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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pray Without Ceasing - Test Everything, Prove All Things.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing and 1 Thessalonians 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good KJV. Or NIV is Test Everything.

When I was about 12-13 years old I remember thinking I should pray about something and at the time measuring to see if there would be any benefit any difference from me praying.  Er anyway I prayed and found that there was an ever so slight benefit but it was only marginal.  From this I came up independently of the bible with the words Pray Without Ceasing.

This was my finding that you should pray without ceasing because in all things it would make an ever so slight difference for the better.  Now the way I implemented this was to attempt to have all my thoughts as prayers.  The streams of my thoughts I bent so they would be praying.  Whatever that means.

I just remember having like all my thoughts converging and the different streams being bent and manipulated so they would then be praying.

Anyway I did come up with prayer without ceasing as a 12 year old without reading the bible.  It came from praying and measuring the prayer and seeing if it actually did anything.  I came up with the exact words "pray without ceasing" this was because in the beginning you could only move a small amount at one time.  But eventually you hit the jackpot and your moving mountains after praying.

The problem with all this is it's untested.  I can't prove my method for praying without ceasing and I can't prove that prayer actually improves anything.

As a child I thought I could actually measure prayer to see if it's working and also that every thought could be taken captive towards the goal of praying without ceasing.  That every thought is a prayer and prayer included.  But this all happened quickly and only got the once over.  I don't have the same skills I did as a kid.  Lol.  Yeah it is unproven.  

Saying that I was surprised when I found the scripture Pray Without Ceasing as I had used those exact same words.  Is God trying to prove my independent discovery of the words pray without ceasing.  

I do like the words test everything.  I'll try and test alot more anyway.  Most stuff from when I was a child never got tested, it just got believed.  And I mean how do you like test half the stuff you come across anyway.  I definitely enjoy testing my beliefs to find better truth or at very least the thought of testing.  I mean how do you test everything we must have like a million thoughts every minute.  I'm not to sure how to implement testing and proving everything and all things.

I am working on testing everything but I don't have the same imagination of when I was a child.  I would like to have known at the time of inception of ideas when I was younger to test them more as they have shaped what I believed later in life.  Like I said alot of thoughts and ideas went untested.  I at least now after reading scripture know to test stuff and suggest you also test your own thinking as much you can.  


Saturday, December 22, 2012

M4Sonic - Weapon.

M4Sonic - Weapon Dubstep.  Pronounced MFourSonic.  Didn't really listen to this much but thought i'd ad it cause it looks pretty cool and takes a little skill.

Will.I.AM - Scream and Shout.

Will.I.AM - Scream and Shout Ft Britney Spears.

Rihanna - Diamonds

Rihanna - Diamonds.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California.

This is another song that I lyrically cameo in.  The chorus where it says California Rest In Peace, Simultaneous Release.  That's me.

Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kesha We R Who We R

Been listening to quite a bit of Kesha lately.

Kesha - We Are Who We Are.

Kesha - Take it Off

Kesha - Take it Off.  Listened to this for a couple of days.  Gud gud.

Red Hands - Walk Off The Earth

This song sounds ok, though don't know how long it will last.  Actually why am I adding it?  WOTE have some pretty good songs but I find myself bored of this on the first day. Anyway.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Kesha - Die Young.

Ke$ha - Die Young.  Thrashed this for a couple of days so adding it to music collection.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yiruma - River Flows In You.

Yiruma - River Flows in You.  Came across this video as a link to Amanda Todd.  The song is quite inspiring.  The name of the song River Flows in You reminds me of Jesus and his teaching of living water and that one day streams of living water will flow through you welling up to eternal life.... anyhow nice song so i'm adding it to my collection.

Amanda Michelle Todd (November 1996 – October 10, 2012)

Rip Amanda Todd.  Amanda Todd committed suicide after being bullied for a few years.  She was only 15 years old and posted this video about 5 weeks before she died.

The two songs in the video are Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me, May Angels Lead You In. The second song is Breathe Me - Sia Furler.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Photo of MrCow.


A letter from Kerre Woodham to Darcy Lee.

This is something that Kerre Woodham said in an email on the 30th of the September 2010 while ago. Kerre was the host of the talkback radio show I made my phone call to where I said "They don't think" 3 times, then yelled "WAR" as loud as I could over the phone as an alert and general warning, then finishing by saying "The Thing" "The Thing" then saying "arrrrggggghhhhhh suffering" predicting suffering.

This was all just 2 days before September 11th 2001 all live on radio talkback air.

The first email from Kerre reads:

Darcy, if you don't start taking your pills, I'm going to send the doctors round again. You're not well. No organisation keeps records for more than a year so even if you think you made the call, there will be no record of it. It's vanished into the ether. Google it, and you'll find out that's correct.

