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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Donate To Me

Hi. My Names Darcy Robert Lee. I'm 29 Male from New Zealand. I'm looking for donations to buy a house, a real nice one, $200000 NZ dollars one. I want that much. No-ones ever donated to me in the 1 year now i've been bloggin now. I haven't put in heaps of effort on these blogs that i've been running or anything like I haven't said much. I'm not writing much overall on my pages, in keeping with trying to make $200000 dollars with as little effort as possible perhaps, but this does bring the chances of making money down.

At the moment my efforts haven't even achieved possible critical mass of even just one donation but I said that. I haven't had any donations yet. It's possible I could raise about $70000 dollars in a mortgage from the bank so maybe I only need about $130000 dollars. All it could take is just one donation from one wealthy person. Ok thats all for now I just wonder if you want you can donate to me for a house for me. K. Thanks.

Here's my sales pitch for donations. It's never not a sales pitch. Ok I have nothing.

Any Chance I Can Have Some Money?