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Thursday, April 16, 2015

How To Make Gold In World Of Warcraft and Game Time Tokens.

These are just more random thoughts and ideas and will flit from one topic to the other.
Garrosh Hellscream.

I've been playing a bit of World of Warcraft recently. On this game across all my different characters I have about 300 days played. This is over a period of about 7 years. But saying that most of the time was racked up in the first 3 years. For example I only had about 6 days total played time on my main char for Mists of Pandaria. Although in the end I did have 6x level 90.

At the moment I have 2 Level 100s in Warlord of Draenor and also a level 97. My main is an Ally Resto Druid. The other 100 I have is a Horde Priest. My char at 97 is my mage. I actually started to level my mage before my priest but a friend in Real Life joined wow and started playing but he like horde so I ended up leveling my hordey.

Recently just gone live is the Gold for Time Feature. This should interest quite a few people. At the moment it seems to hover around 22000 gold for 30 days of time. Though this does fluctuate.

I actually have already bought 2x tokens. I paid 22600 gold each for both of them. I'm hoping you don't need active time to activate them. I know that you can buy the tokens with gold if you don't have any time but I don't know if you can activate tokens that you've already bought while you had time.

I should have enough gold for about 6 months worth of play at the moment. Also I should be able to make more gold in this time so I should be able to extend it a bit as well. I think I will prolly get bored before I spend all my gold though eventually I will work my way through it.
Buying a token to sell I think is as simple as pushing escape and opening the shop and going from there. I think u have to manually list them on the AH to sell but not totally sure. Also your guaranteed the gold that you get. So whatever it lists for is exactly what you get. So at them moment for US $20 you will get 22000 gold. Around 1200 gold a dollar.

I had about 170k just before the tokens went live. I bought a few heirlooms for gold which are also now live. So yeah I have about 120k gold left.

I've been buying bulk spirit dust in the hope that this will go up in price in the future. I did this with hypnotic dust which I paid like 1g each for and in the end I was selling for 25g each. The only thing was with hypno is that I didn't buy enough. I only had about 70-80 stacks of 20.

This time i'm prepared for the price rise. I have about 40k dusts on a few different char. Also i've been building up my spirit dust on different servers as well. Even if it goes up to like 5g thats still a huge profit considering for spirit dust i've been paying around 30 silver each dust.

Now I know the demand for spirit dust won't be as high as hypno because you don't need it for bags but there should still be a reasonable demand and a small but significant price increase as the material becomes rarer.

I suggest you invest in spirit dust as well. It's worth storing up. Don't pay anymore than 1g each for them. Just buy all the cheap stuff.

If you want to know what I made all my gold in it was Pet Trading from server to server. I maxed out about 200k before it got boring and difficult. There's plenty of gold to be made in them pets at them moment simply because there's so many of them. But it is hard work.

Battle Pets.
So yeah if you want to make some gold invest in spirit dust on a longer term basis or in the shorter term buy some battle pets and trade from server to server where the economies are different. You can buy one pet on one server for 500g sell it for 2000-3000g on another server keep doing this and eventually you'll have alot of battle pets and heaps of gold.

But yeah it is hard work but this is how to make gold in World of Warcraft. Battle Pets are my recommendation on how to make gold. Best i've done is pay 6k for one pet and then sell it for 12k so around 5500g profit after AH fees. But you can't do this often. Most of the time it's 500g here 1000g there sometimes 2000g profit. But each sale is a profit.

I just spam trade on the server with all the different pets I have for sale. All of them have a markup on them but are still undercutting whatever is on AH. I only try and sell to raise gold on a server that there is a specific bargain on.

It takes a little to know and learn the prices, but once you do it's awesome you can definitely make a profit.

A Wow Battle Pet.
I started small. There was probably a pet that cost 500g on a server that I could sell for 2000g gold on my home main server. I remember also trading a bone spider for 2x pets and then selling those pets for like 350-400g. So in the beginning I was dealing in low end pets around 200-500g and trading in these. Eventually I learned the bargains. I priced everything on what I could get for it on my main server.

This works because there are so many servers with Auction House lists of pets on them. Your guaranteed to get a bargain on at least one server.

I guess it takes a bit of time to walk your fresh newly created level one char to the AH but once your setup there's plenty of gold to be made. I suggest you create a character in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind as this is easiest to do trades in. Goto the high population servers as these tend to have more pets and more bargains then take them to lower population and sell for a higher price.

