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Friday, July 29, 2016

Foreigner Urgent 1981

Foreigner Urgent 1981.

Heard this on the radio a while ago. I haven't had internet for just under 2 months. This is why I haven't been posting. I moved house. I got kicked out of my last house. I still have half my stuff there though at my old house. Been waiting for my brother to help me move.

At first it was only going to be temporary, that is moving out of my old house. They were going to make some repairs to it. But it turned into a major job that would take months. So I had to move out permanently. That was on the 29/5/2016 I moved out.

Currently i'm living in a Garage with cardboard insulation and no toilet. I have to go inside to use the toilet. I just got a new fibre internet connection on. It's flatrate. So nice. Currently it's clocked at 30mbs but I'm supposed to have a 100mbs connection so i'm going to ring them.

The house I moved to didn't have a copper connection so I couldn't get ADSL. It took just under two months to get all the work done to get a fibre install.

I'm happy now though.

I started playing World of Warcraft again as soon as I got the internet after a 10 month break.

Man Pet prices have tumbled and risen.

It's hard to speculate on the market and I've had trouble selling pets. I guess everyone who wants them now has the current lot.

Waiting on new pets to sell.

I'll post some photos of new and old house soon if I can.

Haven't posted much in the last 4 months on this website. Bit of a setback.

I now have over 400 music youtube videos posted to this website.


Added Label "Urgent" and "Fibre" and "Legion"

Darcy Lee

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor.

So been playing wow a bit.  Just hit 100 today actually on my Druid.  It was pretty cool.  But i've fallen way behind everyone else.  Spent 14k on a ring stupidly. Probably won't get my gold back but i'll try, might have to use it eventually.

I ended up buying a heap of spirit dust.  I'll sell it in like 2 years time when it's rare.  Wow should still exist by then and i'm sure if i'm still alive cause u never know but i'm sure i'll be playing wow.  I've heard of a death of a wow player which was a little sad.

I currently have about 200k gold but that is basically just one expensive mount or gearing a few characters off the Auction House.  You make about 10k Gold Leveling from 90-100 but your garrison costs a fair bit.  I made a little Gold out of enchanting about 20k but it took a bit of effort like sitting in front of the AH but I topped out at like 35 sales an hour after advertising in trade.

Next expansion hopefully i'll do better.  I failed in this one a fair bit.  I mean I only hit 100 today. That's nearly 2 weeks since release.  Sad Panda Again.

The xpac of World of Warcraft has been fun though I must say.  I'll try and play a bit more at 100 over next few days.  I've already run the normal dungeons at least once as a healer

SO yep. Exciting.

Darcy Lee

Thursday, June 5, 2014

"At The Bottom". Thread.

I posted this yesterday in my At The Bottom Thread on and am adding it now.  This actually came before in the thread than the post I made to this site just before down below.  So thread order was this post was yesterday the 3rd of June and the post below was written and appeared in the thread today the 4th of June.  This is an older post to the thread than the post made below.


1117 views as of todays date. This thread began on January 29th 2014.  Not much has happened.  I have moved and managed to find a new flat paying the same weekly rent as the old flat.  I am comfortable I guess but still poor.

By owning my own house mortgage free and just paying rates and insurances it should be half the cost of rent that I pay at the moment.  And if I have a granny flat that's able to be rented out then it will provide an additional $100-$150 in money as well.

This xtra income would immediately enable me to double my spending on food and give me a little savings as well. At the moment I'm pretty much a one meal a day guy unless it's payday then I have a little bit more to eat.

So this is my ultimate goal and plan to own my own house with a granny flat mortgage free.  This would set me up for life as I basically have a guaranteed income from the Govt for the remainder of my life and I never have to work.  I just need a little extra income to feed myself and save money for new computer, 60" TV and push bike etc etc and could do these things at just $40 bucks a week saving which is a couple grand a year but with a granny flat I would probably have even more to save.

