that money.

What am I missing? Traffic. I'm only a page rank one site. I'm getting between 1-5 hits a day. I'm simply not getting many hits from google and google is my main and only traffic source. I know I want this website to be about Virtual Reality and minorly but eventually if I ever get a copy a certain phone call then majorly about the September 11th American Terrorist Attacks.

Virtual Reality is the future. It is greater than movies and computer games in the current format of technology. Pictures in your head. Virtual Reality. Pictures in your mind. Virtual Reality. Pictures in your eyesight.

This tech exists now. It's being practiced. This means nothing to the average person. When will virtual reality technology be revealed to the general public well I don't know. If you believe me you are one of the few if only. It will be the greatest innovation since the internet. Not many people will read this website before this technology is released. And it will probably be many years before it's release.

I need money to buy a house and live day to day. At the moment I pay rent. I also need money for a 50" television. I need to make an income. I think i'm dreaming.

I've been reading a blog at which sort of centers around making money. It has given me some inspiration. But theres no way I could ever be that sucessful.

I would like oneday to set up a charity. When i'm famous and can get money just from the fame. When i've made alot of money already. A charity to feed, house and educate people. Still dreaming.

So yeah I need to make an income per week but at the moment I have no ideas. Virtual Reality is not doing much as a topic as it is still very fringe. Once everyone starts experiencing virtual reality then there will be alot more talk about it but this website will be drowned out by everyone else or by the time virtual reality pictures in your head is revealed i'll be dead. It will be an amazing innovation.

I have such limited information about it that I can't sell it very well. I have no evidence. I have no proof. It's amazing. It exists. Yet to be believed.

Since i've moved into a new house I am more comfortable but I am poorer. Any money that is given to me will be put to good use. I am very poor. To give you an idea of what I would do with the money, well if you donated $1 dollar then I would probably leave it in the paypal account and not bother to withdraw it until there was more money in the account. If you donated $10 dollars then I would probably convert it to food. If you gave me $50 it would probably be converted to food as well.

If you gave me $100 I could convert that to maybe a few weeks food mostly take outs and a movie at the local theatre here in town. Also it would last a few weeks. It wouldn't be spent all at once.

I haven't got many ideas for what I would spend the money on apart from food. It's only when you donate like $1000 dollars that I could purchase some electronics like a 50" Television. Another item I could use would be a laptop. A real luxery would be Sky TV. More TV channels.

So going by this post any money I make will go on just feeding me. I've made about $35 dollars through the ads on this page. But that's over like 5 years. So the ads are my main source of income. I haven't so far been given any money by anyone.

I'm tiring now it's quite late here. I'll leave by asking you gift me some money which I will convert into food, savings a TV or laptop I can't think of much else I need. I just need to make a little more money each week to get by on. Also if you can't donate then possibly leave a comment or follow me on FB or twitter.

Darcy Lee