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Friday, September 20, 2013

YouTube Domain Name.

I got a reply back from Youtube regarding the domain I was going to claim.  They said:

Hi there,
Thank you for submitting your complaint. The account in question has been permanently closed, which means that it cannot be reclaimed. Please follow the below link to find other available usernames:

And that's it.  So I can't get damn.  Maybe I will be able to grab it when I become famous if that ever happens.  

You can try and claim your here.  This is if someone is using it and it's inactive and it's your trademark or copyright.  

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria.

Today in my email I got 7 days free time to play World of Warcraft.  My account had not yet been upgraded to Mists of Pandaria which is the latest expansion and today I found in my account 70 dollars which was Diablo 3 ah earnings.  I was going to put on my telecom phone bill but decided I would buy Mists of Pandaria.  I was expecting to pay $65 at Dick Smith but they had sold out of copies.  I next tried Noel Leeming.

Noel Leeming didn't have any copies either but I did see the Sony Muteki sound system and was impressed by it's size.  The pictures I had seen in brochures didn't really do it justice they made it look tiny.  It was actually quite big and looked and sounded quite nice.  Think it was about $1600 hundred.  If I had the money it would probably be the system I would buy.  I even liked the size of the subs.  Honestly I thought the system was tiny.  Anyway.

So I went to the Warehouse as a last resort.  I not only found Mists but they had taken it down from $78.90 to just $19.98.  Bargain.  I snatched it real fast.  So now I have 7 days to level my character to 90 from 85. I still have $50 bucks to put on the phone bill yay.

Here's a photo.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Love on Fire.
I posted the below post on about 3 different Forums across the net.  On one forum overnight I only got 2 replies and now the topic has died on all forums.  Here is the post I said I would be posting stuff that I posted on forums so here it is.  I also made a second post which was quite long as well.  O well you don't have to read all this.  I have added pictures so it looks nicers.

Express yourself here.  So what have you got on love. What can you pass on or teach to another about love? It's a tough topic. Seems not anybody knows about Love. Maybe you know about LOVE.

Are we just pretending? What are your questions and answers?

There is Love God, Love Neighbour, Love Enemy.

Do we dare love ourselves? (how do you read it).

What are the essential elements for LVOe. Does Love extinguish. Then was it love?

Poor Love. What are you going to do and say to/about it?

I'm sorry for setting such a tone. For the tone I know not what to set. For love. Hmmm, For LOVE is it real?

Got any science on love. I suppose you can post that here.

What is the extent of the power of LOVE.

What are your theories on LOVE. What are your realities about LOVE.

Do you have any LOVE to Share? Can you prove it?

I'm not feeling the LOVE.

Can LOVE grow back someones arm or leg?

What is the limit of LOVE. Whay is LUFF so limited currently.

Drop Some Love. If you got any. I'm sure there's plenty of people ready to eat.

Show US the LOVE.

We is Needy.

This is not sext. Cause ewww. Perv. Go somewhere else.

So in your opinion Love is building upto something big. Got any opinions at all?

1 Corinthians 13:8
This is my light. Shining. Is Love Boring? If i'm bored am I not loving? What if i'm tired. What if i'm in pain.

Um so what is your definition of LOVE. Consider this post. It may or may not contain LOVE. Are you offended? In what way?

Writing this with all my might... Well I figure the world needs more love.

How do you figure in LOVE VS PAIN? Who is the winner?

What can you honestly tell me about love? What is your experience?

Can Love heal? Love is the word.

Enlighten me. Cause I don't have the whole picture on love. Maybe a small peace.

One person sharpens another ya know. Maybe you could make good reading and cause action through your love?

I only have weak human love to offer.

I give my life so I can claim it back again.

Affear much.

Tell me what you want?

Do you practice LOVE?

Fine i've lost the subject.


Write something about LOVE here.

This has been my effort. Try an inspire without hurting yourself.

Does LOVE fail? So was it then LOVE?

What is the truth about LOVE?

What is going to be your stance on this topic and towards me?

If this thread dies is that LOVE?


Post on LOVE Here. Others need it. They need to know. There is huge interest.



That was the end of my first post.  Over the first night I got two replies.  The first post said "All you need is love" and had the beatles songs of the same name embedded.

The second post was by a user named DaphneApollo this is her post:

Love is the time you give someone and the little gestures and actions you do for them when you can't exactly say " I love you ". Love is just being there for someone who's in pain, lonely, helping bring happiness to their day and in turn they mirror happiness back to you.