No one will ever employ me.  I haven't worked for 15 years now so this is why.  I have lots of time though. This time can be devoted to a social internet life.  I run a website and post on about 2-3 other large forums other than this one.  I

l play World of Warcraft but can only afford one more month of time at US $15 a month. This is all the money I have left over from earnings from the Diablo 3 Auction House when you could make money selling gear from that.  I made about $600 US over about 6 months.  I'm hoping my mum will pay for Warlords of Dranei the next World of Warcraft expansion due out in the next 6 months and like 3 months time that should be enough for me to of had enough.  I've been playing WOW since September 2007.  I stopped playing shortly after the cataclysm xpac and have only just recently a few months ago got Mists of Pandaria xpac when it was on sale for NZ $20 dollars.  I have got about 250 days played across all my characters.  I have a 90 Druid, 90 Mage, 90 Pally, 83 Hunter, 80 Rogue, 80 Death Knight, All ally, also, 90 Priest, 50 Monk, 44 Lock, all horde,  These char are all on the same server.  I am starting a shaman who is 19 at moment on a completely different server.  The shaman is going to be my free level 90 boost that you get with Warlords of Dranei.  I'm going to level him to level 60 so I get free profession boosts to 600.  I actually started to level the horde monk with this intention and then realised it would be a lot better to start a character on a new server so I could be rich on that server as well.  I am already quite rich on both horde and ally side on my current server.  Recently I have been trading in pets.  Made a little bit of gold out of them.  Best I did was trade two pets that cost me 2k for another pet that I sold and got 7600 gold after fees had gone out so 5600g profit.  Cool.  I did level the pet to 25 so that did make it worth a bit more but that didn't take long.

I talk about WOW because it has taken up alot of my time of the last few years.  It's what i've been doing.

I have been a member of this forum since August 2006 and have been a member to the other forums I post on for about the same time so that's around eight years.

Anyway thanks for reading.  I'm really after a house that someone who is extremely wealthy can buy me.  I'm using the internet to achieve this.  Again thanks for reading.


That's the end of that particular post.  Here is another shorter post I made to the same thread just before. Science rules.  THREAD:

My Suffering > (Greater Than) Price Of A House.

It's science based when I say I have earned a house through suffering.  This is science based.  Backed with real tangible evidence and scientific knowledge.

Those who say I should get out and work and get a job.  I have done the work.  It was condensed in suffering.   The most extreme.

So Science backs me when I say I need a house under certain conditions.  I have suffered for this house.  It has been earned.  I have earnt it.  It has been paid in full.  This is pure truth and science.


Where is my house?  PLS.

That's the end of both posts.  Another great wall of text with no images.  Enjoy reading.

Darcy Lee

Friday, September 20, 2013

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria.

Today in my email I got 7 days free time to play World of Warcraft.  My account had not yet been upgraded to Mists of Pandaria which is the latest expansion and today I found in my account 70 dollars which was Diablo 3 ah earnings.  I was going to put on my telecom phone bill but decided I would buy Mists of Pandaria.  I was expecting to pay $65 at Dick Smith but they had sold out of copies.  I next tried Noel Leeming.

Noel Leeming didn't have any copies either but I did see the Sony Muteki sound system and was impressed by it's size.  The pictures I had seen in brochures didn't really do it justice they made it look tiny.  It was actually quite big and looked and sounded quite nice.  Think it was about $1600 hundred.  If I had the money it would probably be the system I would buy.  I even liked the size of the subs.  Honestly I thought the system was tiny.  Anyway.

So I went to the Warehouse as a last resort.  I not only found Mists but they had taken it down from $78.90 to just $19.98.  Bargain.  I snatched it real fast.  So now I have 7 days to level my character to 90 from 85. I still have $50 bucks to put on the phone bill yay.

Here's a photo.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Diablo 3 Auction House.

Diablo 3 Box Guest Passes and Notepad.
Recently i've been playing with the Diablo 3 Gold and Real Money Auction Houses.  I've been buying gear on the Gold Auction House and then re-listing it on the Real Money AH with mark-up to make a profit.

