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There are Extra Terrestrials around in the universe. The government would know the most. Just one more thing this blog is about.

FREE SPEECH? Then where is a copy of my phone call? Why are they hiding it? Because it's important. Osama Bin Laden is Dead. The 911 terrorist attacks will fade into the past as they have done already. My phone call will never see the freedom it deserves - with a general internet release. But don't say I didn't try, and facing the government which is a far superior force to me, then I always lose.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Immortality. War On Death.

Don't even bother reading this.  I decided that i'm going to add my former Immortalitywarondeath website to this page.  It's basically a wall of text.  This is the first half anyway.  I wrote this like 8-9 years ago.  I had this webpage hosted on a free host but it's since shut down.  This is the text I was writing when I first started blogging 8 years ago.  Here is the easy to copy text.


Transfered site to new host and added Google Adsense day.




World suffering in the universe day. Thing.

Build robots. Slaves and servants.


Proberly the hardest thing i've found so far about this website is getting traffic. If you don't have a good idea or someway of being noticed then you just don't get any traffic. Apparently there is something of a two month time period for new websites to start showing up in search engines. I expect this will be alot longer for myself. It's called the sandbox effect or something. This website is about 2 months old now and i've had hardly any hits but thats what I knew would happen in the early days all along. If I just keep adding content via this blog and finding more links and other relevant interesting stuff and keep expanding the site by working each day on it then search engines eventually shouldn't have any problem with giving me a decent ranking.

How long do I want to carry on this site for? Hmm. Well I would like to see more people getting involved in immortality so I think I should be able to go for a while. I'm having trouble blogging I guess because well i'm new and also i'm not to bright and well I just don't have good ideas and am not very good at communicating them even if I do which I don't. More interesting than immortality for me is proberly money. I really want your money, gimme your money perhaps because i'm crazy enough to have presented such a dumb thing and you feel pity. Surely you feel pity. You proberly laughing going like haha me give you money hahahahahahaha. Some people will give me money (maybe) just because i'm asking for it. Really thats all i'm doing, i'm asking you to give me money without me doing anything for it and you receiving nothing in return. This is a new medium "the internet" with which I can contact billions of people from all over the globe without leaving my house and since i'm contacting you why not ask you for money. I guess I don't make a very good case for you to give me money. There's lots of competition to. Contacting random people over the internet and asking them for money this is what i'm doing, the numbers stack up, for the millions of potential of people that are able to read and might stumble across this site a few will actually make a donation and well I make some money for basically doing nothing, just for asking.

Immortality, what are your opinions. I guess i'm going to die. Thats really sad. Anyones death is a sad thing. I actually think it's wrong that people should die. Life is actually really hard but few grasp this I think or people do grasp this but can do very little about it. This is sad as well. Something I would say is that life is really hard. Even though now you might not find it hard there will be times in your life that are unbearable. Everyones kinda new at living, the experiences of how hard life can be are very difficult to communicate especially to the some that live in complete heaven. People are doing things but I really think that a major paradigm shift needs to take place. Something so incredibly powerful needs to be imagined and created. I'm a dreamer totally. I would pray and have prayed but there is no god to answer. So the thing is on humanity to better things.

Things I have learned in life that I can communicate but won't really be understood are things like "don't do drugs", any kind of drugs, even the least harmful like marijuana even just a little. America has been waging a war on drugs but from all accounts they've been losing, but they shouldn't give up. Every life they draw away from the drug scene is so infinitely valuable and makes the effort worth while. Drugs are a very bad thing. Another thing i've experinced is watching less intelligent people out preform way more intelligent people simply by putting in a few hours work each day while others are out enjoying themselves. A couple of hours study each day or less but each day kicks the ass of lot of people. But it's finding the motivation but more so the wisdom to be able to do a little extra each day. It just adds up the work that you do. Yup I got my ass kicked. So with this principle i'm going to try and spend time each day trying to improve this site mainly by just surfing and entertaining myself through the internet and adding stuff that I find relevant and fitting. A little bit of work each day if you can manage it and just adds up and then when you look at the big picture eventually you've put in massive time.

