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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Progression Experiment. Expansion. This Blog is going to have a Wishlist.

So I got a Myspace account and had a look at the Myspace place. I made one blog entry on my Myspace page which is but I find writing hard sometimes, actually most of the time. I always think that what I write is silly and it annoys me when it is. What can I write about all the time. My page is plain. One blog entry. At this date.

Anyway i've recently just setup a few new pages which are pretty much copies of each other but they all link to each other and are on different servers. I want to develop them over time with different things that come along. It takes a little time to start being picked up by search engines and getting traffic when your me. I'm just lazily and clumsily with websites. Starting pages in different places now will help over time with search engines and give different tasks to do for each page. Expansion.

I hope to motivate myself by having different pages to add to rather than just the one I have been running for the last 7 months. If your just starting a blog maybe you could think about having one or two other pages somewhere like a myspace or this place or another free host. This site has nice easy to add links down the side which make them more easily clicked than my other website. My other website is kind of a mess I think. So anyway this is going to be a wishlist as well. The wishlist is just things I want to get as I go through life. It's photos of things and me saying buy me this for this blog. I'll try to make money. I have most things I need at the moment like a computer, internet and stereo. I need a house of my own, also a 50cc scooter, hardrive video camera, lounge suite the list will go on. I proberly need about $300 000 thousand dollars for everything. Is this blog entry long? Maybe $200 000. Donate money so I can buy things like in the pictures.