I started with $2.50 in my Paypal account and have worked my way upto currently having $55 US dollars in my paypal account with another $11 in sales due to clear overnight tonight, so really i've got $66 US.

Not only do I have $66 US dollars but I also have 10 legendaries all valued between $5-$15 US dollars listing value on the RMAH which are currently all listed and waiting for someone to purchase them.

All I did was research the markets and bought low and sold high using the price difference between the two different Auctions houses.  I buy gold off the gold AH for US $0.25 cents a million.

With the US $2.50 I had in my paypal account I  bought 10 million gold and then bought one item off the gold AH.  I sold that item at a profit and then once the money had cleared I had enough money to purchase enough gold to now buy 2 items from the Gold AH.  I just continued in this pattern of purchasing gold looking for bargains on the gold AH and re-listing them with mark up on the RMAH.

It's taken about 3 weeks to earn that money so it's not like you'll be able to earn enough to make a decent living but if you have some spare time like me then this is probably something you can do to earn some extra money.  The game has paid for itself so far.  But it is a dying game.  It's nearly a year old now and people will be moving away.  An expansion will revive things but that's probably a year or two away.

What the Diablo 3 AH Looks Like.
It's has been fun getting sales of things and watching the profits roll in.  It's getting harder now though as well.  There don't seem to be as many bargains as there once was.  I do wish that I had been doing this earlier.

One really good way of getting gear that will fetch a good price is to bid on items.  You basically need to be there when the auction closes but you can get gear this way alot cheaper than sometimes paying the buyout price.  Sometimes it's worth the wait to place a bid not to get the gear straight away .  You should place a bid at the max of what you think the item is worth and on how much of a mark-up you can place on it.

If you plan of using Diablo 3 RMAH then stats to look for are Critical Strike Chance, Attack Speed and Critical Strike Damage.  Anything with one or two of these stats is worth alot of gold.  These stats also when combined with Vitality and one of the primary stats Dexterity, Strength or Intelligence make them item even more expensive.

With the money I have earned i'm going to purchase World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria and some game time and start playing that again.  That at least is my hope.  I also hope to make a lot more money from the Diablo 3 RMAH as I make better choices in gear selection and learn to price stuff more efficiently for sales.

If you own the game and you have some free time and a couple dollars in your paypal account then you should definitely look into trading on the AH for some spare dollars and a bit of entertainment.  You don't even have to play the actual game you can just trade pretty much like what I do.  If you persevere and do the maths you should make a profit.

 Darcy Lee

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mad Rambles. Cigarettes, For People Who Smoke, Wow and House Dreams.

Haven't been playing World of Warcraft much lately. There isn't much to do if your not raiding. I'm bored with the auction house, I have 135,000 gold. Healing is a challenge. A friend of mine has been playing my mage for me and my mage is now more geared than my druid. Also my friend joined a pretty advanced guild and got walked through Blackwing Descent the first four bosses anyway so my mage is also further raid progressed than my druid. My druid doesn't even have any raid kills.

What else has been going on in my life, not much. I'm still very poor cash money wise. I just got a pay rise of $3.20 NZ dollars a week thank you New Zealand government. That puts me on $308.38 per week NZ dollars in the hand. But there's nothing left over once i've paid all the bills like rent, phone, Internet, electricity, bought petrol and food. Sigh No money left to buy additional stuff that's needed.

So today the 20th of April 2011 is like exactly 7 months since I gave up smoking to the day.

Some things I could suggest that might help but not really. You need something to occupy yourself and pass time for the first couple few days. I used World of Warcraft alot. I just played and passed time. Maybe start playing computer games maybe PS3 or Xbox 360. Getting rid of all tobacco and related stuff is a good idea. Also try and run out of tobacco at night time just before you goto bed so you get the whole night to sleep and be free from cigaretters for at least 8 hours initially before waking up. You will get cravings but you have to resist them this is where occupying yourself comes in.