I watched a friend study a little each day after school when we were at school and he did this everyday (don't know how to keep doing it everyday all the time but if you can see it's only a little time each day but it adds up to the total picture) he beat people in marks way more intelligent than him just by doing a little each day of course i'm so jealous of him now (a little each day you know such wisdom). Then we started smoking marijuana together. He chose to give it up and not smoke it as that is what was right to him, and I kept smoking. Now i'm the drug addled crazy person and hes the person whos done lots of hard work but it wasn't really hard work at all it was just a daily thing, a little each day. I'm so envious. I'm the loser and I get to watch others have wonderful lifes and see there decisions like not to smoke marijuana bear fruit like retaining your sanity. I discovered marijuana causes mental illness by smoking it. Argh. Yep i'm sick and crazy now while others who made the right choices have nothing but wonderful safe lives ahead of them. So the thing is don't do drugs, any kind it's wisdom that can be read but is rarely understood. A little each day over time you come to have alot. Physical fitness is the same. It's just a little each day but to understand this I don't. So i'll post a letter from my doctor that I have asked for that will say exactly what they think is wrong with me maybe you'll give me money cause. So um study a little each day, do a little of something each day that will keep adding up, don't do drugs, ever, anykind, and work out just a little each day cause. Eat well. One step at a time a little each day.

Such wisdom my friend had over me and the whole time I thought I was like doing the right thing. It's like the movie basket ball diaries when Leonardo Decaprio sees someone he was playing basketball with make the american allstar team or something and thats where he could have been himself. I've failed at life magnificently. Just by doing a little each day and staying on track with what is right and not being lead by others who are mostly out for a quickie. I dunno really i'm so sad. Yeah I lost my life. So I have to learn by where others have succeeded and try to follow in there footsteps, a little each day but I don't have the health anymore, my excuse. I'm always going to have an excuse just as I had excuses then. I've lost my life. I'm one of the stupid people now. Really I have never not been stupid but it really shows up now by the pain I experience. Life was good before marijuana. Marijuana's not safe for everyone but its deemed fine by the majority, it can cause mental illness (pain). Hidden trap and nothing to spot it with. Some spot it though like my friend.

Gimme money cause i'm not very bright and have done so much stupid stuff and immortality. Watch those who have made it and learn from them I guess, copy. Don't do drugs. Any. Learn this. Any. Stay in school and study. One day at a time. Eat well. Exercise. Definately don't smoke cigarettes (I smoke)(yes i'm that stupid). I'll add more things that i've observed but don't practice myself in future blogs. Common sense easy stuff you hear all the time. Watch out for your peers. You may find you have to put alot of effort into not doing what there doing and what there doing is incredibly tempting. I can't blame peers i'm not allowed. Watch though. Temptation. Fight? I'm partially crazy thanks. This has been a "my own fault" blog entry.


I don't know what to say now. I'm going to be poor all my life. To make money through the internet you have to be talented, original and creative. Those sorta things. I'm going to be poor all my life. Did I mention hard work. If I work really hard I would make some money. So with the internet if I work hard I can make some money. I'm going to be poor all my life. I would like to work hard but i'm not talented, original and creative. Motivation. If I motivate myself to work hard using the internet I can make some money. I'm very interested in money. It would be a huge rest you see. So if I can just work hard. The internet is the new way to make money. It's an audience all round the world. But it's about hard work. I'm not the hard working type but the oppurtunity to make money by just hard work and the internet is very powerful. But alas i'm going to be poor all my life. Anyway can I ride on your hard work by you giving me money. Proberly not. Anyway I like the idea of hard work if I get money. It's worth it. Hard work is the key it will get you places. Hard work is impossible for me though. So through the internet and hard work. Money. I want money. Gimme your money. For free. Donation. The internet is amazing now. I can sit here at my keyboard and ask you for money and you can transfer it to me electronically by credit card into my paypal account and I can then put it into my bank account and spend it. This is amazing. I going to work really hard to take advantage of this. People all round the world can give me money. Everything is hard work. If your sick then your hard work is not at the same level as others. I've been lazy all my life. If people work hard they reap there own rewards. Guess if I really want money then I will work hard. The internet. It's new. Gimme money. Everything I say makes sense. You know it.


The internet I think is just starting to take off. Websites like You Tube which hosts millions of videos from people all over the world for your viewing pleasure are very new. Broadband internet is still new and not available to everyone yet because of cost but broadband for many people already has opened the door to graphic and video intensive websites. One of the things I noticed on You Tube was what was called a Vlog, a Video log, people making a video diary or commentary and interacting with each other with an audience. All you need is a webcam to start posting videos. So the internet is just starting to take off. You can become famous now. Some videos on You Tube get 3 million plus views. There's lots of money to be made with the internet. I'm begging because i'm not very smart or talented or skilled and i'm poor. So gimme money. Make yourself famous. Immortality. We are allowed to fight. One way I want to tackle the problem of death is through a numbers game. The more people that are working for the cause of immortality, actively doing stuff, war - ing, then the faster we get there. The more people that become interested. So i'm going to run this website for a few years hopefully. Just asking for money and mentioning immortality. People are alot smarter than me and have alot more power and they are already doing things for immortality. From this corner i'm just beginning. The internet is only just beginning as well. So anyway things I want and need to be more comfortable are a house, vehicle like a scooter, and thats about it. So gimme money, please. War effort.