I used /trade to try and sell my pets. You could use the Auction House and potentially get more gold but you might miss the bargain that you specifically came to buy.

If your using trade and trying to sell a pet to get a specific bargain on that server and your having no luck then perhaps try changing factions and advertising on the opposite side in trade as both horde and ally auction houses are linked now. This gives you two different audiences in trade to sell your pets, to raise capital for purchases of bargains on any one specific server.

So pets is how I made 200k in World of Warcraft. I made this over about 3 months of play I think.

This has been a guide on How To Make Gold in World Of Warcraft using pets, not a very good guide but it still clues you in to what many people have been missing out on.

Darcy Lee

Monday, June 16, 2014

Immortality War On Death 2.

This is the older half of my older now defunct blog.  It's quite long don't bother reading.  I'm just posting here for history.  This blogs first entry is 11th of September 2006 and goes upto the 28th of April 2007.  It probably continued a little after this but April 2007 is also about the time I started this blog on

I wrote this blog along time ago.  I'm just posting here to preserve my work.  I didn't even read what I have written I have just copied and pasted.  Anyway these were my first attempts at writing for a blog.


1. The quality or condition of being immortal.

2. Endless life or existence.

3. Enduring fame.



1. a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

2. a state or period of armed hostility or active military operations.

3. a contest carried on by force of arms, as in a series of battles or campaigns.

4. active hostility or contention; conflict; contest.

5. aggressive business conflict, as through severe price cutting in the same industry or any other means of undermining competitors.

6. a struggle.

7. armed fighting, as a science, profession, activity, or art; methods or principles of waging armed conflict.


8. to make or carry on war.

9. to carry on active hostility or contention.

10. to be in conflict or in a state of strong opposition.


11. of, belonging to, used in, or due to war.



1. the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism.

2. the state of being dead.

3. extinction; destruction.

4. the agent of death personified, usually represented as a man or a skeleton carrying a scythe.


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Click the paypal button to donate.

I'm hoping to further the cause of immortality just by living so am looking for donations to help towards costs.
Actually I need a house.

Join the war effort today!

28/04/07 - Another Post 4 Music Videos

Just wanted to add these four music videos. The first one is called Mozart files and shows the progression of someone on piano over the years. I'm using this blog myself as a way to chart my progression. There is another piano video which is ok and the other two are people on guitar and singing which I thought were ok as well. If you've just come to this blog i'm trying to make money for a house and everything a house needs. I'm trying to add as much content to this site as possible to make it worthy of making money. I'm not happy with how the text is laid out at the moment but remember progression. Yep money. Make a donation via the Paypal button. This site is poor really, progression though.

28/04/07 - New Blog and Websites I've Setup + New Domain Names + My Cell Phone Number from You Tube.

I've recently set up a few new web pages hosted at different free hosts. They all link to this site and each other. There are a few good things I can think of for doing this. It's taken a while for this page to start generating search results from google, it's only just starting to get hits now. By having these pages setup and running they will eventually go through googles sandbox. The google sandbox is where it takes time for pages to get decent rankings for search terms or something like that. It takes time for them to show up. Also because they all link to each other it helps with the rankings for google as google rates pages by how many links they have to them etc. Basically i've setup my own little network of sites which I think would have to be better than just one site hosted on one server. Yet another thing is that I will be running each page with different ideas which will mean i'll be thinking more, like i'll suddenly get an idea to do this to this oneday and this to this on another page another day. As time goes by each page will get built up and up hopefully - with ideas.

I just got a couple of free domain names which have a extension. Actually they're not free as they cost a link on your site but thats cheap. The first address I got was my name so the address is It points to this site at the moment. They cost a link and can be anything you want. Ok, so the second address I got was as an addition to my domain name that I had to pay for The domain name points to my new moviez page which is explained below but is really self explanitory.

Here are all my new pages and blog:
This is my new blog. It's hosted by which is a very heavily trafficed website which could be an advantage. It uses wordpress so looks tidier than this website and the colours are nicer. I only have one blog entry so far and i'm going to try and use it to get a 50cc petrol scooter I think or at the very least to make a little money. I'm hoping that now having access to two different blogs I will write more. I'm also thinking of switching to asking for a scooter on this website as well but a house will always be in the background once I achieve certain goals. I'm liking this life thing sometimes.

Billionaire Giving Away Money? Mirror 1. Hosted here. | Billionaire Giving Away Money? Mirror 2. Hosted elsewhere.
Er a couple of pages seeking billionaires or millionaires giving away money. Pretty self explainatory. I'll try to add to the pages over time. Has my cell phone number listed as well.