There is no record of any imagined call. Now take your pills and leave me alone or I'll get an outside agency to help you do so.

That was the first email.

The second email from Kerre reads

Right. That's it. You are now spam so I will never receive your emails again and I'm sending the doctors round. They'll be there in the morning.

This is evil

Not only do my phone calls exist somewhere for they are the base of many modern rock songs by such artists as RHCP, Linkin Park, Greenday, Eminem and that's just not something you delete but also she is denying the phone call outright.

Such fun i'm having living in poverty when I could be capitalising.  I really would like to see my original phone call on You Tube.  It does exist somewhere I know it.  I need a lawyer.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Probably not.  So I guess it's the end for me.  Dun Dun.


Darcy Lee

Friday, September 14, 2012

Stone Sour - Bother

I'm going to post this even though I kinda think it shouldn't get a spot.  I did listen to it for a couple of days but it's a bit of a downer song but it's ok.  Anyway i'm going to post it.

Stone Sour - Bother

Foo Fighters - All My Life

Listened to this for a couple of days so adding it.  This is also another one of my songs from the conspiracy that I write about on this site.  As in some of the lyrics were first spoken by me over talkback radio air before appearing in this song.  You can read more about it here. I appear in many songs.  But no one believes.  It's a shame really because I do speak the truth.  Anyhow.

And i'm done done on to the next one done and done and on to the next one.

Foo Fighters - All My Life


Here is a photo of MrCow, He's the one on the left.  He is mine and my younger brothers favorite toy from when we were kids.  He's like 20 years old or something.  I wanted to post a picture on here in case he ever got lost or I lose the photo and have a back up.



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey Ya OutKast, Obidiah Parker.

Been listening to Hey Ya by both OutKast and a cover version by Obidiah Parker so am adding both copies of the song here.  Any song I add to my website is a song that I have found on You Tube and replayed over and over until i'm sick of it so it's generally a favorite.  Also this song has about 80%-90% cameoed lyrics written by me as explained in this article here  This song features my lyrics (things I said) cameoed throughout the song.  Click the link to read the truth.

Hey Ya by OutKast

Hey Ya by Obidiah Parker

Forum Post of the Truth.

I posted this post on but didn't get many replies.  I'll post it here on this webpage as it tells of the current struggle I am undergoing.  I'll post everything I wrote and also any replies I got.  You can find the original thread here it will probably make more sense to visit the link and read the thread.  Here is my original post:

Post Begins:

I was wondering if Ats could make a list on how to get the truth out. What to do. Like say you know something that's highly unbelievable but it's still the truth but because of it's nature no one believes you.

It's a fight.

Or say your fighting the government who want to cover up something. What should you do. How do you go about educating people about what the truth is and getting the truth out. Say your telling the truth without a lie. But yet no one believes you. What do you do then.

Say the government will actively oppose and hunt you and what you represent. I want people to post ideas about how to get people to believe the truth. If any are suitable I will attempt them. Suspend disbelief. The truth must be set free. (The truth will set you free). This is your mission.

Last night and the night before I tried ringing Newstalk ZB a NZ nationwide talkback show. The host off air asked me what I wanted to speak about and I said September 11th and myself. The hosts name was Bruce Russel. I read the first two sentences of the following letter I will post and he cut me off. I rang back the next night and as a joke for the host I guess I spent 45 minutes on hold only to be disconnected after being passed over many times. He had asked me off air my name again and what I wanted to speak about. I said the same thing I said the night before.... September 11th 2001 and myself.

So after being cut off for the second time I sent him this letter:

Letter begins:

The problem I have is belief. Not a soul believes me. This is the letter I was going to read out on your show last night. You obviously don’t want me on your show. You should save this letter. Many years might pass but it will be worth something as with anything I touch.

I’m a rockstar. I am huge. Not many people know it but you have probably been listening to and enjoying my songs. There was a flood of songs. From 2001 to 2009 I can name at least 15 songs by famous musicians with at least a minimum of 30% ranging to 100% of lyrics I created cameod in their songs just as I asked. Read this letter. It is 100% truth. I am not delusional. I am not lying. I am not making this up. I am a rockstar. I am bigger than any olympic athlete and any other NZer you can name past and present. I will be world famous. Some people have spent a lot of money on me. I am news. I am a celebrity. Treat me as you will.

Suspend disbelief, pretend for a second that what I have written here is the truth. When the truth comes out people will be rabid wolves to get an interview and my name will be a household fixture around the world. You have missed the opportunity of a lifetime to accept my call to your show. I must fight for the truth and make a stand. Every word I speak about being a Rockstar is the truth.

But alas you probably won’t even read this and like so many others will fail to believe. At the moment the system is failing me. No one is willing to accept the truth. Not even a lawyer will represent me. So where do I go. Again pretend that i’m telling the truth and that i’m not delusional. Again i’m telling the truth.

