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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Things I wanna Buy with the Money from Quitting Smoking

A pack of cigarettes costs $32 dollars currently. I often buy 2-3 packs a week. This is alot of money that could be going on food and savings.

 rtx 4070 ti nvidia video card. $1700

Thats definitely up there on my list of things i want first.

Also a power supply for computer so can run video card    $150

Electric guitar and amplifier   $500

Bluetooth Stereo that doubles for an amplifier for my guitar.         gunna say $300-500

Portable bluetooth speaker       $100

New cell phone            $300

Android Tablet                        $400

Pay of debt at baycorp so can obtain credit again.  Not sure how much say $1000

Buy a battery and 16gb ram for my laptop which is absolute luxury for how much i use it but $75 for battery and $120 for ram say $200.

Buy another 16gb ram for my desktop pc to take it to 32gb $120

Quitting smoking would enable me to up my grocery budget each week so am spending more on food and not starving and actually having takeaways and nice foods from the supermarket. This change in diet would provide broad health and energy benefits on top of the benefits of quitting smoking. Put simply at the moment I don't get enough food.

Um what else.

A wifi bluetooth dongle so I can hook up my new stereo  $30

If i think of more stuff ill add it. The total comes to      $5000 exactly. But i know there is stuff I have forgotten.

So there we have it.  $5000 is about 2 years savings at $50 dollars a week. Incredibly doable if I just quit smoking. NOW whats stopping me from quitting smoking?

Friday, November 2, 2018

Pro Begger

I dropped the domain and now someone else has snatched it up. The site is in chinese. I should of kept it, it could of gone somewhere but I was to lazy to do anything with the site.

Anyway so I recently purchased ProBegger and its where i'm posting all my streams from my Piratevoice Youtube channel.

This is still me trying to raise money to purchase a house.

Darcy Lee

Thursday, December 29, 2016

All of Me

John Legend.
John Legend - All of Me

Think I found this because it had a billion views. It's ok. Adding to music 2.

Virtual Reality is going to flood the market one day. Where the picture is in your head eyes mind. These glasses and goggles that are available today are very primitive.

I'm looking for donations because I have suffered. To move on with my life and perhaps regain some composure. I need a house to do this. I will never work again. Need like a 100k US dollars. If you understood my suffering you would lift me. I have this thought that lifting me lifts the world.


Added label "Lift the World".

Darcy Lee

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goo Goo Dolls Iris

Goo Goo Dolls Iris.
Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris"

Can't remember where I heard this but it was instantly recognizable as an old song I used to listen to.

Adding to Music not cause I got heaps of plays but because I sung it in my phone calls and it sounds cool enough.

Now for immortality war on death eternal life. Fight Fight Fight War War War.

We need more numbers and more people thinking it's possible and more people working.

Everyone is important.

Something I think is that lifting me say financially lifts the world a bit.

I've suffered. Great and long.

Did you know 21k people die each day from starvation. That's mostly children as well.

Something can be done about this.

Bring life to the planet.

It does seem impossible though.

I can't lift myself out of where I am.

I will never work again. Even if I could work I could never save a deposit for a house. Not without help from the internet. So I am here with this website seeking help for a house. Help and donations.

I have a brother who is a plumber and my Dad is a carpenter. Together between them they could build me a house. It just finances that stop me.

It could be a most beautiful house.

Brand new.

Going to take a lot of work to make enough money from donations for a house.

Yay War on Death Immortality. Yay War for a house.

Lift me lift the world.

Darcy Lee

Sunday, August 7, 2016

First Video Uploaded on Fibre
Technically the above video was the first uploaded on my new fibre connection but it was filmed months ago. I don't even know if I had already uploaded it. The video below I made today on the 07/August/2016 I play Guitar a little and ask for donations and advertise this website. I managed over 30 minutes of video on the camera. Now the above video was 1.49GB and that took like 11 minutes. The video below is like 1.86GB and took about 18 minutes. On my old connection something like that would've taken hours.

Adding these to movies.

Darcy Lee

O yeah donate. I bring the technologuy. Your also going to see alot more videos.

Friday, July 29, 2016

To Many Dicks On The Dance Floor

Flight of the Conchords - Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor

Was looking for a song that I enjoyed with dancefloor in the lyrics and came across this adding it not cause it great just cause I stumbled over it and i'm a fan of Flight. The song I was looking for probably would've been music 1 material.

I'm going to try and use the words Cash Donate Donation Money and House and Buy me a House more so that Google picks them up. I'll mention it now in a lot of posts if i'm not to lazy.

