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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anyone want to write a Book about me?

Anyone want to write a Book about me??

Aww, I just want some money really. Please Donate by clicking paypal + credit card.

I had this dream awhile ago. And I was hovering there and this female voice said she was writing a book about me and that it was her first one. Lol.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sex On Fire

OMG, Sex On Fire.


In an interview with Robbie, Marieke and the Doctor on Australian radio station Triple J, Nathan Followil explained that the band never intended the song to be named "Sex on Fire".

"They were totally different lyrics. Depending on whether a song starts with a melody or starts with lyrics, you know if it starts with a melody you just keep playing the melody over and over until you get it down and just throw in any lyrics that fit the verbal flow. It was actually going to be "Set Us on Fire", but one of the sound mixers in the studio walked in as we were playing and said, "Sex on Fire", huh?" And it just kind of became a running joke, and we stuck with it.".

Nathan also said that some lyrics tried were "Socks on Fire", "Snatch on Fire" and "C***s on Fire"

From Wikipedia.

Sex on Fire.

Based on True Story.

Would LIKE to Post This link to an article I Wrote Dated 2007 June 17th. F.I.R.E.

Also I'll update the disclaimer from that article, here, to "it was possibly government technology induced". Ignore the living water though proberly also government technology induced but the article just mentions fire and myself though not in much detail.

I'm into the government technology conspiracy now. Believing the government has technology to send video, picture, text, voice, directly to your mind to see what your seeing to know what your thinking and various effects/states also Artificial Intelligence. Shhhhh SECRET GOVERNMENT TECHNOLGY and such. Nobody believes me. I wish someone would believe me.

OMG, Sex On Fire.