I’m sorry that i’m from the future and that I tell the truth without lie, falsehood or delusion. I am going to give my life for this truth. I’m sorry that you don’t believe and that you will be hurt when you learn the facts.

Here is the letter I was going to read on your show:

i wrote this about a month ago and im just going to read it out. It will take about 1min
to 1 min and a half. If I could just read it out and take questions afterwards if any. (This is where i got cut off).

Hi my name is (Not allowed to post name). You can find me at (My domain is my name), or just search in Google for ........ There's 8 letters in the spelling.

Over 10 years ago now, I made a phone call to Newstalk ZB. It was during Prime time talking to Kerre Woodham. As for my part of the phone conversation, some of the things I said included "they don't think" three times followed by yelling "WAR" and then commanding whoever was listening to stand up and be ready for war and fight. I laid my life on the line. I said in the phone call at the end "I lay my life on the line" for my beliefs and what I had just spoken.

2 days later planes hit the Twin Towers and Pentagon in America.

This might not seem amazing just telling you but to really understand you need to hear a copy
of the original phone call I made. Copies of this phone call exist. They are secret. You need to hear.

Are you interested in hearing more. See the thing is probably not. That's been basically
the reply I have gotten so far. You want proof. Proof being a copy of the phone call for
people to listen to.

Here’s where it gets really amazing. I really want people to come to the truth and believe.
I guess the importance of my original phone call has in someway been eclipsed.

After the planes hit the buildings I rang back Newstalk and in further phone calls I asked
for a reward. The reward was this:

That famous musicians, Rockstars, make songs out of things I said over air on Newstalk ZB.

And they did. What i'm saying is that the lyrics of songs by Eminem, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit,
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Outkast, Sugababes, Greenday, and others are word for word things I
said over Newstalk ZB air just as I asked. Sometimes the whole song is me speaking, every
single lyric, others it's just the chorus and a couple of lines elsewhere in the song.

There are witnesses to the phone calls via the people who were listening to Newstalk when I
made them. One person rang up and said "O my God what a reward". Also I am positive that every
single phone call I made exists on a government hard drive somewhere. With your help we can
obtain these phone calls. I'm talking Freedom of Speech.

The thing is not one person believes me. The phone calls I made are being kept from me
and the secret still remains.

But like I said there were witnesses and even after 10 years they should still remember.

Now I hope this doesn’t cause any offense but I dedicated the original phone call to Ben Smart
and Olivia Hope don't know why but that murder affected me.

One of either Ben Smart or Olivia Hopes father rang up. I had mentioned telepathy in my
phone calls and he said that he had tried it on my advice.

I want to tell him that it's not biological, it's a machine the government possesses.

You want even more unbelief well here's goes. The government have the ability to insert
and extract images, thoughts, moving video pretty much anything you can see on a screen or
thats also been invented, into your mind head brain.

They can read your mind. I guess the father was looking for some closure trying telepathy on my word but with this machine he could find out if Scott Watson was actually guilty and could get images of the murder extracted from Scott Watsons head. This tech is going to change things.

This tech is also something no one believes but if I can prove the rockstar business people will then believe about this technology and I can prove this machine.

Before I could post the continuation as I had run out of characters someone called Destinyone posted here is that post:

Interesting story. You have my attention. Since you can't give your name, surely you can give the name of one of in you wrote and performed, songs. That I think would be legal.


Here is the continuation of my original post:

Letter continues:

They want to keep the rockstar issue undercover because I went nuts at them saying things
like America sucks and swearing at them lots when they showed me the machine and what it
can do to manipulate and control people who are totally unawares and how long I and others,
had been under it's power. This tech is ancient it's not new.

The government of America and NZ keep me underfoot.

But totally that is nothing. I want people to hear my phone call. The original where i
Yelled war. So they will believe. I want to post it on You Tube. ON the internet.

It deserves it's place on You Tube on the internet where it will garner many hits and people
from therein will believe my tale. Not to mention freedom and also freedom of speech and
what is the censorship of my phone calls.

All the pieces will fall into place one day and I shall be exalted but with the time frame
that the government is working on I shall be dead.

The government torture me because of these truths.

This is the truth the whole truth and not a lie. I am not delusional.

So how do I prove all this. There is more to the story of course. But probably more than
you can bare without proof.

Proof. Well copies of my phone calls exist. People who work or worked at Newstalk ZB
have some knowledge of events. Leyton smith. Kerre Woodham. I talked to them both.
Marcus lush. There were many people who rung up and responded to my calls. And there
had to be heaps of people listening.

Ultimately what I want from all this is simply original copies of my phone calls.
Mainly the original one where I yelled war to post on you tube to garner criticism and

I'm talking Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech and ultimately Freedom full stop.

People will be interested. People like proof.

