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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nirvana Oh Me and Lake of Fire

Kurt Cobain
Nirvana - Live in New York - Oh Me.

Been listening and singing this to myself for a day or so. Here are the lyrics:

[Verse 1]
If I had to lose a mile
If I had to touch feelings
I would lose my soul
The way I do

[Verse 2]
I don't have to think
I only have to do it
The results are always perfect
But that's old news

[Verse 3]
Would you like to hear my voice
Sprinkled with emotion
Invented at your birth

I can't see the end of me
My whole expanse I cannot see
I formulate infinity
And store it deep inside of me

[Verse 1]

[Verse 2]

[Verse 3]


The lyric which I have been singing over and over is I formulate infinity and store it deep inside me.

I was using a different word for formulate though. I only learnt that word when I looked up the lyrics to post here. Now I shall sing it right.

Budz be like
I owned Nirvana Unplugged in New York when I was 16 like 21 years ago and we thrashed it Christmas 1994. This was the end of my innocence. We had a house that someone was housesitting to party at and I had my own car and a full licence. Seemed like the best time in the world at the time but looking back I would rather not enter the partying lifestyle of cannabis and tobacco. I was blind and poorly educated with a poor belief system.

I've never really had a problem with alcohol but cannabis has done the damage. I would recommend to all those Americans to be as old as possible before trying it. Try and out do your peers with how long before you try it. Not even once is good. It has definitely lowered my I.Q. I'm not to bright these days because of it. The damage is permanent as well. I'm not getting any better.

So don't go there. Less you want a lower I.Q and minimum wage to no employment at all and your always broke cause all your money goes on your weed addiction.

You really don't know what a beautiful thing you have such as the mind without drugs. It's peaceful and more resilient with less problems. Your brighter and have more energy you don't need to sleep so much. You have more time. Your friends will be different depending on whether you smoke or not.

I've spoken enough. Decide for yourselves. Think and choose wisely. Cannabis is surely a temptation for you in youth unless your of the nerd caliber who are immune to trying any drug. Become a nerd.

Nirvana - Live in New York - Lake of Fire.

Added this one cause it's a little religious and Christiany and wanted to add another from Nirvana Live in New York. I'd like to see some people goto hell. Is that right? Perhaps like Hitler. He probably got a place in hell.

Beware hell on earth. No Really.

Added Label "Infinity".

Darcy Lee

Robot Origami Robot Self-Folds Walks and Completes Tasks.

Robot Origami: Robot self-folds, walks, and completes tasks.

Saw this today on a news website. My opinion is that they have already shrunk similar tech to a nano scale. It can tap into your optic nerve and see what you see and upload pictures to your mind.

This video is interesting though. It's a very new video at the date of this post. It's only 6 days old.

Check it out it gives a good insight in what to expect of technology of the future. I think I was looking at smart cities when I stumbled across this. A smart city is a city that tracks movement everywhere. Should help with crime but not with privacy.

Privacy is definitely an issue. The Govt want to read your mind. Steal from you. The bible doesn't help. There was world war one and two. The bible didn't help people then.

There is still hope. But it looks like i'm to live a life of torture and doom.

Your mind is not your own.

Darcy Lee

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'd Love To Change The World Ten Years After

I'd Love To Change The World - Ten Years After

Made a forum post which I will include below and somebody posted this song in the thread. Adding it to Music 2 although it does have potential to reach Music category.

Dum de do. Here is the forum thread for you:

Thread is called : Altering or Changing The World.

A person is born.

They do something in the world that is part of them. People can react to it.

From here what do you think can be achieved. From here I mean this forum.

Can a post motivate and inspire people enough to make alterations to the world which better it in some small way.

What really needs to be said?

What is truth? What is Love? Just how important are these.

How do you make change happen.

Is there anything us sheep to the slaughter can do to keep living.

So from this post what can I achieve.

How much power do I have. You give me power when you post but you don't lose power perhaps.

This is my spirit or breath or lifeforce that is speaking to you.

Truth can set you free. But not without love.

Perhaps nobody knows the truth.

But lets build a light in the darkness. A structure built on solid rock foundations.

Choose what is more correct.

Choose the higher.

Perhaps i'll get 40-100 hits on this post and maybe one or two replies if that. What can we do together from here.

Everyday someone is posting. The world is growing larger.

Basically what is some of your substance - post some of your words here.

I'm looking to alter of change the world from this first post. But I need your help.