Anyway Donate me money to buy me a house. Use your credit card and the paypal link.

Darcy Lee

Foreigner Urgent 1981

Foreigner Urgent 1981.

Heard this on the radio a while ago. I haven't had internet for just under 2 months. This is why I haven't been posting. I moved house. I got kicked out of my last house. I still have half my stuff there though at my old house. Been waiting for my brother to help me move.

At first it was only going to be temporary, that is moving out of my old house. They were going to make some repairs to it. But it turned into a major job that would take months. So I had to move out permanently. That was on the 29/5/2016 I moved out.

Currently i'm living in a Garage with cardboard insulation and no toilet. I have to go inside to use the toilet. I just got a new fibre internet connection on. It's flatrate. So nice. Currently it's clocked at 30mbs but I'm supposed to have a 100mbs connection so i'm going to ring them.

The house I moved to didn't have a copper connection so I couldn't get ADSL. It took just under two months to get all the work done to get a fibre install.

I'm happy now though.

I started playing World of Warcraft again as soon as I got the internet after a 10 month break.

Man Pet prices have tumbled and risen.

It's hard to speculate on the market and I've had trouble selling pets. I guess everyone who wants them now has the current lot.

Waiting on new pets to sell.

I'll post some photos of new and old house soon if I can.

Haven't posted much in the last 4 months on this website. Bit of a setback.

I now have over 400 music youtube videos posted to this website.


Added Label "Urgent" and "Fibre" and "Legion"

Darcy Lee

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Friday, March 21, 2014

Above Top Secret Forum Posts.

I have been posting on a forum called Above Top Secret.  Nobody pays me much attention and I don't get many replies and my threads die pretty quickly.  The following is from a Thread I created called "Trade me."

Here is the thread:

So what you got to trade? I got all this. I'm looking to trade. I guess we have to play with in the rules so that means no money or actual material possessions will be traded. But we can trade other stuff like ideas and words and thoughts.

I got 10 years on the line most extreme form of suffering you can imagine experienced top quality pain suffering 24/7 for 10 years.

I believe in the future when thoughts are setup on a market. My suffering and pain will go for top dollars.

I must be like the oldest man in the world pain wise. I am old and i'm only 35. I am an old man. I have lived 100 lives no one at all.

I perhaps have a few perfections developed from suffering though I can't name them and i'm still very weak.

So what do you have to trade. I reckon I can afford just about anything. Trade me your words. Ebay me some of your thoughts and ideas.

What do you have to trade me?

Also not only am I looking to trade but i'm looking for charity as well. I'm poor spiritually and of mind. Your charity would be appreciated which could go in the form of a post of some of your words in unique arrangement in this thread. Yay for charity.

So I want to trade. A long term sufferer of the top 1%. Already from this first post you receive life I hope, it's possible.


What you got to trade?


That was the end of the post.  I made a second post and that now follows:

Well we must have something we can play the trading game with other than money and material possessions. I reckon there's other things to trade. Matthew 13:45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.

So this is me seeking fine pearls. I'm a merchant and trader as we all are possibly.

My words offer trade. Words aren't possibly given enough value. The truth is extremely valuable. People who know the truth have an advantage. I'm looking for a fine pearl. I don't know what it is yet. I'm hoping i'll know it when I perceive it.

Spend some words in this thread in charity or trade. I have initiated the trade with my words coming first. If you post you are trading back.

Your words probably have no value to me but it depends on what you write.

Information can be encoded in and exchanged with words. Can you help ManKind? What do you possess that will help or improve the world that can be traded to others so you yourself profit?

How can we profit each other? What resources do we have apart from money and material items to trade in, there must be other things?

I guess we are all just that poor that we only have money and material items to trade in. Poor poor poor.

We are trading right now as you read my words I think.

Anyway I just thought that as a merchant looking for fine pearls I could trade something that I have in excess for something of value that you have in excess in return.

There are no established trade protocols I mean we don't even know what we're trading in.

Can you trade in LOVE between friends family strangers and even enemies? There's plenty of anger to be traded in the world.

How do I lift some of your burdens through trade? I'm sure I can make your load lighter as you can mine.

I can't think of anything to trade other than these words i'm writing which don't hold much value as of yet.

How do you know your not talking to someone who will one day be famous thereby making these posts famous along with those who replied?

Ok I propose this. Oneday I will be famous. Making this thread and any thread of mine on ATS Famous. If you post in this thread then oneday when the truth finally comes out this thread will be dragged up and depending on what you say you will be viewed possibly by alot of people. How you respond to me will be measured on a world wide scale.