Love swells someone's heart who just before they met you, thought no one cared. Love is kind, giving, sharing and caring about someone/thing other than yourself. Give a little every day to someone and watch the transformation, it in itself is a miracle, a beautiful flower blooming slowly in front of you that you've carefully tended with water and nutrients that now thanks you with a beautiful smile, it's bloom. Once you've shown these kindnesses to someone, they never, ever forget you. They begin to love in turn and understand that someone truly cares for them where before hopelessness may have been.

This little light you have inside, let it shine on others, and watch the miracle that develops before your very eyes. Nurture someone today, give LOVE AWAY.

That's it.  So after the first night and 2 replies I wrote this:

Rather pitiful turnout for LOVE. It's much to hard I think. Nobody has belief any more.

I don't LOVE. Not that much anyway. If there is ever love then you could pretty much do anything. Love does not exist right. Because God does not exist and God is Love.

If love entered this thread everyone would know it. Love is obvious. So nope no Love in this thread. Unless it's secret. It could be secret Love. But not with just 2 replies to the op. There's no secret love going on here.

Can I imitate your love? I don't have any or many examples to go by. So if I imitate Jesus I end up crucified and in alot of pain? This sounds like my life and I didn't ask for it. Alas there's tonnes of poor people in the world who need help.

Someone show some love please. And we can all imitate it.

To hard? You could change the world from your position right here on this forum.

Whos attention are you trying to capture? With your love surely we could do great things? Or are you like me and have no love? You right now have the attention of powerful people through this forum. You can affect them. Alter them. Have them copy and imitate you.

Perhaps your looking for someone to imitate? I rage alot myself so that's not a good thing. But I am being persecuted. Not that anyone would believe. Your welcome to imitate me as I try and provoke someone to love. I mean provoke. Violent Love perhaps.

No ones willing to love for more than a few seconds if at all. 2 Posts is pathetic.

If more people posted about love then maybe things could happen.

Basically we don't know anything about love. We don't know how to start it. But we know it when it there.

Is this any comfort to you. Am I being any comfort to you? Perhaps i'm the devil appearing as an angel of light. Love fails till Love wins. When there's no love your lost and in failment. Then oneday maybe well be old o baby and maybe love will appear for final victory. Love takes it's time and is slow.

I still see no love. I still feel no love. Love is losing. There is hope of course. But that's under a stress of pain and disbelief that nothing will ever happen.

What's your story.

Does anyone anywhere have any examples of love.

How do you practice love? Where do I begin? I'm lookin to love. See I think this love stuff is all made up.

I always thought love would be hugely powerful. What weapons does love provide? How do you fight using Love. What is the martial art called that uses love? Christianity the martial art?

No really how do you fight with love? Your love has no power here.

Do we really have souls? The bible says to prove all things (1 thes 5:21). Now how do you prove to me about love. If someone strikes you in on the cheek why do we hate back.

If someone possesses your body and mind how do you love them? There is no reason to.

How do we love our enemies? What practice should we take?

Why is it so hard to love. I can't even overcome simple evil with good. I'm evil myself and repay evil with evil leading to more of my suffering and I still don't learn. Rage Rage.

Jesus Christ seems to be failing the world. Limbs can't be grown back by his believers or brain damage can't be healed. Even a broken bone takes 6 weeks of healing. Maybe it's not Jesus who failed but his followers.

Why can't people copy and imitate the miracles of Jesus Christ. They would bring me such joy. See maybe they never happened. I don't believe the proof that i've seen so far. For 2000 years God has had a chance to educate and teach people about things. Right things. The right way to live. But no one has been taught. Everyone has had to do things and learn things by themselves.

The bible doesn't solve pain. We are waiting for a time when there is no pain.

Abandon Christ.

How long till love prevails. In the mean time your probably not being tortured so there's no urgency about life or matters as such. Your on vacation.

God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believe on him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I have not seen one believer ever. Not even myself. Not no one. No one is good.

So great. Machines shall lead the way of love. Our language and communication will be linked to machines. This is unless god saves us first which is highly unlikely.

I've typed enough. What is Love if God is love. What is human love.

Lay your life down for mine. A stranger.

Bring The Love.


That was my latest reply the very next night like 24 hours later.  I got a further two replies this is the reply from Arpgme:

Nobody can make you "feel the love". They can only inspire it but it is only felt from within.