I want my phone calls to put on You Tube. I predict millions of views and much controversy
and conspiracy.

My name is ........

Letter ends.

This letter tells the truth of what i'm trying to get out.

Please view this without insult and pretend to help me by giving me suggestions. Go for it with i'm telling the truth 100% and have not lied am not delusional and i'm not pretending. Every word is truth.

What would you do? I guess I will get no answer to the question as the truth is so easily trodden on beaten and ignored and passed over as false.

I'm just a whack job.... But i'm not lying. I'm telling the truth. I'm not delusional. I'm tortured yes and captive.

But i'm standing in the truth. Will I win. I can not change my story I will be a liar. I am fighting lies. Lies that cover, warp, hide and disguise the truth. What do I get for wording the truth. Do I have the higher ground? Am I stronger than those who lie and deceive?

Can and will the truth prevail and how long will it take? How much will I suffer and be persecuted and insulted?

Does truth beat lies? Or can lies beat truth anyday?

What are your beliefs?

Let me know and I will respond


That was the end of my post.  The next post from is from someone called Ophiuchus 13... Here is the post:

You await patiently for your PRAYERS telepathically sent to be answered by those who CAN DO SOMETHING here on EA*RTH who ARE the GOD(s) of this sphere. IN TURN THEY WILL COME  no need to go thru all the past fearing and sneak information sharing just PRAY, you never know how close they ARE to you/ALL of this sphere.


The next post in the thread was from me replying to Destinyone.  I embedded a couple of videos of the song Hey Ya by Outkast the original and one by Obidiah Parker a cover of Hey Ya.  Here is the post:

I would post the lyrics of exactly what I said but that would probably be frowned upon. I say about 80-90% of the lyrics in this song were first performed by me.

Some were just spoken sentences some were me singing but they chopped up everything I said over various phone calls and created songs like parrots.

The two different versions represent how things can be changed and converted.

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture.......


The next post is by someone called Harryhaller here is the post:

Beauty will save the world

And so perhaps that old trinity of Truth and Good and Beauty is not just the formal outworn formula it used to seem to us during our heady, materialistic youth. If the crests of these three trees join together, as the investigators and explorers used to affirm, and if the too obvious, too straight branches of Truth and Good are crushed or amputated and cannot reach the light—yet perhaps the whimsical, unpredictable, unexpected branches of Beauty will make their way through and soar up to that very place and in this way perform the work of all three.

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

So make some more music, beautiful music.

The next post comes from someone called Aloysius the Gaul.  Here is the post:

Perhaps you could explain the sequence by which a couple of black guys from the US South managed to steal your lyrics from the obscurity of New Zealand?

The next post is me Replying to Aloysius the Gaul.  Here is the Post:

They didn't steal them. They were paid to include them. Somebody/people spent a whole tonne of money.

I had the USA Military ring up Newstalk ZB the radio station in regard to my phone call. In terms of obscurity my phone call garnered a reasonable amount of attention from around the world.

I simply asked over air and it was done. That's the sequence. I don't know much about the machinations behind the scenes which gave the final results. All I know is I remember what I said over air, and I can now look up the lyrics to songs and find myself through them.


The next post is from Aloysius the Gaul again.  Here is the post:

well someone must have "stolen" the words - do you have any theory WHY someone would PAY people to include your work, or why the US military is interested in song lyrics??  

and are you taking legal action for plagiarism????

The next post is from me again.  Post follows:

One possible theory of why someone would pay people to include things I said is to make money. I guess you could say that my original phone call 2 days b4 September 11th 2001 has been stolen. Also because no one is acknowledging the truth I guess you could say that my words have also been stolen. 

In saying that, some of my phone calls were quite BEAST. 

Another theory about why someone would pay people to include my words in songs is that my first phone call was pretty powerful and timed perfectly. It is weaponized from the beginning through and through. But again I think the main motivation was money. Weapons go with money. 

Maybe a bit of mercy on my part?? 

I have sent a letter to about 20 different lawyers explaining things and haven't gotten a reply. I'm running out of addresses to send emails to to get a lawyer. 

Saying that I need to use credit to get a lawyer like tick a whole lot of money and who does that? The thing is though I am prepared now to do just that. What an evil thing to have to do just to get my property. I will spent as much money as I can to see this through. I so desperately want a copy of the phone call where I yelled war as I know it will be huge on You Tube. Financially I live on a government benefit in a rented flat by myself. So financially the phone calls will be huge for me as well. But it means I don't have any money for a lawyer. 

The artists musicians initially have also used and given a lot of generosity in providing their talents, skills and personalities. 

The US MIlitary aren't interested in lyrics as such er I have trouble understanding what you mean could you please elaborate a little. I don't think the military had anything to do with creating the songs but they may have I don't know. The military were interested in my phone call where I yelled war. The lyrics were all my idea. 