BuyMeAHouse Original | Buy Me A House Mirror 2 | Buy Me A House Mirror 3 | Buy Me A House Mirror 4
Over time each site will become a slightly different site. Currently only the original is listed in google but the page has ads on it so it's not that useful. I only found out about ad free webhosting later. The original has existed for a while but is updated now and the others have only started existing in the last week or so.

My New Moviez Page
This is my new Moviez page. It basically has all the moviez that have been on this website so far but without all the text inbetween. It will grow over time as more moviez are added as the plan goes. Only moviez here and the address to get straight to it is as I mentioned.

Ok so the below moviez are my cell phone number just asking for texts and Luke Johnson who orginally broadcast his cell number on You Tube asking for people to call him and inspired me to post a video asking for texts. I had been asking for texts on this website for a little while but he started in September last year 2006. I actually got my first text about 4-5 hours after posting this video but haven't received any others and it's been about 3 days now. The text was from spain. Thats all.


21/04/07 - Search Engines and This Page + Four More Moviez.

I'm only just starting to get search engine hits now. Only like 1 every 4 days or so which is not very much. I've seen blogs that have been running for a similar time and they are picking up like 150 hits a week from search engines, this is because they have more content I think and the search terms people are using are matching their articles. I need to add blog entries with with keywords and search terms so that I can get more hits, but what to write about. I don't really have any ideas. I had a hit on the word Gamenz from someone using google in romania so that was pretty cool but noone really uses that search term very much. I also had a hit on my Mobik article, a couple of hits on FWM779 which is the model number of my stereo that I have at home at the moment which I wrote about in an earlier blog entry and the search term "skywatch magazine download pdf". The advice I would give to people is that you never know what search term will turn up a result for your site so you should and can pretty much write about anything.

Here are another four moviez, the first one is Kiwi which is an animation and quite funny, the second is by the band called OKGO where they do a routine on treadmills, it was only released on You Tube initially and it made them famous, it's had over 15 million views so far the song is Here it goes again, you've proberly heard it on the radio. The next one is a parrot that plays golf, basketball and rolls over. The last one is some of the best beatboxing I have seen. Thats all folks.

12/04/07 - New Domain Name for this Website and Two More Moviez.

So today I purchased the domain name I now have two domain names. I really should of purchased dot com names because they are more valuable on a worldwide scale but didn't seem like a bad name. I don't really like my other one so much Unfortunately it costs $34 NZ dollars a year for each domain name so I can't really afford to run any more unless they start making money. Next I will buy dot com names I hope. I'm kinda sad because i've been watching the domain which was available but just got sold on the 16th of March 2007. That would of been the one I purchased proberly if it hadn't been sold. I'm going to try and add more and more movies now to this blog to fit with the domain. This week i'm adding my pirate logo again which I now have two copies on the metacafe website and so that I can get a link on from them and also the world record for the fastest train. The train gets upto 574.8 Km/h. If you didn't know metacafe places a link on their website to your blog whenever you place one of their videos on your website.

07/04/07 - Might Start Adding Headings To Blog Entries From Now On. Sometimes. Might.

I haven't had the skills to really build any traffic to this site in the time thats it's been running. If your starting a blog then creating links from other websites to your own will generate traffic if they're quality links from busy sites. But also it will give you a higher search engine ranking. I'm starting to get a few links up now, slowly though. There is alot of room for improvement I could make to the site graphicaly along with links as well. I do get a few search engine hits but it's taken me alot longer than other people. People are just smarter. Links and search engine hits/rankings. Important stuff. Content for search engines on your blog also important stuff. Thats proberly all you need to make money using the internet. Ok here are two more videos. One is Duck Feeding Carp and the other is Dancing Matt - He dances in countries all round the world. Thanks for your time. Remember videos and forums now also make you money, thaks internet.


I uploaded my first two videos to Metacafe today which means if I hit 20 000 views on them that I earn $100 US dollars and $5 dollars for every 1000 views after that. I don't have a video camera so I just made them out of the animated icons that I have. There not that great quality but for a first attempt they will do. View them below. My nick on metacafe is Piratevoice. I guess you could say it's an attempt to make some easy money though I really don't expect these videos to make anything. I'll write about it if I ever make any money. Another bonus is that metacafe lets you post a link along with the videos so maybe it will generate some traffic. The pirate flag managed to pick up 53 views in about 20 mins and the other one about 23 views in 10 minutes. Ok so watch the videos if your inclined they are only short.