Think of it as dominoes. I am this post, the first one dropping. You are the rest of the dominoes that fall into place.

I guess it's to much to ask that the world can be changed for the positive from here this forum.

I haven't added anything new with this post.

It's upto you now.

That was the end of that thread on from me. You can find the thread HERE.

This is also the end of this post.

Darcy Lee

Monday, June 8, 2015

2 Thessalonians 2:8, Isaiah 11:4, Revelation 19:15 Darcy Lee

Scripture For The Day:

Isaiah 11:4 but with righteousness he will judge the needy, with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth; with the breath of his lips he will slay the wicked.

2 Thessalonians 2:8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

Revelation 19:15 out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. "He will rule them with an iron scepter." He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty

So I guess the theme here is destroying with breath and mouth. I been thinking that speech or words could be a weapon or even create peace.

We make choices. Alot of these choices are done in English. Well communication of words could help people. Technology and learning and knowledge is conveyed by words and communication.

It would be good I believe to see the wicked slain not in death but so they can no longer be wicked or they are being punished or they are now good or something.

There are a great multitude of evil wicked people in the world. 

It's definitely hard to see Jesus coming back to earth after dying and being supposedly resurrected and then ascending to heaven.

It's also hard to envision how the wicked can be slain with just breath. It would be a pure holy righteous love filled breath  I imagine. 

It could happen. So anyway ponder these scriptures. Perhaps you could slay some wickedness yourself in imitation of Jesus with the breath of your own mouth.

Words or perhaps breath here is presented as a weapon.

Use your breath as a weapon and do some slaying of your own. 

I been mediating on this scripture anyway trying to solve it. I can't think of much ways your breath could slay the wicked though. 

Guess we have to wait another 2000 years and see if this is true.

Anyway. Down with the Wicked. Down with Evil.

Think about breathing and breath. That's what I been doing. Monitor it perhaps. 

Yay Jesus you go you good thing. I hope your real. But the thing is the bible is pretty far fetched. But then agin so is life itself. 

I believe in good over evil.

I want to see good triumph totally and forever. 

Perhaps I will see this in my life with the advent of things that are happening

I'll leave it here. Breath

Added label "Wicked"

Darcy Lee

Enrique Iglesias Hero

Enrique Iglesias - Hero.

Enrique Iglesias
Listened to this again after listening to a Joe Jonas song that reminded me of it.

I have listened to it before but haven't adding it according to a quick google search. Wasn't sure whether to add to Music 1 or 2 so adding to Music 2. It nearly made 1. But I think a song should have more lasting appeal. This one is kinda old proberly won't get many more plays.

I like the theme though and it's melody. It keeps me entertained.

Darcy Lee

Bob Dylan The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol

Bob Dylan - The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol.

Thought i'd add this to Music 2. Found it today after trying to find a song made out of headlines. I still can't find the song i'm after. I'm thinking it's by r.e.m but I can't remember and it's possible i've already added it to this site.

I also found the song below while attempting to search for the headline song again while writing this post. I've only played it once. It's not the song I wanted but while playing it I kept thinking of the line no you can't take my breath away from the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

Joe Jonas - The Headline Song

Darcy Lee

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Beloved Deliver Me

The Beloved - Deliver Me.

Also found the version by Sara Brightman added below.

Deliver Me - Sara Brightman.

Added these songs after discussing them in a post about 9/11 and how I quoted this song.

Darcy Lee

Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles.

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles.

Adding this because it's always been a great song and again I searched in Google and i'm pretty sure that I haven't added "A Thousand Miles" song yet to this blog. I listened to this song after discovering the song below.

Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day.

Like this song but haven't listened to it much. Probably will move on pretty quickly. The song above, A Thousand Miles was awesome back in the day. I actually thought it was one of my songs as I spoke some of the lyrics over the radio in my phone calls after 9/11. I guess I was just copying it and I had heard it previously. It is possible that it is one of mine because I asked for the release dates of the songs to be messed up a little and some of them were to be set datewise before 9/11 happened even though they came out afterwards.
Vanessa Carlton

I did copy at least two songs that I know of in my phone calls. So if I copied 2 songs then I could've copied this one. One day I will do a list of every song.

The two songs I copied that I know of are "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who and "Deliver Me" by Sara Brightman.

I just listened to Deliver Me right now and i'm going to add it to Music 2. I have heard a New Zealand bands version that I am familiar with, Sara version is kinda different.