I had the idea to get songs created from my childhood from my imaginations if I was ever to be around a terrorist attack in fashion. 

Eminem was the first song I saw of mine. I asked for Eminem by name over Newstalk ZB Air. That started the ball rolling. I can't remember how long it took for the first song to come out. 

I hope i have answered your questions. I'm not an eloquent speaker and i'm not to bright. Still it's all theories really. 

Please ask more questions. It's kind of a hassle but it must be done. I just want to get to the end where I have my property and the money. 

Im going to post a link to my alternative website. From there you can navigate to my main website if you so desire. I hope this doesn't break the terms of ATS and a mod can remove the link if so desired. 

PETROCKS This site will be developed into a Rock and Roll Site oneday far into the future.

And the final post in the thread is from me again complaining of why noone has taken any interest in the truth.  Here is the post:

So again the truth fails. I tell of an amazing story of WTC, Music and Virtual Reality all 100% real. I am not lying, I am not delusional. But this story no matter how amazing and how true doesn't get anywhere. Simply because it's to amazing and people are to primitive to even begin comprehension. 

Meanwhile stories that are fabricated and outright lies get acknowledged and get all the attention. 

I don't know how the songs were created and who is behind it but I know that they were. Someone spent some money to make it happen. 

Look here's an invite. You are invited to a Rock Concert. All you have to do is believe. The truth will set you free. This rock concert ties so many different musicians together. They are all related in the fact they use my words as lyrics. This all from September 11th 2001. 

You can be first and support me as the truth. You can acknowledge the facts. Or you can believe the lie. 

I know that what i'm saying is right up there with unbelievable but not really. Why. Because i'm telling the truth. The truth should expounded to be believed. I will be working hard in the back ground presenting this story to as many people as possible as it is the truth. People deserve the truth. 

I am blessed when people call me Skitzophrenic and delusional or a liar. I am blessed because I tell the truth. 

When I was at college there was a math problem in a book. Now i managed to work out the answer myself. Also in the back of the book was the answers. I worked it out by myself before looking at the answers and then confirmed it. The next day I told the answer to someone. They didn't believe that I had worked it out by myself. Also they had an older version of the book. Their book didn't have the answers in it. So not only did she not believe that I had worked it out but she also didn't believe that I had the answers in the back of my book and had confirmed it. I hadn't brought my book that day. See the thing is I had told the truth and she didn't believe any of it. It was a slap to the face. 

Anyone who will persist in the truth will find much opposition. But you are blessed. For although they mock you and call you all sorts of names you are yet correct. It is proper to suffer for what is right and vindication will be swift though death might first persist. I must endure to the end. Not deviating from the path, removing all obstacles as the power of the truth so enables. I stand not ashamed of the truth. 

So here I am again. Answering to the truth. Not maths this time. But a story of the truth that no one believes even though its true. If one has such a difficult time believing about a maths problem then how much more difficult to believe my story of Music 911 and VR. 

Now in regards to the copyrights of songs. If they're mine or proportionality mine then they will probably goto charity. This really is the only option. So I won't make much money off of the copyrights. The charity will have something to do with Immortality, Medicine and Virtual Reality. I can't really make money off them as it was 911 that set them up for me so it would be wrong I feel to make a few million dollars in that way. 

Saying that, I expect payment from the American government or the United Nations. Promptly asap. 

I have earned it. 

I tell the truth of a story of Music, Virtual Reality and September 11. People will remember 911 again when the truth about the songs gets accepted, when people hear my original phone call and that is finally known. 

So for now I am shopping for a lawyer. Though I am vs the govt so I don't think even a lawyer will help that much except to make me poor. 

I hope this is not soliciting but I have set up a site explaining my story and accepting donations towards a lawyer. I don't expect any donations though. Here is the LINK FOR YOU Mods please remove the link if it offends. 

But this is just another avenue to get to the end. I saw the link site on a post here at ATS. They had raised like 700k for a Nikola Tesla Museum. I hope to raise $20 bucks. 

My story just doesn't have that attraction. For a second imagine everything I say is real. How fantastical. How amazing. Beyond your average human to accept. Are you beyond average? 

I'm telling the truth. I am not lying. I am not deceived regarding this. 

Explain to me why the truth is not accepted. Explain to me why telling the truth gets you insulted and looked at as delusional. Explain to me this. 

Look the truth. But you don't want it. You can't handle it. You might be looking but your blind. If you don't believe me then you will never believe higher truth than this. 

Anyway thanks for your time I have 249 characters left. 



The truth will set you free. I am telling the truth. That is all. 

That was the last post in the thread before it died.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Receive Donations and Get Money

Found this site today With it you can set up a page asking for money.  It's been pretty successful for a lot of people.  I found it through a forum and it managed to raise $600000 dollars for a Tesla Museum.  I checked it out and there was many other stories of people and hard times but alot had been given some money to help out.