The main problems I have with life at the moment are things like suffering and aging. I would think someone crazy if they were to say that they didn't have a problem with suffering and aging, aging which is becoming more frail and more prone to suffering. I suffer in my life and any definition of immortality I would give is that you would be incredibly healthy and suffering wouldn't even be thought of or on such a minor scale that it's well not even thought of. I'm thinking alot of age extension at the moment. If I could live to the age of 200 or more in complete health and not have any of the problems of aging that would be great. If the world was organised then I really don't think it would be to much of a challenge.

I've posted below a couple of videos of Aubrey De Grey who is very active about immortality and life extension. I think I would agree with most of what he says. So anyway the time is now. In our modern time that we live in something can be actually done about aging. Aging is frailty and suffering thats what i'm really on about. All suffering needs to end. Anyway watch the videos if you want it might answer some of your questions you have. Things can be done.


This has been a while me writing here since the last time. It's ok not to notice. A theory goes that the more effort I put into this website, the more blog entries I make etc then the chances of making money by donations are increased. I'm just thinking to myself like just now, something like well being paid to write. Like people read what I have to say exactly like what your reading now and they pay me, they donate, for reading, and this text being read right now is what they paid for, a little, when they donated along with the thing that I need a house and they think it's a good idea to give me money for that as well and of course all the other reasons which I haven't thought of yet but will use in all attempts to make money. There said that. I just thought of that now, but it explains a little of what i'm attempting perhaps. Now I can say that this text sorta isn't free. People will make donations to me eventually and I could justify donations them as saying it supports the text that is written here and keeps it going um and everything. Maybe this is could be the answer to the question of why people should give me money instead of some other charity. I could say that my text is sorta not free (er at the moment it is because no-ones ever donated in six months). This text is work. Ok it's free but I could say that there's a charge though through donation only. Yeah just thought now. Text not free (if you make donation).

What I was thinking before the "this text is not free" stuff is more like when I do work on this website it gets content and better graphics etc. I used the word effort and gave it the name of theory before. So the theory is, like you could say work=dollars. You could say what i'm doing for myself is website=work=dollars as a formula to make money with the more work you do equaling more dollars in your pocket. I'm trying to make money with this website which is a form of my labour. Unfortunately though I'm just lazy, kinda sick to, as there is heaps more I could do for this place but I haven't even been sitting down and doing basics really for a couple of weeks, there's a problem with my formula which is work=hard=tiring=notgettingdone. Work of course can be =fun but nowork=nodollars=notmuchcontentonwebsite. What was just said is for others who possibly are also thinking of running a website/blog trying to make money but it doesn't contribute anything really and you proberly want your couple of minutes back right now after arriving at this full stop and your now lost like me.

Onwards. I'm asking for donations because I need a house (and now because this text is not free muwahaha) well one of the ways I thought I could do this is that my Dad is a builder and my brother is a plumber. So instead of needing to get like $150 000 to $200 000 NZ which is the price of a complete house I could try and get just a section which would cost about $80 000 to $100 000 NZ and then I could get a $50 000 to $60 000 thousand NZ dollar mortage borrowed against the section and my family could build me. This is less required to be donated and gets me a house faster. Maybe $80 000 NZ could be a target to set. Who doesn't want to be rich.

Someone did a search for "eiffel i'm blue lyrics debate" in google and found my website which was picked up from my last couple of blog entries, so for bloggers and website owners perhaps use this as an example of you never know what people are going to search for that will find your site. Content is king plus whatever you want to write about in the world.

I'll start posting You Tube videos now in my blog as I find them which will get people viewing them more rather than having to click a separate page. I never really thought much of adding videos actually within my blog until now, it's just clicked duh. 2007 will be the year for internet video perhaps I mean now you can be paid for your videos so hell that rates with me. (See metacafe blog entry below). These two videos are about criminals, one is fake and one is real can you tell which?


