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Sunday, October 26, 2014

MineCraft, But No Really Suffering and Torture.

Never really played minecraft that much. Didn't see the point in moving blocks around and the version I had was real hard. Once you died u died. This city is impressive enough to add to my website though. Found this on my facebook page. 4.5 million hand placed blocks.

If only we could devote such time and dedication to building housing and feeding people in real life.

Some of the things people do for attention on Youtube cost a lot of money and consume a lot of time. Money would be better spent helping the homeless and feeding people. I want to see more of an effort alleviating peoples misery and suffering and pain. I can't really talk myself. I mean what am I doing over and above what others are doing.  Nothing at all.  I play World of Warcraft all day and night and waste my life away.

I have suffered terribly so know what it's like. It would be awesome to alleviate peoples suffering. But how.  What can I do. I ask these questions but don't have any answers. I guess first I really need to secure myself? Perhaps. But i'm fairly stable. I have the same bills each week.

I find I fall away from such ideas all to easy.

Like the saying "The Truth Will Set You Free". I reckon I need to do some soul searching and find some place to stand. I need to find the truth that will set people free. Thing is many people have come before me. They were much smarter. It's my suffering experience that wants me to help alleviate others suffering. But i'm not smart enough.

Although I have suffered I am not motivated at all to help others. Perhaps it helps to be kind. But this doesn't help another. Some people are unreachable perhaps violent.

The Matrix tech could possibly help with communication and could provide strength and healing. But that tech being revealed is far out of my hands though I once grasped such power if only for a few days.

So what can I do to help? If I were to give the orders they would be incorrect. If I were to follow orders I would fail. The issues of the world need stronger smarter people than me.

One problem is the smart people don't understand suffering. These people live in a paradise and suffering is so far removed from them that there isn't enough urgency. If suffering could be explained better and people could understand it better then perhaps such people would be more willing to help a sufferer and less willing to inflict suffering.

So much money is spent on weapons of death. If this money was to be converted to life instead we would be better off. Anyway again I have fallen away from helping the poor and suffering. I don't know how to help. I'm no longer suffering so it doesn't concern me maybe. But no. People are all to willing to inflict suffering, it even brings them pleasure to see others suffer.

It is truly an evil world we live in. Evil currently reigns. It's hard to see it ever ending.

God has failed. This has been going on for millions of years. I guess tech has to catch up. So if we don't wipe ourselves out then there are still going to be losers. Hopefully there will be justice and everyone can agree that it is justice.  Even the punished.

I don't see any justice at the moment. Evil has free reign. Evil is able to inflict torture on other humans. I am tortured by the American Govt. No one believes me. They have the power to read your minds. No one believes. I want to be free but I am not. I haven't done anything wrong.

I said America Sucks a few times. They torture me for this. Because I first spoke in unique arrangement some of the lyrics that now appear in many famous songs by many famous artists and said America Sucks a few times right before they were going to tell the world they torture me. This is not right. But you won't believe me.

Everyone gets away with so much because of unbelief.

I am tortured by the Govt. This is my only problem in life apart from poverty. But the Govt denies what I speak and you don't believe. You don't think them able of such things. The matrix tech is used to torture me every day and night. I have no rest from it. When will you come to my aid.

When will you stand up for me.

If it happens to me it happens to others. These people are murderous.

They torture for fun and pleasure and revenge no other reason.

I am innocent. They brought this upon themselves by their own choices.

They chose to watch instead of help. They left me to suffer. They drugged me. Because I didn't like the songs and said America Sucks they chose and tortured me.

This is the worst modern type of torture you can imagine. Please help.

Only those who believe my words can help me. Now I know no one believes. No one bothers to help me. No one comes. No one does what it right. No one listens. Everyone is right except what I say. No one takes any notice of what I say. I am just delusional to you. Yet I don't lie. Yet I am not delusional. Yet I am not Schizophrenic. The Govt calls me Skitz and drugs me. They do this all the mean time torturing me with mind control tech.  I have suffered so much.

No one believes me.

No one has experienced my suffering. Right now my left ear rings louder than any tinnitus could possibly make.  It's so loud. They are torturing me for writing this. They subvert all my thoughts. They limit them so they fit inside their computers memory. I'm not allowed good thoughts. They say the opposite to everything good.

But you don't believe me. You believe their words and appearances. You believe what they have made me with their machines. They have made me deaf and retarded. Tech has done this. Not my lifestyle. They use people's unbelief so that I am a nutcase skitzophrenic and you and your thoughts are safe you believe.

Why do you let them torture me? It's your unbelief that lets them do it.

You have failed as friends and good people. There is no one good. Not one person believes my testimony. I don't hold any weight other than I am a crazy in your eyes.

Darcy Lee

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Clue for Starting out on Twitter.

For over a year I had no followers on twitter. I now after 3 days have 188. At first I was just following one person MC Hammer. 3 days ago I added someone who had alot of followers. It was a person called shoemoney who had 100k followers. What happened after I had followed him was that 3 people started following me.

So I clicked on. I started following more people. I am now following 900 people and yep 188 people have started following me. So that's great. People haven't followed me from yet as it's not getting enough exposure or traffic. I'm pretty sure that noone from twitter visited my website though, but also can't be 100 percent about that, so at the moment it's not generating any traffic even after posting a link to all my followers.

Twitter has been quite surprising. I never thought I could get so many users. I had just thought that people had just gotten followers via there websites, word of mouth or however. I had no idea all you needed to do was follow people and you would get followers. It's good. So my plan is to follow more people and hopefully the tide of followers will keep coming.

I have also set up a new facebook account and have a like button on this page. It will be a long time before someone likes me. Could be years.

Another cool addition to the site comes from What this does is crawl every page on this website and then display 3 pages from previous posts, picture and text, at the bottom of every post. It matchs similar topics and pulls out old posts that would otherwise never see the light of day. With this people will browse posts that they might be interested in, it gives them a clue what the post is about and all you have to do is click and it takes you straight there. It installs very easy if you have a blogger site. You basically just need to log in and then postion it to the correct place, (which for me was under every post), in the page layout section. Very easy took a minute.

So thats me for now. 3 new features to this page that hopefully over time will help. I'm becoming quite a fan of social networking.

Darcy Lee

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Twitter First Followers.

So I had my first person join me on twitter a few weeks ago. TweetaMarket was the first person to join me. The second was hollywoodseo247. The third person to join me was Stephaniscoe. I think i got there names correct. Anyway when i'm famous and your reading this then follow them. Also follow me.

So at the moment I have 3 followers. I listed them mainly because if I ever become famous I can return the favour and have people join them. I've had twitter for over a year now and it's taken me that long to get some followers. I got them by following a person named shoemoney. Pretty much as soon as I joined Shoemoney I got some followers. The only other person i'm following at the moment is MC Hammer.

So I suggest if you want followers and your new to twitter then just join some random people that have a few followers already and hopefully someone will start following you. Otherwise I wouldn't know how to get people.

So I just added a facebook link where you can also follow me. This will all work when I become famous. The catch is will it happen while i'm still alive.

So that's me again. As always join me on FB or Twitter, give money or leave a comment.