I setup a page for 120 days but I don't expect anything will happen.  I'm just not amazing enough.

I made my page about September 11th 2001 and needing to fund a lawyer to get a copy of phone calls I made where I yelled "WAR".  I talk about them on this page all the time.

I set the bar at $10000 dollars of which I would save $1000 for various things and then after fees I would have about $8000 left of which all would go towards hiring a lawyer and proving my case.

I guess no one will believe me as usual.

Anyway in previous posts I have suggested setting up a website to make money and get donations. could be a much easier alternative to setting up a webpage and the chances of making money would be a lot higher if your story is good.

I report back if I ever make any money.  You can check my page by clicking the Indiegogo link at the top of this post.  Also I recommend reading other success stories so you can familiarize yourself with formulas that have worked.  Lots of people have made some cash.

I can't think of much else to write.  Check out my page.

Darcy Lee


Friday, July 27, 2012

World Trade Center Video.

This is a video I made earlier today.  It's about a post I made on Above Top Secret and also VR and September 11th 2001.  Watch if you Dare

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Diablo 3 Competition Giving Away 2 Guest Passes Free

I have two Diablo 3 guest passes which I don't know all that much about apart from they would probably let you play Diablo 3 upto a certain level perhaps upto Skeleton King maybe. This is for free without buying the game.  I don't know how limited the guest passes are but it would give you a general idea of the game and would be fun.  All you need is a account which is free and you enter the code that I will give you if you win.

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on one of my posts, any post and i'll choose the best two comments.  Now if your real brave you can leave your email address but that will probably attract lots of spam to your account.

What you can do instead is go here and you can link your email to a form which means you can post the link they give you and your email address will remain anonymous and I can then fill out the form to send you the code.  It takes 5 seconds to sign up and get a link.  This will also be a way of me and others knowing that your entering the Diablo 3 Competition.

I'll run this it for three weeks from todays date and if anyone has entered and wins i'll post them out a code.
Pretty simple contest - leave a comment best comment wins free Diablo 3 Guest Pass.  

This competition would be for someone who has probably never played Diablo 3 before and would like to try it out without buying the game.  

Your chances of winning are pretty good.  I don't think many will enter.  If after 3 weeks no-one has entered i'll just pass the code to the first two people who enter.

Just leave a comment and be in to win.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black and Yellow Wiz Khalifa - (G-Mix) ft. Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain

Black and Yellow Wiz Khalifa - Original


Black and Yellow Wiz Khalifa - (G-Mix) ft. Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain

Grits - My Life Be Like.

My Life Be Like - Grits.

Let It Out - Pillar

Listened to this for a little while.  I usually find a song then thrash that song for a while if I like it till it gets boring.  To bad there's no repeat button on You Tube.  Hopefully oneday there will be.

Pillar - Let It Out.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter Trying To Find a Lawyer.

I wrote this letter a couple days ago and sent it to about 20 lawyers I found by searching for "Copyright Lawyers NZ" in Google.  So far I haven't had any replies.

I posted a copy of this letter on the forum Above Top Secret but the thread got deleted along with 2 other threads of mine.  So much for the truth having an impact and being stable and obvious.

I'm posting it here to let you know that I am trying to get a lawyer to prove my case and obtain copies of my phone calls and am willing to get into debt to prove it as I know i'm not lying and not delusional and the money will be recovered eventually.

The truth will prevail.  All I need is a lawyer and my day in court.

Here is the letter I sent:

I’m looking for a lawyer.  Perhaps you can help.  I found you in Google.  I’ve looked for a lawyer before but never proceeded.  It’s come to the point where a lawyer is necessary as there has been no progress with any of my attempts. I am very poor at the moment I live on the invalids benefit so don’t have any money but this is the potential for multi millions so should be proceeded if you understand and financially you should realise the potential.  Here’s my story. 

2 Days before September 11th 2001 I had rung Newstalk ZB nationwide NZ talkback radio and was talking live on air with Kerre Woodham during prime time.  During the phone call I said “They Don’t Think” three times in a row.  See the thing is you really have to hear the phone call yourself.  It’s not good enough to type about it.  Anyway.  After saying “They don’t think” I then yelled “WAR” at full volume live on air and proceeded to call whoever was listening to stand up and be ready.  I laid my life on the line.  There’s more to the phone call it went for about 30-40 secs or more all about war, you really have to hear it to get the best impression.  So 2 days later the planes hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  The phone call was me preparing people for war and warning of war in the only way I could.  A coincidence or what you thinking?  You have to hear it.  Maybe you think this phone call is not important.  You have to hear it.  Don’t judge before you have heard the phone call. You have to hear it.