If someone came here saying "I love everyone", you still may not be "Feeling The Love".

The next reply was a little weird but was this from Backcase:

I quoted you from this thread, in a recent thread of mine.

He was quoting Arpgme the post above but I don't know which thread he quoted him in.

All of this was on the forum

So yep that's all people had to say about LOVE. Not much really.  What do you have to say about the topic?

Thanks for reading.

Darcy Lee

Chiddy Bang - Mind Your Manners.

Chiddy Bang - Mind Your Manners.  Found this earlier.  Quite like the hook.  It's R18 though.  Advisory coarse language.  Lol.  Ba Ba Ba Ba There is no one like me.

Monday, September 16, 2013

How To Claim Domain Names.

Have you wanted to expand your brand name.  Perhaps someone is squatting on your account.  I'm talking about  I Recently found a page where you can claim these domain names if they are part of your trademark or you want to claim user rights.

I recently applied for a that I want, that I believe should go to me because I own the dotcom.  I'm not going to say what just to build suspense.  Anyhow i'm hoping within 3 weeks Google YouTube will respond to my request and hand me over the domain.

You can do the same.  You can claim a here at this link Claim Your Youtube Trademark Domain  Click I have a trademark issue with a specific channel.

It's pretty simple.  Just fill out the forms and then all you have to do is wait and see what happens.  I'll let you know if i'm successful with my application.

One thing is that I couldn't find anywhere to claim the domain names even creating a totally new one.  How do you claim the  I don't know how to claim that.  Hopefully they are still active. Anyway this has been my helpful bit of information for the day.

Thanks for reading not that anyone does but maybe oneday.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anthem for the Year 2000 Silverchair

Silverchair - Anthem for the Year 2000.  Been playing this today so I thought i'd add it.  Always liked this song.  Been a fan of Silverchair since Frogstomp and even went to their concert when they were here in NZ a long time ago now for me.

Siverchair - Miss You Love.  Also been listening to this also by Silverchair.  This was one of the tracks I had on dvd when I had only 2 discs a TV and a dvd player back in 2004 when I first started going flatting by myself.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cult of Personality - Living Color

Cult of Personality - Living Color.

I remember yelling along to this when I was a kid.  Well I sorta do.  I'm sure it was cool.  A friend mentioned yelling along to it and that's what gives me my memory of yelling to it but it's so faded now i'm not even sure it's real.  I'm adding it cause I think it's real.  I don't want to forget it's dangerous.  I'm going to try and listen to this for a few times.  Number 3 play rolling now.


Ride on Time - Black Box 1989.

Avanti Tuatara Mountain Bike
Ride on Time - Black Box.

I used to enjoy this back in 1992 when it was the theme of a tv show where different famous nz personalities would compete in events against each other.  They hardly ever played the full theme and I was always hanging out to hear it.  This was before internet of course.  I remember the Avanti Tuatara mountain bike that they used to ride and I wanted one.  They were real expensive though.  I'm adding this not cause I enjoyed it now, but because I enjoyed it when I was a kid. Forum Post.

This is a post I made to the forums which is a forum dedicated to life expansion and immortality.  I'm going to start posting alot more of the stuff that I post on forums because why should they get all my hard work of writing and not get any new words added to it.  I have made quite a few posts in the past to forums and I will add the whole threads including replies.  I use the name Leeda when I can in forums.  Here goes the thread.

WAR ON DEATH is the title of the thread.

Here is my first post:

What are your tactics for the War on Death? You got any plans? There is a War of course you know this or do you. If there isn't a war there is because I been fighting it for a long time since my first memory.

Life is opposite to death. The war has been brutal so far with much pain on humanities side being bourne by so many down the centuries.

I believe many untouched by pain have no idea what's going on and are practically sitting idle and have many abilities and talents not being used. The problem is that once you discover the truth about pain your power and spirit have been taken from you and you are powerless. If someone could communicate the knowledge of pain and suffering and misery to someone who has never experienced these things it would set that person on fire.

While you have the light you must fight the war. War on Pain. War on Death.

I only have English to communicate to you pain which doesn't communicate the ideas effectively. I want revenge on pain I want immortality.

Do some of you not want immortality? Maybe you haven't loved. No really maybe. On the other side of pain is a numbness. But endurance to pain develops overtime. Also the motivation to never experience such things again. If you don't want immortality death already has you in it's grasp. You haven't lived perhaps to thirst after more. You haven't seen the light of life.