Added this webpages own immortality plus general forum today.


Within my blog as I write it I hope to come up with ideas that will lead to receiving lots of donations and traffic. You really have to be original and inspirational I think. What will draw people to my blog and keep them coming back? Anyway thats my current plan, to just keep adding entries to my blog to add content, information and learn. Become more skilled at blog writing. An idea I have at the moment just for something fun to do is to take photographs of all my material possessions and display them in a gallery on this site. As I get new possessions i'll add them to the gallery along with a datestamp. People might find it amusing to see every single item I own. Anyway it's just something i'm going to do for myself just like this site. One more thing. I will add more videos to the videos page soon and upgrade the layout. The ones I select are mainly because they amuse me and I hope that they will entertain others as well. My guestbook has a few entries now, it's mainly advertising but i'll leave them in anyway. Immortality's not something thats going to be easy but I just really think that with all the suffering that has taken place in the history of the earth even back to the dinosaurs that it's just a matter of time. I'm preparing myself for death. Immortality though. I think it's just time. There's been so much misery, suffering and sorrow in the world that oneday surely something will correct it. Immortality. Gimme money if you can/want even though yet I haven't shown why you should. E-begging. It's hard work earning each and every single donation. Immortality.


I now have 5 different forums listed in my links below. If your interested in immortality join one of the forums and start posting and expressing your ideas. People are much more charismatic and skilled than me at expressing ideas so i'm recruiting you for just that. You the reader have to stop me from dieing. Through your efforts you can possibly stop me from dieing and in the same instance stop yourself from dieing. At the moment I believe in something like resurrection. Even if I die at some stage in the future I will be resurrected to immortality. This has nothing to do with god. Humans will be the ones who will resurrect me and in the new world I am born into there will be no sickness, no death, nothing bad, a place like heaven. So I guess this website is voicing the opinion that immortality is dead set and that everyone alive right now will be resurrected and if they've done good like haven't murdered anyone etc then they have eternal life. The problem with the "now" is that there is still sickness, suffering. How does one person possibly do something about this. Well I encourage you to help people that are suffering or sick. Read as much information about as much stuff as you can. Donate money to causes that you think will help humanity. Humanity will eventually reach immortality and then begin resurrecting everyone who has died and they will be judged. Before then suffering and misery needs to be controled and reduced as much as possible. Some people are so desperate, in so much pain that it's impossible for the ordinary person to comprehend. I don't know what to do but i'm doing this. It is of course possible that I don't need to die and that immortality can be discovered in my life time. Thats up to you the reader. I have about 30-40 years left to live. If I die it's all your fault. Lazy asses. End suffering now.


You the reader have to stop me from dieing. If I die its all your fault. Lazy asses. I'm sorry for complaining about dieing.


The reason for this blog is to add content to my site over time. It's also the means of communication i'm using to ask for money. This is my first ever site and it was something I wanted to do to see if I could and so I could do it again. This site was completed using just html which I don't have very much skill at but it still shows how much power someone can have on the net if only they have the right topic. I'm not registered with any search engines yet but i'm hoping that as I add content and relevance that I will get a listing for some keywords in google. If you have the right information about a certain keywords that people search for you can rank highly in search engines and receive alot of traffic. So the stage i'm at now is learning how to get a high page rank in search engines. There's alot of competition for keywords and people are much more skilled than me but hopefully i'll learn eventually. So anyway gimme money for a house and if your interested in immortality then do something about it.


Possibly all I will achieve with this website is to embarrass myself and provide some opinion and views that are not realistic and even crazy. I'll keep warning people of the dangers of reading what I have written to minimize how much I embarrass myself. It is inevitable that I shall. Um I have already embarressed myself haven't I. My opinion is that immortality is impossible in my life time meaning that I am going to die. I'm going to get old. What i'm going to do with the time I have before getting to old and dieing is to run this website for a while with words like immortality appearing every so often (and gimme money). Those interested in immortality will have there own opinions about it and will undertake there own work. Those not interested in immortality I will annoy immensly and perhaps even receive abuse from them. Hopefully people will give me money just because. Um what i'm saying is that immortality is something that just interests me and more people should be doing stuff about it but really I'm just asking for money. I'm just asking for money and mentioning immortality. So to round up what I've been saying gimme money and do stuff about immortality if you want to because there is hope for it I say. Disclaimer: Any money given will be spent by me on what I feel like and you will be laughed at by others if you tell them what you did.