This phone call I made the initial one before the attacks is important.  People will be interested in this phone call.  It deserves it’s place on You Tube.  I predict that this phone call alone will garner millions of hits from You Tube.  It’s being censored from the public and my freedom of speech is being taken away.  I’m not allowed a copy.  For one my phone call is important enough to never be deleted.  It pertains to a war a terrorist attack that was broadcast live around the world, all this only 2 days after the phone calls inception. 
Now maybe you wouldn’t be interested if the story ended there.  You would think that even with millions of hits on You Tube that my phone call wouldn’t generate much money.  The moneys not worth it for you.  The story so far is shaky and crumbly. 

Well after the planes hit the buildings in America I rang back Newstalk ZB.  If the planes had never hit I would never of rung back.  In the phone calls that I made after the attacks I asked for a reward (that’s what I called it anyway a reward).  That reward was that famous musicians, Rockstars, make songs out of things I said over Newstalk ZB in further phone calls.  I asked for Eminem by name.

So now songs by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, Limp BizKit, Eminem, Tatu, Finger 11, SugaBabes, all have cameo lyrics first spoken by me over Newstalk ZB air and these phone calls still exist as again they are this important they are a base to songs by these groups.  Mostly the chorus. 

See the thing is I would rather leave the music out of it not release those for a while and only after reviewing them and creating decent videos but i’m afraid lawyers might not be interested in my original phone call without first hearing it.  I’m broke remember.  So I have introduced the Music aspect.

So there is a phone call where I Yelled “WAR” and made the whole phone call about war.  Then the planes hit the buildings.  So I asked and somebody spent millions on converting things I said in phone calls I made to Newstalk ZB into now famous songs by famous rockstars.
If you believe me then it should be win win.  You get paid I get my phone calls.  You can find some of the lyrics I said at this ebay listing   I’m not asking you to buy this listing  i’m just trying to sell but having no luck it’s useless without the truth.

The auction is for a couple of domains.  They would be saleable as soon as the phone calls I made are released showing the truth about the music and even before that with just the release of my first phone call where I declared war.  At the moment there not saleable really.

I am speaking the truth.  I am not delusional.  But no one believes me.  I need a lawyer to prove the truth.  For this I have to push and pay cash.  For this I say I will be a Millionaire.  But at the moment i’m broke.  I own and and

These domains would be worth considerable dollars I believe.  I am a celebrity even if only by cameo to some of the biggest songs in the world. 

The truth will set me free.  The phone calls example the truth. 

Please if you have further questions please ask.  I hope I made sense.  Also please if your not interested could you pass this along to someone you think might be able to help or help me out by putting me in contact with the right people.  I need a lawyer who’s willing to go the distance and get these phone calls.

Copies of these phone calls still exist.  They are simply to important to delete.  They are my property.  People need to hear the phone calls.  I am willing to pay money to get them as they will earn far in excess of whatever I could possibly spend on lawyers fees.  If they didn’t want people to hear my phone calls then they shouldn’t have made the songs. 

The songs are secondary.  My first original phone call, where I yelled war, is by far way more important.  People have a right to hear it.  It should not be left unheard.  I have rights that should let me post something of intrinsic value on the internet.
Thanks for your time

Darcy Lee

So that's the letter.  Like I said haven't had any luck so far.  No one has replied back.

Hopefully i'll find some perseverance and keep pushing till someone helps me.

Just wanted to let you know that i'm trying to take action.


Darcy Lee

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diablo 3 III Real Money Auction House RMAH FAQ

Today the American region of Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House or RMAH (Armour) came online here is sorta an FAQ.

Currently, the maximum bid and buyout is $250 on any one item, and already stuff is set at that max price.  Blizzard takes a $1 cut on every successful auction, the minimum auction is $1.25 of which you would get 25 cents. If you want to buy and sell on the RMAH your are required to attach a authenticator to your account.

 Equipment or gear sales come with a $1 deduction (taken by Blizzard from the sale amount). Sales for anything else—like gems, crafting materials, and gold—take a 15% deduction instead of the flat $1, Gold must be sold in quantities of 100,000 or more.  As of todays date the 13th of June 2012 you are still unable to sell gold or gems or bs recipes and these features will probably be enabled later.

Any money made on the auction house is subject to a 15% withdrawal fee if you want to put it anywhere besides the balance.  You can use your money on the auction house, to pay for WoW subscription time and pets, or anything else linked to your account.

The photo is of all the top 2 hand bows available for a demon hunter.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diablo 3 III Box Photos.

 The Box
 Notice the notepad
 Guest Pass up close.
The box unfolded.

Funeral For a Trusty Steed.

Yep my scooter died a couple of days ago.  I was miles from home and it stalled as I approached a corner.  I went to start it again and the starter motor jammed and then the kickstart wouldn't start it which was unusual as it normally went no problem.  The problem with the kick start is that it was broken in the sense that it wouldn't automatically spring back up and u had to kick it back into position.  I walked it round to my nearest friends and parked it up.