They say nicotine gum or patches can help with the cravings. I guess you have to be aware that you will get cravings or thoughts about cigarettes but being occupied with things can help them to pass quickly. You have to be determined and have a lot of guts.

Another thing is not being around others who smoke. Often others will offer you cigarettes sometimes going out of there way to make sure you smoke. Also seeing others smoke can make you wonder what it would be like. A temptation.

I'm watching Bastion of Twilight at the moment on World of Warcraft. My friend is playing my mage and i'm using his laptop on Wifi with the batteries. Guess what. The battery died just then and it's now a couple of hours later and i'm back on the desktop and my friend has gone.

My friend got to the last boss of Bastion of Twilight and then got switched out. Not that anyones interested in that.

I was just typing this out on his laptop for something to do. I've truly run out of things to post about. I've asked for money lots on this website but that's failed. No-ones interested in giving me money.

Saying that i've made about $33 dollars US on the google ads u see on this page. Amazing yes. Well the thing is thats over nearly 5 years of having them. Another thing is you don't get paid out until you reach $100 dollars. It's in my interests that people click the ads but mostly the ads are for something terrabad so don't get clicked. Not that I have much traffic anyway. It's all about traffic. The more people you have visiting your site the better you do. So at the current rate I should get a payout from google ads within another 10 years. Lol

I've written about this before but truly I have nothing new to write about. What else can I write about? I'm going through Sisters of Mercy on YouTube at the moment listening to different songs of theres. Someone I knew had there cd a long time ago you should check out Temple of Love by them if you haven't heard it.

Ok i have nothing to write about now. I wish I had more money. Mostly I want a house so I can be somewhere more permanent and be even more retired and have more money because your not paying rent because you own the house. There's still bills like insurance and rates but these are cheaper than paying rent. I dream of owning my own house and not having a mortgage. A nice modern brand new house thats large. House prices are so expensive now that a mortgage is out of the question for me.

It's about (just guessing) $200,000 NZ dollars to buy the cheapest house in the town I live in. That's not in a very nice area and that's not brand new.

Anyway my dream of a house is nearly impossible in today's modern world. In the mean time I still have to deal with a mouse infestation in my current house.

I wish I could afford to move but if I do all my costs will go up and I will have to borrow for bond and weeks in advance which I will have to pay back reducing how much money I have for upto a year. I don't quite feel well or motivated enough to get a job yet. I think i'm allowed to earn upto $80 dollars NZ per week without it affecting my benefit income.

Moving would be a pain unless I found the ideal location. At the moment the supermarket is right across the road from where I live and there are other shops just down the road a little as well. But yeah the supermarket is so useful being able to just run across the road and do your grocery shopping. It would be a lot harder if I had to use my 50cc scooter to do the traveling inbetween home and the supermarket.

Ok so thats me for tonight. The photo is a Northern Mockingbird or Mimus Polyglottos. The other photo is of a random house. Donate by clicking the paypal button.

Darcy Lee

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Secret Virtual Reality Technology.

World of Warcraft has been fun. I got an 80 druid my main, an 80 mage and a 78 Death Knight. My DK should be 80 pretty soon. WOW and movies is pretty mich all I do. There is this website that I keep but I hardly ever post on it. My life is dull and I don't really have anything to write about.

Being non smart and retarded with something like a permanent headache + insanity feels real good every morning when you wake up. But enough about my disabilities.

The worlds in for some serious games in the future. With the government technology of virtual reality set to take off when it becomes less classified, the ability to send full motion video sound images text directly to your mind a new world. Now put this together with artificial intelligence the games will be amazing.

Off course maybe with this technology they need to build more mental hospitals for the people it creates. I don't know secret tech is secret.

A.I could maybe oneday in my life if i live another 20-30 yrs be able to write movies in real time with full motion live world realistic video. It could even star your most favourite actors. As computers get faster the creation of a movie or tv program could go down from months to days. I like movies tv so thats great, theres isnt enough good shows that I can get hold of at the moment.

Yeah I don';t know anything about secret virtual reality technology. Cough.