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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spy Hunter

All About Spy Hunter The Game.

The Spy Hunter Theme Song.

Just a quick post before bed here. Going in both Music 2 for theme song and movies for the short about the classic coin op game that got ported to computer Spy Hunter.

I can't remember what computer I used to play this on but i'm pretty sure I had this game. One thing I remember is the trucks to get new weapons were real hard to get on and i rarely got them if I even got that far to get a truck out. I also remembered the music as being real cool and that's why I looked up this game.

I'm pretty sure it was a hard game on the port I played. I don't remember ever playing the arcade version myself.

This has been a memory. Also added the label "Spy".

Darcy Lee

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Games Arcade.

Games Arcade.

Had these on the front page of my website but decided to move them off of it.

Noone will ever see them now. O well