My uncle who's a mechanic came round to pick it up and he tapped the starter motor and got that to turn the motor over but it still wouldn't start.

So now the news is my uncle did a compression test on the bike and it's virtually got no compression in the cylinder which means the motor is basically stuffed and needs at least new rings.

This is only after 15000 km.  I feel quite cheated that it can happen after such a limited number of km.  I regularly changed the oil and kept it maintained.

Basically I can't afford to get it fixed and my mum ends up paying for it.  I'm quite lost without my scooter.  I'm miles away from town and supermarkets.

So that's the other news that happened to me recently.  Haven't been posting much on this website lately.

No one really reads here anyway.  Traffics dropped off a bit.  I mainly get hits for my articles about GPUZ and Bill Gates email address and his house.  Also the article Donate money for a house seems to get the odd hit with people wanting money to be donated to themselves so they can buy a house not what I wrote about with me looking to get donations for myself to buy a house.  My Pet Rocks For Sale website gets more hits than this website and has a fraction of the content.


Darcy Lee

Diablo 3 III.

So I just purchased my copy of Diablo 3 from Dick Smith for $100 NZ dollars.  I had to walk in the rain to pick it up.  I really wanted the box.  Much better than having just a digital copy, and I get that anyway, i'm still able to download the client from plus now I have a box.... with a DVD 3 free guest passes for others to play Diablo 3 a manual and a cool notepad with which I will write down stuff about the game prolly.  With the guest passes I don't know how much content it would let you see, it's probably just like the beta.

So that's me for at least the next 24 hours I will be playing Diablo III.  I'll post photos of the box and what you get with it when my camera battery has charged up.  The servers go live at 7pm NZ Time which is 12 midnight the 15th of May somewhere in America I think maybe.  Anyway so 5 hours from now.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Walk Off The Earth

Roll Up - Walk Off The Earth.

Somebody That I Used To Know - Walk Off The Earth. 5 People 1 Guitar.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Madonna - 4 Minutes

Madonna - 4 Minutes.

Just like my fashion tips - fish and chips post I can turn say 4 minute into "farming it" and "form in it". Only got 4 minute to save the world. I liked this song it was pretty cool.

This is the audio only. If it doesn't work anymore then you search for 4 minutes and you'll get the official video. You should probably watch the official video anyway it's pretty good but it wouldn't let me embed it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

L.O.V.E Banana

Listened to this for a couple days so adding it to the collection.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Believing Before Seeing.

Hello. It's been a while since I posted. Can't say much has changed. I still require money. Not that asking on the internet is going to get me any money. But you never know. I'm getting more traffic, hits, visits now adays to this site than when I first started blogging. Still not many really though. More hits means more chance of someone donating or money from sponsored ads.

I wonder if I make sense when I say virtual reality, 3D Spatial pictures, images, text inside your head mind brain eyes technology exists today in a ready to use format in the field. Full augmentation. This is only amazing if you have had experience with the technology. It's so amazing it's secret. You wanted to know something secret well i've told you. The new frontier is inside the human mind. Man landed on the moon and everyone watched. Well this is Virtual Reality Pictures in Your Head. It's secret. Nobody knows. The technology to put a picture in your head eyes mind brain now exists.

What do you believe. Failure to believe in this technology could be dangerous, disastrous, hazardous hehe. You have an early warning upon reading this. When this technology hits there will probably be a flood of demand and more than a few scared people.

I can't say much more. Your thoughts are valuable objects that can be tracked with a computer.

Virtual Reality sounds awesome. This Tech is Real. Pictures in your Head Mind Brain Eyes. Are you ready to believe before the tech comes out. To believe before seeing on what little information I can provide. You should. Muwahaha.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nirvana - You Know Your Right and Polly.

You Know Your Right - Nirvana.

Nirvana - Polly.

When I was 16 I had a black Mitsubishi Galant Colt. I taped Nirvana across the back window in black masking tape. It looked cool or so I thought. I'm 33 nearly 34 now so that was like over half my life ago. Ended up crashing that car into the back of another car towing a trailer. Very sad. Poor car. I was a terrible driver back in the day. Bit better now.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Live and Beat It.

So thinking that if I ever have kids and there old enough I can show them the collection of music that i've been listening to over the years that i've built up on this website. If I keep adding songs. Like a crash course in music that's mostly cool. Also it will be cool for me to go back and find old songs I haven't heard for ages.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Live. Listened and watched this for a couple of days. Michael Jackson's music is genius even if he was a bit weird in real life.

Michael Jackson - Beat It. First heard this when I was a kid and it came on tv in the 80's. It was awesome. Recently listened to it for a few times.