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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Year Of The Cat

Al Stewart.

Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat

First heard this on a classics radio station and really enjoyed the piano opening. Haven't listened to it much but it's still a cool song that I like. Adding to Music.

Will probably come back to this.

So how bout that immortality and those aliens. What about the virtual reality pictures in your head.

Things to think about.

This is not a WOW post but cataclysm has cat in it and it was the nearest label I could find.

Darcy Lee.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May The 4th Be With You. Woohoo Double Rainbow. 5 Year Anniversary.

Again I don't know what else to type about. I'm turning age 33 in 7 days so getting older and time is moving on. I've already got my birthday present from my mum. I accidentally locked myself out of my house and had to call a lock smith to get into my house. That was $90 nz dollars. All the locksmith did was use a piece of bendy plastic to slide into the lock and open the door. It took all but 10 seconds. It was easter Saturday I think but hey $90 dollars is a lot of money.

So caught another mouse last night. That makes 5 mice in 5 nights. Going for number 6 tonight. They love cheese. Hopefully I can out trap them before they breed some more. I don't know where they have all come from. I am totally infested. It's going to make me sick probably. But I can't afford to move house. They are ruining my furniture I think and they got into my hot water cupboard and now there is mouse poo and urine all over my towels and socks and other clothing. Yay exciting for me. The joys of slumming in New Zealand on the Government benefit.

I saw the video Double Rainbow today. I'll post it on this page I think. It has 26 million views. Woohoo Double Rainbow.

What else is there to write about. My pet rock shop had a pretty good couple of days for me anyway. The last 2 days I got 10 hits and then 15 unique visits. only got around average 4 unique hits a day.

I found a wholesaler of pet rocks that includes the carry case, straw, rock and manual. I asked for a price to get one delivered to NZ and it was like $17 US dollars via paypal so probably not going to happen.

I could really use one to examine the quality and see if they are worth putting pictures up on the petrocks website. Though thinking I won't sell to many of those either but they are a better quality product than just a rock that i'm selling.

So why should you gift, give, donate, bequeath, money to this website. I don't know really. There are so many websites asking for donations. Just looking back at my first post to which is dated April 27th 2007 I have now been here for just on 5 years exactly. Thats a long time to be typing away. In 5 years I haven't gotten one payment from anyone.

So you could be my first. You could be my first ever payment of money from asking random people through the internet. Someone has to go first. Maybe this could start a cascade of payments. Where I have failed is picking up traffic. My sites aren't generating enough traffic so getting donations is hard. I'm not the greatest sales person either. I actually worked as a sales person selling electronics and computers but I failed at it.

Still you would think in 5 years of running this webpage I could of managed one gift of money via paypal. People don't trust me. I'm not selling anything. I'm not a worthy investment for your money. Well 5 years of trying u can't call me lazy. 5 Years and no money at all. Guess the internet lands are poor as well. Everyone's poor. O well i'm determined to keep trying to make some money through the internet. Even if it's through the ads on this page which I make money from by people clicking though they aren't very good either.

Yep 5 years of asking for money. This is why you should use your credit card and give me some money through paypal. I have a track record. I'm not some new start up. I'm not the best but I have a 5 year record. 5 years of dedication into asking for money via paypal and the internets. Support the old timers. Support me.

Darcy Lee