21/9/06 - Evening

Ageing and stuff then death is reality. Some people like the current way of things. Immortality for the human race is surely impossible in my lifetime. I'm going to die. 6 billion other people are going to die as well. Everyone thats alive right now. All dead. I should still do work towards immortality though I think. It kinda seems obvious. But i'm dead. In like 80 years from now i'll be dead. Who cares. All dead. I think it's pain I fear more than death. War on pain. Losing my mind. Pain. This is a dream site. 6 Billion people will build stuff and think some stuff and do other stuff before they die. Sufferings dumb. Im standing in an endless universe. Sufferings dumb. Everything that can be done is being done. Im not saying very interesting stuff. You get used to standing in an endless universe and it becomes ho-hum I guess. I'm going to die and you the reader have to stop that. But alas i'm still going to die. Others have more power than me. They should show it off. I could have a theme for this website like "you the reader have to stop me from dieing". If I die its all your fault. Lazy asses. I'm sorry for complaining about dieing. The reader doesn't care if I die. People do are off showing I guess. Can I interest you in trying to stop me from dieing. Trying not to die yourself and succeeding would proberly mean I wouldn't die. Thats what I mean. Um. Crazy people on the net. Yeah so we're all going to die. Ho hum. If you want me to shut up then stop reading. Ha ha.

21/9/06 - Morning

This is my first effort at a real web page. The hardest part about making a web page would be getting the traffic to actually view it. Putting it together can be simple enough and even text only pages with the fewest of graphics can attract hundreds of thousands of hits. Its all about the information the page is presenting that attracts thousands of hits. I guess really this site is a blog at it's core. I'm going to experiment by adding entries to the blog over time and watch the size of the site increase. I'll hopefully keep it ticking over nicely for a while as really just something to amuse myself and figure out how everything works with regards to harnessing traffic and becoming perhaps more graphical with even more links. This website is an incredibly simple thing to maintain really. The first thing you need for a war on death is an army. I guess because immortality is in the realm of scientists and not the ordinary folk to figure out then the ordinary folk are more like support staff and motivators and finacers and other roles related to immortality but not the actual discoverers or inventers. An army saying goes "We stand alone together". Thats proberly what i'm looking for people to do. In an army. Actually people will have much better resources and ideas about immortality than me. I'm not ordering anyone to do anything. I'm running this website so that I can raise enough money for a house. Immortality interests me and once I get a house then I guess i'll keep trying to get more money. Because money is a useful tool towards living and living is a useful tool towards achieving immortality.


There are 6 billion people on the planet currently. Thats alot of power. I'm wondering what things can be achieved by say 5 billion people over 5 years. You really have to ponder on or think on the number 5 billion people for a while to begin to understand the scale. So what things can 5 billion people over 5 years accomplish. 5 years in the future from the year 2006 the world will be a completely different place because 5 billion people have been doing stuff. The world will be more powerful, things will be easier. But you really do have to again imagine the number 5 billion people in your mind and all the work that this number of people is doing. The work that 5 billion people are doing is changing the world incredibly rapidly. In 5 years from now the world will be more advanced. 5 billion people. This number of people shouldn't find anything difficult. Perhaps it's a harnessing problem. 5 billion.


This is the first blog entry. My war on death is just an idea im playing with. Immortality interests me greatly. This is really an e-begging site so you have been warned. The spin on this e-begging site is to include the words "immortality", "war" and "death". I am very serious about these things though. I have lots of free time to set up websites and use forums and generally communicate using the internet so this is how my war on death and will proceed. As I live I will use the internet to further the cause of immortality. This site won't attract many hits so it's not exactly going to achieve much, but even a little bit counts. There are lots of ways the individual can help with the war on death. I think one of the best things that can be done is to get more people involved. I guess theres only a small movement at the moment because immortality is perceived as either not being possible or so far in the future that it's not really worth bothering with at the moment. I hope to inspire and motivate others to join the war and through this war end death forever. The internet has opened the door to cheap mass communication and will be a great tool in changing attitudes and bringing on board more people who can then add their ideas and time to the overall completion of the task of immortality. Everybody needs to be mobilised and working. Many hands make light work. If your interested in immortality then voice your opinion on websites, in chatrooms and on forums. Do some work for your own personal gain and enjoyment. I'm in a war and i'm going to drag as many people as possible into it as well.

I'm not going to make any money with this am I. Hehe.

That was from my former website.



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