So in summary adding these two songs to Music 2 because I briefly touched on them and this lead to adding Deliver Me in a separate post also.

I really can't call "A Thousand Miles" and whether it's one of mine or not. Only when the truth comes out will we find out.

Darcy Lee

Lisa Loeb - Stay (I Missed You).

Lisa Loeb - Stay

Lisa Loeb
Adding this to music to. Only listened to it a couple times. Got onto it again by watching the movie Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Had heard it on the radio before. It's not bad but not something I would listen to heaps.

Darcy Lee

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Advertising and Sponsorship Of A House.

The following post I made to 3 different crowd funding sites. A crowd funding site is a place where people specifically go to give and receive money for different ideas and startups of emergencies anything really. If people have sympathy for you or your idea is good they will donate.

You can find my three pages here:

My last page which is on rockethub hasn't been approved yet but i'll add link if it does get approval. *EDIT* added link to rocket hub.

Anyhow here is the article seeking to get house sponsorship I wrote.

So my idea to make donations is to sell advertising on a house. I'm also looking at doing the same with a car. Basically you make a donation big enough and this earns you an advertising spot somewhere either on the inside or exterior or roof of my house or fences or perhaps billboards that could be erected.

Also I'm looking to earn $30k for a car here in NZ. Something like a Suzuki Grand Vitara 4wd 2 door. But I would drive anything if it was a car company who wanted me to support and drive their brand around. I could have your advertising on the car. I will pay for all petrol and maintenance on the car but you have to pay for the paint job and car itself. I will drive it everywhere and own it a long time. Your advertisement will be seen in many places round New Zealand on this car.

This could catch on. You could have professional paid people who drive round in special advertising cars. The sole goal of the car is to have the advertising on it and to be seen driving round in various places. More people could sell advertising on their cars perhaps to be seen.  A company could paint up a few 100 of peoples cars with their logo. Perhaps start a trading website where buyers and sellers of this type of advertisement could meet up. 

A Person could advertise with pictures of their car selling advertising space on their car stating where and how big. The people who want the adds could pay the person a fee for having the ad on the car plus the paint job itself. It could be something as simple as a bumper sticker. Match up bumper stickers of advertisements to cars for dollar bills. I'm sure people would be willing to donate space on their cars for advertising if they were being paid. It could also perhaps be a type of catalog of cars.

So I don't know how it goes yet but let's say if you donate $500 dollars as a minimum then you achieve the smallest size advertisement on the inside of the house. $50 will get you a text link somewhere on the inside of house. $1000 will get you an advertisement on the outside of the house or fence or roof of house. Alot of the factors are going to depend on the house I purchase. But I guarantee that I will spend $35,000 US dollars on the paintjob itself probably more. If you want a bigger advertisement then buy multiple blocks.

At the moment I can't guarantee the size of advertisements. I have to make enough money to purchase both the house and get it painted in all the advertisements. This won't be easy. If i fail to make enough money for the paint job I will try and get just a text link done. This really is just to raise funds for a house for myself. I will live in this house for the rest of my life unless I can upgrade or something. I'm hoping to build new though so it should last a long time. 

There was million dollar pixel homepage where the guy was selling pixel adds. I guess I'm selling ads but the pixels are on my house and car.

So you can donate towards an advertisement on a house or car. This is how i'm trying to raise my funds. If all goes well and we raise enough I should be able to get this done.

I once saw a house and the wallpapered interior was just hung up old newspapers that people could read. The wallpaper was newspapers. This house will be an advertisement for many companies if I make enough. A car would be a bonus. Also someone once sold an advertisement on their forehead as a tattoo. Well I'm selling advertisements on my house and car. Commercial sponsored advertising corporate business house living. You don't see many people living in sponsored houses. I'm hoping the advertising and sponsorship will cover the cost of everything.

Just to make it clear. I first need to raise enough funds to purchase a house as I don't as yet own my own house. If i don't make enough then I will just use any money earned for various endeavours in my life. Hopefully I can make enough to both purchase the house and get the paintjob done.

Thanks for reading 

Darcy Lee

That was exactly word for word what I put on the three sites. Also only 2 of the sites included what they call perks. These make it easy to get the people making the donations and the advertising sorted. I'm not sure if the 3rd site is going to be able to handle what i'm doing but i'll try anyway.

Added Label "Advertising".

I'll leave it here, this post is now long enough.

Darcy Lee