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Sunday, December 16, 2007

No Money Made Yet. Today is Buy Me Some Land Day.

It's been a while since i've posted on my page here. Got depressed that I wasn't making any money. I'm disabled so was hard work a little, embarrassing to. There's not much strength in what I write. Yick.

I got an idea. I've been trying to make money to get a house. Well I thought "my dad's a builder" and "my brother is a plumber". Soooo if I had some land..... (that someone bought and then gave me) I could borrow money from the bank against the land and using my brother and dad could build a house. It's brilliant. Except for the part of how to get the land. So I need your help.

I need some land. You could donate to me. All thats required to donate to me is you click the paypal button on here and enter a few details including your credit card number and the amount you want to give me. Maximum $10 000 US. To do this someone would have to have spare money, they would also have to be brave and daring. Also intelligent.

My story is I need some land. I think I might have written that I need land I don't even know in a previous post. The idea about building. If I get land from donations i'll be borrowing from the bank against it so it's like i'm putting everything I have into it as well. I would be maxing out the amount of money I can borrow from a bank I could afford repayments on to build a house (on the land I earn through this website). A mortgage. This is an upgrade.

With mortgage... Paying myself money instead of paying someone else rent. Wealth.

Ok i'm boring. All I talk about is buy me a house this buy me some land that on here page.

What i've been doing since my last post is playing World of Warcraft. You can slash played in the game and it tells u your total time played all added up. So since my last post i've spent 26 solid days in a row all added up playing WOW. I'm a level 58 Druid 2 bars of experience from level 59. Today.

I'll try to write more possibly now, WOW is wearing off a little and I have more time available again. All i'll be writing though will be "donate to me" "buy me some land" so if you've been here once you'll know what to expect if you think to return. :)

So today the message for this page to the world is.... Donate to me and buy I some land.

You can go shooping for land in NZ Wairarapa where I live at