Yep. This is something else i'm offering in the trade. I say I will be famous in the future one day, it could be after I die but I will be famous.

You need to trade with me by posting in this thread. You get the chance to operate in the dark through faith maybe this. If you fail to post in this thread yet read it and remember it then it will be counted as a missed opportunity. You really need to post something.

So i'm offering a trade. Couple things. My suffering experience and that I will be famous making posts in my threads possibly famous at least to be viewed by many people.

If you post in other threads they will be forgotten. My threads will remain for a lot longer. This is the trade you get for posting. All you need to do is post in this thread.

Be careful what you trade.

Trade me something in this thread today other than material and money. If we rule those out what do we have left possibly to trade? What is the fine pearl.

Trade Me Please.

So that's both posts I made to that thread.  They probably took me a good hour or more maybe to write.  I have added the photos just so it's not a wall of text.  Really instead of posting on a forum I should be posting to this webpage.  I do find some of the replies interesting and that's what keeps me coming back but most people don't believe me and write me off as schizophrenic.  I managed to get banned from which is another forum I use so have lost the Leeda nick name from there.  I got banned for begging for money.  I didn't know it was a bad thing damn.

I have a thread going on thats asking for a house so I can further the cause of longevity and immortality.  I plan on spending the next 40 years typing and using my mind about no more pain, suffering and torture, comforting others and being a cheerleader for immortality and longevity.  I really do need my own house to achieve some of my goals.  Hell owning my own house is one of my biggest goals.

It looks like without charity I will never own my own house.  I am doomed to either minimum wage or living on the benefit for the rest of my life.  Either way you can't really get a deposit for a house from these sources of income as the deposit needed is to great.  Hopefully charity will oneday find me a worthy cause and donate me a house.

Darcy Lee

I added the following post to the thread after I had completed this post on my website so am adding it now in a later edit.  Here is the new post I made:

We have to lift and elevate people and help them in their current positions hopefully taking them to the next or a higher level. If the planet or whole world has an output rating or life measurement then we need to lift the output or measurement.

I believe every lifeform on the planet counts towards the total output. We need to lift everybody and everything. We must love our enemies and find peace perhaps where there had been none.

If you intervene in someones life at the right moment you could have them living in a class above what they would of been.

So this is what we need. I charge you to help people. The planet as individuals can be lifted. Everyone just needs to do a little bit more than nothing and we can win. Not even everyone needs to help but obviously the more that take the effort to help the greater the life output rating and the greater the victory.

By your choices you can also live a higher life follow a higher stream. It might not take work but a choice you make can affect your life and the stream you live.

Your own current class can be lifted by your own efforts. So it's also about helping yourself.

Everyone grows stronger everyday. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

I hope I have altered your world. This comes from me as a kid at kindergarden. I was thinking about grace and good and evil. I came up with that evil copies good and learns from good twisting what good gave to evil to it's own ends. I figured that as evil was copying good I could lead evil into captivity by getting it to copy me in a certain way.

It gets a bit fuzzy but at the standard nobody does nothing rate with evil copying good then evil would match good grace point for point and eventually evil would beat good. But if good people start lifting others and themselves then good starts to get extra turns before the next cycle and more abundant grace is produced and it starts to be that for every point evil produces grace abounds even more and produces multiple points.

There is a teaching from good that you get a choice. If you choose to convert it to evil you condemn yourself and there is no one to blame but your very own self. Good is the original source. All will be seen in the light.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Donate To Buy Me A House. $100000 Dollars Needed.

This is the 3rd and quick edit of this post cause this post gets so much traffic in Google.  Today's date is July 13 2013 nearly exactly a year since the last update of this page. I wanted to add two websites where you can go and setup a page specifically asking for donations.  People goto these website to give money.  People have earned over 100k in some cases or more even for others.  Anywho.  The sites are and  Both sites allow u to ask for money, received with a Paypal account.  It's still better if you have a good story.  Have fun and good luck trying these pages.  Now back to the older posts.

This post gets a few hits in google so as of todays date the 12th of July 2012 i've decided to update it a little.  Most of the hits to this page come form people themselves searching looking for donations for a house.

Just searching in Google will probably not help you much to make dollars towards your house.  What you need to do is setup a website.  It's all pretty simple to setup and operate a website these days.  Join and have a website that is similar in layout to this one though the colors could be different if you so choose.