I feel that after my last long blog entry i've really shown some my true health and state of mind. Not that my blog was much, but it does maybe tarnish it a little, I like being honest though. My blue song speil, it wasn't really needed, but it has kinda bugged me for a while. It did sound much better in my head as things always do, but really I don't think there's anything there. I mean maybe but no. If it was the government they would've given me a house surely, not something that would actually be harmful to someone like me. I mean ok, so say they did do the song right, if I tell anyone, no-one believes, I can't make any money from it, I can't eat it, and it causes me stress because I have to think maybe they did, maybe they didn't. I'm going on again like it's real. Hmmm. Nobody owned up to it like sometimes you here the story of why a song was written. I did get the most funniest look from my best friend at the time when we were traveling up to Mount Maunganui for New years 1999 and we both heard the song for the first time on the radio. I couldn't say anything to his look though, I was in so much pain, but it was like a look of knowing it was about me. You wouldn't really get a look like this normally and thats the only way I can interpret it. Of course there is my mental state, I could see things and make stuff up about anything, and i'd believe myself for a while.

Ahem, *cough*, how about this, i'll ask the governments to do another song about me, er more like their first song about me, i'll ask in this blog, this is me asking right now, the rules are you have to let everyone know it's about me somehow and don't hide in the shadows, also you have to give me a house, thats also one of the rules. If you don't want to do the song then a just the house will be fine. That was me asking for a song. Add a song to my wishlist. A song would be cool would it not. It's possible, I believe. Haha.

I just got a mobile phone (picture below)right now as I was writing this blog. My Mum gave it to me. The number is 027 2400 295. What you could do is go here, and send me a text message for free just to say hi, let me know your alive, any reason. It's free to sign up and takes about 2 mins and there's no catch I use them all the time. The phone number has to have the country code in front of it and you have to drop any zeros, so to send a text to me from or using a cell phone overseas my number will look like this 64 27 2400 295. 64 is New Zealands country code. So send me a text.

Here's the final conclusion to my bidvertiser campaign that I have been running. For a total cost of $9.10 US dollars I got exactly 101 clicks and 218 821 impressions, which is the number of times the ad was shown. I have no funds left now. If you divide $9.10 by 101 you get 9 cents per click. 9 cents per person is ok I guess, but I didn't get any donations so not really. The ad looked like this. On the top line as a heading it had "Quest for Donations". The second line read "Nzblog asking for donations". The third line read "Use your credit card. Donate today" and the address on the bottom read So thats that for now. I might go again if I get any donations in the future but i'll let you know.

There's lots blog entries on this page now but I imagine that only a few people would be reading them. I know I don't read everything that's written when I view other blogs. But anyway i'll keep going to show that I am putting in effort to earn donations and make money. I'm envious of other websites having tonnes more traffic than me and they haven't even been going as long. At my pace to earn a house it's going to be a while, perseverance I think will get me there. I need a house, and I don't really have any other options so this is it. So anyway thanks for your readership and i'll seeya later (send me a text).

Military War on Death Cell PhoneMobik

All Your Bass Are Belong To Us




If you've just come to this page and this is the first blog entry that your reading then i'll update you as to what i'm up to. Basically i'm just trying to earn some money through the internet. Donations mostly, offering at the moment nothing in return for them. Free money. The money will go towards, well, hopefully a house, but as well all the possessions that make a house a house. Things like televisions, stereos, furniture. Any money will also be used for the general running costs of day to day living as well, electricity, food, basically anything you can think of. Some money could also be used for the promotion of this website, advertising through bidvertiser (i'm currently running a $9 US campaign at the moment from earnings of this website) or even something like the purchase of more domain names.

Things of encountered so far are that there is lots of competition from other websites who have much better ideas and/or better website design and/or are offering something of value in return. My plan to combat this is to try and operate this website for a long period of time say 4-5 years and over that time integrate ideas that will aid in receiving donations. The time factor is how I hope to compete, with time I will gain alot more content and come up with a clearer direction and have things running more smoothly and have a broader understanding of what is required to earn money for nothing. This website has been running for 5 months now since yesterday. I haven't had much traffic yet. Other websites have had so much more traffic after starting at around the same time. Traffic should be just "over time" as well. I mean i'm in a hurry but I can be patient as well. I haven't had any donations yet. So far i've earned $10 dollars US from a sponsered text link advertisement and thats it. It's a start though.
More information about me is that i'm kinda crazy. This is another reason I desire a house. A house is safety and security. Kinda crazy people need these things. If i'm not crazy then I am at least quite sick. The doctors actually have some debate whether i'm crazy or not, but they do definitely agree that i'm sick. When I was 16 I started smoking cannabis. I got very heavily involved in cannabis but not other drugs. When I was 20 and a half I got very sick and turned to religion. I was and am in alot of pain, i'd describe it like having a headache all the time. Cannabis has done alot of damage to my brain, to my thinking, cognitive and language abilities (basically my life). The lesson perhaps that can be passed to others from my experiences is to avoid cannabis and if you do smoke it to do so in moderation with the aim to get off it completely. I started smoking cannabis thinking that it was safe and the general opinion of people that smoke it is that it is quite safe, but my suffering and misery from it speak differently. The only advice about cannabis that I will give now is to avoid it with a passion. I've moved on from religion now, but that caused me alot of problems, believing in something thats false and not true does that. Thats my opinion of religion now, of Jesus. Avoid Jesus too with a passion. Life is difficult for many, I think it's impossible to avoid believing in things that are lies and wrong etc throughout our lives but most try as I do. So thats where I am at the moment.