For the man whoever has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin. I like this concept. This is on the way to defeating death. But sin is a christian concept. I just associate sin with anything bad. Pain makes you hate life. It is in opposition.

This is a War on Death. Bang Bang Boom Boom. Trumpet Blast.

The days are evil. We live in an evil age. We must fight. To live is to fight. You already fight. But you must step it up. But I can't tell you how. I can only tell you what's out there. There is pain beyond your deepest imaginings and trouble. It's beyond your perception. You basically are kept in paradise until its's to late and the trap is sprung. But you who are in paradise must give thoughts to such things as suffering to acquire strength, maybe you can break the code.

Actually I don't know anything about what I talk about.

I can't offer you any weapons against death. Maybe the bible if your that way inclined. Maybe you could read science.

So where are you at in the War on Death? What are your thoughts on such a thing.

This is a militant guerrilla post attacking death and those opposed to living forever. This is an attack on death.

I see death as the ultimate enemy.

I'm starting an army.

If you want to join my army in the war against death you can post in this thread your ideas, text and words.

Did you know every man has to bear his own burdens

It's possible others can make your burden lighter I think knowledge can also ease the weight.

Immortality is a world thing. Everyone has a part to play in the War on Death.

It's got to start somewhere but this thread is not something and is really nothing.

Still War on Death proceeds.

How exactly do you war on death?

Through belief in resurrection you can claim death has already been defeated. Everyone is immortal it just hasn't happened yet but will. This defeats murderers who believe they have the last say. Any soldier who's died has died combating death.

I hold the belief that there is a record of everyones lives thoughts movements actions everything. There will be no secrets and darkness.

I guess there is little action we can take. But there are things we can do. I'm blocked from telling you even one thing you on your own can do. Envision.

You must post.

Bear my burden of a War, a War on Death. I will read your words. I don't know what they will do to me or others but you must post your written word to fight death in this War. Maybe your words will ease my weight or others to inspire.

You are but a private alongside me in the trenches. It's raining hard and there's mud explosions bullets pain misery everywhere. There ain't any officers or leedas around either.

This is a War on Death. Post here to Work a War on Death. Show me your War Private.


That was my initial post that started the thread. The thread was started on the 20th of August 2013. So far it's had 133 views and 1 reply.  

This post is by someone called Innocent.  Here is the reply I got:  

We need to survive as a civilisation if we can.

Then the future will resurrect us (Quantum Archaeology).

Other than that getting old can be fun.

I dont like the slowing down and restrictions of ageing, but it is an experience I can bear because I know its reversible, like death.

And here is my answer:

Yep we definitely need to learn to survive as a civilisation.  If we can live long enough, and it won't take long, then yep the future will be able to resurrect us and anyone who has ever existed.  

In the mean time there are alot of sick, tired, heavy laden people in the world. Getting old can be fun but only for a minority I believe, eventually you have to deal with death. For quite a few it's a challenge in many ways having to deal with illness etc the precursors.  You don't even have to be old.

I have suffered immensely.  No doctor could help me.  From the age of 20 till now and im 35.  It was only intense for the first 10 or so years, it's mild now compared to yesteryear. Growing old should be fun for me as I hopefully will heal and suffer less and maybe put the endurance I have created to use.  

The government and people of the world don't recognise my suffering and haven't given me any money.  If they understood I would have my needs meet like my own owned mortgage free house.   Truly I say unto you.

It's situations where poverty drives pain and suffering that need to be helped as well.  Not everyone is willing to help especially those creating the suffering and profiting finacially.  There's still plenty of slavery in the world.  

Right war on death.  I dunno.  I don't want to be on the wrong side of a resurrection.  LIke be a criminal or murderer.  What I have experienced can only be classed as evil.  I hope there is some reward at the end.  

God's a tricky one.  It could be that humans resurrect Jesus and that's his return.  

Do you have any thoughts on the war on death?  What about things like mind control in the future?  There could be another slave war.  

Yo WAR ON DEATH.  Use the tools you have, play your position.  Use up power, energy and time efficiently to produce fruit.  Look after yourself slowly evolve and get better.

Fight the good fight.  Run the good race to win the prize like an athlete.  Use all your might for things you do.  

That'll do.


So that's it for this thread so far.  I also post alot on a forum called Above Top Secret.  I'll post some more threads from there soon.