Your website needs content.  You can't just post "Please give me money for a house" and expect people to just open there wallets.  I know from experience.  In five years of operating this website I haven't received one donation.  You need traffic and content to attract the traffic.    If you create content for your website Google will automatically pick it up and people will start finding it.  Creating You Tube videos and posting them on your site is one form of content.  Writing and posting pictures is another.  You need to create original ideas that stand out.

I didn't say this was going to be easy.  One thing that's probably more important than the rest is not to give up.  Don't give up.  Keep posting.  It might take years before your site catches on but when it does if you've been posting the whole time then visitors will have a wealth of content to browse and probably go away happy and might even make a donation.

Not only can you with effort and perseverance create donations but also you can join a advertising program like Google Adsense and earn money when people click the ads on your page like the ads on this page, I earn money everytime someone clicks an ad. So it's not just donations where you can make money.  The more traffic you have the more people there are to click ads making you more money.

Generating traffic can be difficult.  You need to find a niche and again persevere.  Keep creating content.  I have failed with this website because I got disheartened when there wasn't much traffic for all my effort and I stopped posting.

After five years I average about 5 hits a day.  I don't post much these days.  So that's it.  You searched in google looking for donations for a house.  Practically the only way to get donations is to setup a webpage.

If you have time do it.  It's fun.  I've had some fun with my site over the days.  Even though I haven't gotten any money from anyone I have made US $50 dollars through the ads on the page with this month July 2012 being a record month by producing $3.74 from 4 clicks in the first 12 days of the month.  So ads are where it's at probably rather than donations.  Though with traffic you could probably get a few donations.

Good luck in finding money for your house.  It requires work.  Making money though a website is not instant.  Though if you put the time in it will produce many great rewards.  Just imagine posting for 40 hours a week or perhaps work part time 10-20 hours a week.  It will be a better job than most.  Though you might have to wait a while to get some money.  I guess it pretty difficult to put the effort in as I have found.  If I had worked harder I would of got better results.  To earn money through donations requires work, but it's fun work, the more effort you put in the greater the returns.  You didn't just expect to get money by searching in google did you?  How many millions have tried that I wonder.

Passion and Motivated.  You need to have passion and be motivated as well with your topics so you don't burn out and fade away like I did.  Mostly though perseverance.  Persevere and you will succeed.

What follows from here is the original post that I posted back in 2009.

Goodluck with your site and hunting for money.

Here is original post:

The cheapest I can buy a house for in the town I live is around $160000 NZ Dollars. I figure that I can borrow about $60000 from the bank. What this means is that for me to get a house I need to raise $100000 Dollars.

Raising $100000 will be totally impossible without your help. $100000 NZ dollars is about $50000 US dollars at the moment. I'm thinking that I will set this figure as a target.

I haven't made any money yet on this website.

At the moment:

I earn NZ $261.84 cents per week paid every Wednesday morning at 2am.
The house i'm living in is costing NZ $85 per week but its on the market for sale, it's not a very nice house but it's cheap (I hate moving really). Because it's on the market for sale the next person to buy the house will probably move it or demolish it so i'll have to move. When I move i'll be paying higher rent plus paying back a loan for the bond and weeks in advance to the government that I have to borrow to get into a new house.

Rent: $85 pw
Electricity: $30 pw
Phone/Internet: $30 pw
Petrol: $ 5 pw
Warcraft Sub: $ 5 pw
Smokes: $50 pw
Groceries: $56.84 pw

ToTal: $261.84

What I can see from that is Cigarettes is a huge cost and is basically the reason I have no money.

So thats where my money goes. I need $100000 Nz Dollars to buy a house.

To try and earn donations towards $100000 dollars people have said use humor so I'll tell a joke. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Ha Ha Ha. I'm not funny but if u read all this u might of got a laugh out of how much I earn and my perhaps beggingness of $100000. SO anyway please donate. Click the paypal Button and use your credit card. Max Donation TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS US.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free House Wanted

If your giving away a free house please consider me. I can be contacted on or sometimes but my phone is not always charged at 64 27 2400 295. So free house wanted. I'd really put a new house to good use with playing lots of computer games and watching lots of tv and cooking really cool meals in the awesome kitchen and being warm in winter and cool in summer. I'd have the sunlight coming through the windows, and spend time occasionaly wandering round outside and growing a tree or something with not really having any lawns to mow but still large enough of an area fenced up with no neighbours really.


You could also make a donation towards a free house for me by clicking the paypal button on this site and using your credit card to donate the money. It's not really charity i'm enterprising.