Here now is one of my insanity storys, something that I think happened but maybe because i'm real sick it's all just false. I can't tell the difference if you understand. I was/am real sick. It will read as crazy but then some consider I am. I do suffer.

So well I was working in Wellington NZ, at Bond and Bond an electronics retail store as a sales person. I new for ages that I was on the way out and was sick but I just kept going hoping that I would pull through and get better. I was definitely delusional, mostly religious beliefs. So with my delusions I quit my job and moved back to my parents house. Well for some reason I thought that the government had bugged my parents house, as ya do when your delusional and religious. Well to deal with this I made a few comments out loud directly speaking to these so called listening devices. One comment was "It's sin in your time". It's hard to keep things in context, but what I meant was sorta like they were sinning with these listening devices and that "In your time". From here I will introduce you to the word "Mondegreens". A mondegreen is the mishearing (usually accidental) of a phrase in such a way that it aqquires a new meaning (form wikipedia). Like you hear a song on the radio and think the lyrics say one thing perfectly but when you look up the lyrics they actually are completely different from what you heard. Click the mondegreen link to read the wikipedia article. What i'll add next is that somehow I got the idea of the word "blue" in my head for about 6 months. I would just be walking around my house and with sadness say "blue" and over that six months I had many conversations with many people about "blue" but I won't tell you what was in those conversations (they new I was crazy of course but blue ya know it just made sense to me the crazy person). I had this belief in blue. For six months everything in my life revolved around the word "blue". (Told ya I was crazy). My answer to any question was quite commonly "blue".

Back to the listening devices. Another thing I said out loud to them was something like "Indeed I would Die" referring to immortality and what I had given and would give for it's invention and to me the only thing to die for. To the listening devices (and possibly cameras now) I also explained I was blue inside and that they were blue. Err ya had to be there. So I was real sick right. Well another of my beliefs was telepathy. I knew I was sick and I believed that the goverment was around and to me they were there to help but there was nothing they could do really. Well, not long after I got sick I was walking across my room and I was like, OH OH, there going to make a song about me. I then sat down on my bed and started to um try and help them write the song, with my telepathy of course. It's hard to explain how it worked but basically it was like combining energy of sorts (disclaimer - telepathy is not real). This was all in my head. Anyway it was real muddy inside my head but after a couple of lines of the song the question was asked what was my favourite car as this was to be included in the song. They chose corvette, but a corvette wasn't my favourite car, so I then started to have an argument (in my head with the songwriters) about how a corvette wasn't my favourite car but they just kept going with the song and wouldn't listen so I just left them to it after becoming real frustrated. That part was real crazy huh. Basically what i'm saying is that all the things I spoke out loud to the "bugs" are mondegreened into the song "Blue" by Eiffel 65 and that I proclaimed "oh oh there going to make a song about me" then had an argument about a corvette not being my favourite car and that corvette is included in the Eiffel 65 song and spent six months talking and thinking about nothing but blue. Just as another thing, I also said out loud to the bugs "Move your Body" referring to how they should move their minds and such. There is another song called "Move your Body" by Eiffel 65, with the minds aspect involved. All just the coincidences of a crazy person I guess. I must say though that I can't exactly communicate efficiently and coherently which would detract from what possibly could be real. All just the insanity of a craxy person I guess.

The mondegreened lines I hear are the chorus, where I hear "Indeed I would die" instead of blue da ba dee, and the line where it says "Blue like my corvette, it's standing outside" I hear as "it's sin in your time". The first part of that line used to sound different before I read the lyrics but i've forgotton now. The only real compelling evidence is that I spent like 6 months mentioning nothing but "Blue". If someone does that and then a song comes out like that what are they to think really. Having the notion that they were going to write a song and then having an argument about a corvette as well hmm er yeah this is crazy. Ignore me. I think there's is also one or two more mondegreened lines in there but this was like 8 years ago so I don't remember. Something else I said to the bugs was "Listen" in the same style that appears in the song.  All just coincidence I guess and the thoughts and experiences of someone who can only be and is crazy. I spent six months saying and doing nothing but "Blue". Anything can be heard wherever you want so don't take this as real to much. I just wanted to say. Oh yeah another thing I said to the bugs is "Blew my house" with the line in the song using blue instead of blew but I won't tell ya the context.

Here are the lyrics to "Blue" by Eiffel 65. Also you could have a look at some of the lyrics mondegreen websites that exist that have examples of peoples lyrics mondegreens as they have heard the same things that I have heard so i'm not alone. This was just a story of some coincidences and some mondegreens of a crazy person I was real sick though so they could of been doing something nice for me as there was nothing else they could do. Blue!!

Yo listen up: here's a story
About a little guy
That lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees is
Just blue like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue Corvette and everything is blue for him
And himself and everybody around
'Cause he aint got nobody to listen: ...
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I have a blue house with a blue window
Blue is the color of all that I wear
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue
Blue are the people here that walk around
Blue like my Corvette it's standing outside
Blue are the words I say and what I think
Blue are the feeling that live inside me
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I have a blue house with a blue window
Blue is the color of all that I wear
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue
Blue are the people here that walk around
Blue like my Corvette it's standing outside
Blue are the words I say and what I think
Blue are the feeling that live inside me
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
Just blue like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue Corvette and everything is blue for him
And himself and everybody around
'Cause he aint got nobody to listen: ...
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)


I'm not sure how to proceed - I'm asking for donations for a house. This will take years at my skill level and amount of work I do compared to the amount of time I actually have unless I get lucky. I'm not complaining at all, the secret is that even though it might take years eventually i'll succeed, and imagine that. The sooner I get a house the more comfortable and better off I will be, the faster I can start progressing. I plan to live in the same house for like 20 years or a long time anyway and would like to get started as soon as possible, living in my own house, as you can proberly understand. The way it could work is that for 3-4 years I will make relatively nothing, no money, from this website, but in those few years I will progress and get to a certain skill level required and developed a network large enough and have enough content then money will suddenly start to come, lots of it. It could work like that. The more time I spend at this the greater with heaps of entertainment and content it will become the greater to make money. I have a real need for a house and it's not just to be rich or have money, I need a house for many things. Perhaps over the years ahead of me that i'm thinking it will take to earn a house from this website i'll develop the skills to communicate why. My enitre focus in life is to get a house so to succeed in this goal i'm focusing everything I think and do around it. I'll be as honest and truthful as I can. I can succeed in getting a house.

Looking at other websites is disheartening when you see how much more drive exists in them and the content they possess. For me because I compare it to my own efforts. I think though, I can compete over time. Content of a website is something that is very important. In the next couple of years as I run this website I will gradually pickup content and the site will evolve. I'll learn things and hopefully pick up skills to entertain and earn donations and maybe even move away from the word donations. My writing style should improve and it should become easier to make blog entries as I become fitter, with stronger muscles and more experienced. To use an example, weightlifters don't start by lifting 200kgs, they work their way up gradually before being able to do that. I can succeed in getting a house.

I'll add ways to make and save money every now and then to this website as I discover them and use them myself so as to become a resource of sorts. So far as a resource to make and save money i've got a forum where you can make money and a website that will pay you to place a text link on your website, payouts all by PayPal and free website hosting with no advertising 2GB storage and 100GB traffic per month. Yesterday I discovered that, a video hosting website like YouTube, is offering to pay you for how many views you get for your own uploaded videos. When 20000 people view your video you get an instant US $100 and for every 1000 views after that you get US $5 dollars. So now you can make money just by making movies. I've mentioned a digital harddrive video camera twice in my Blog/Wishlist before and now that i've found a way to make money from movies it makes it even more of a priority. If you want to make some easy money and you have a video camera start uploading your movies to MetaCafe. 20000 views = $100 US Dollars.

This website is also asking for donations to get everything that would make having my own house even more comfortable. Things like a video camera, gym equipment just about anything you can think of. But the first and hardest goal is a house. My next wishlist item will be a leather lounge suite, but i'll try and do that next time or soon so no wishlist item today really.

My bidvertiser campaign has been going alright. I deposited US $9.10 into my bidvertiser account from the earnings of being paid to place a text link on my website, leaving me $0.21 cents in my PayPal account. My daily budget is $1.30 for 7 days. So far i've had 8,963 impressions which is how many times the ad has been loaded or viewed but not clicked on by anyone and of those impressions 13 clicks which blew my budget for that day. So thats working, but no-ones donationing yet though. What it should mean is a guaranteed 10 clicks per day for the next 6 days costing about $0.12 cents per click with a targeted asking for donations message/advertisement. I think thats it for today. :)

Videotape MetaCafe Videotape

I got an email from PayPal this morning saying that $10 US dollars was waiting for me. This was the money that Money4Blogs paid me for having one of their text links on my website as I mentioned in my last blog entry. Yay my first income from my website, and third transaction record in my PayPal account (someone sent me $0.01 cent and $0.10 cents but the PayPal fees took care of those and still left me with zero balance). Mentioning fees, for the $10 US that was deposited PayPal took $0.69 cents, this could be used as a rough guide as to how much you will lose from each transaction with PayPal. Evertime you recieve money PayPal takes a cut. The fees were about what I was expecting but I still think they are quite high. So anyway what I plan to do with the money is buy some Bidvertiser pay per click advertising. I would use Google Adwords but they don't accept payment by PayPal. So if your reading this and you came from a Bidvertiser ad then hello. You should of already got the idea about what this site is about, i'm after donations, for a house, i'm poor, with no house.

I'm still finding it hard to make blog entries, somedays i'm really quite motivated and could type out quite alot, but mostly due to my illness I have to work really hard to put something together. So far for about 5 months i've managed to post an entry at least once every two weeks, so if you plan on coming back, once every two weeks should be safe for new content. I do want to make more blog entries but I just don't know if I can, I will try though as this website I hope will become a good source of income over the years. The quality of my entries so far I don't rate to highly as I think they are kind of emotional and lacking humour and kind of present with my illness showing through. My illness affects every area of my life even my spelling and writing style making things ever so difficult. I'm hoping that as I make more entries I will improve natrually at writing and have some relevant commentary and a much better writing style.

I recently added an Other Blogs section in my links area. This is something I should have done along time ago. There's only one link there so far which I traded (he has my link on his page) but what it means is well the word networking. I just discovered that I can build a network of blogs with similar topics to mine and this should generate traffic. It's a brilliant idea and something I should have done months ago. A network of other blogs will add to overall usefulness of this site and like I said generate a steady stream of traffic from other sites, also it gives me a link rating which helps with search engine rankings. All I have to do is email a few people to trade links and I should create a steady stream of traffic from other websites. Totally cool. One thing with networking is you have to be good with people because you have to actually talk to them, i'm not very good at this but o-well. Anyway if your just setting up a blog or website I would highly recommend setting a network as soon as possible for more traffic and better search engine ranking, like I said I should have done this ages ago.

It's possible that this blog could become a resource to help others who are just starting out, to make money as well. It's something that over time I think will come together by itself. Check out Money4Blogs to have them pay you to host a text link on your website. Thats one of the first things that people would find useful in this blog. I also want to add, to help people, a little about my host. Currently I am hosted with a company called 110mb. If you are just starting up a website then check these guys out. It is totally free hosting and I get 2GB storage and 100Gb of traffic per month. You also get PHP, database, stats etc all for free. You have a little more control over your website design if it's hosted like this but you could also just use one of the free blog hosting companys that exist but I would recommend my host definitely. It's all free. Free hosting.

I'm viewing life at the moment as well I have to upgrade things. Like, people work and with the money they earn they buy a new car or tv or go on holiday or something, these sorta things I call upgrades, but there is proberly a better word to call it and a better way to explain it but yeah upgrades. At the moment one of the easiest but still the most difficult things I can do to upgrade myself is to quit smoking. Currently I spend a minimum of NZ $34 dollars and more per week on cigarettes. If I was to quit smoking that $34 dollars could be converted into other things giving me a better life, not to mention the better health I would have and all the other benefits of not smoking. I really just don't know how to do it and although I have the dream not to smoke I don't know the science of how to give up. I don't know where to turn and find it so hard. What i'll do it make references to my smoking in my blog every now and then and use this as an additional method to give up smoking, like it will keep track of time and my feelings on smoking and any positive gains I might make in coming to the final ending of giving up. Anything you can do to help me give up would be cool but i'm asking to much. It would be a massive upgrade for my life. It's just so damn difficult, and really quite often I just don't want to give up even though I hate it so much. Smoking is so bad, i'm so addicted that I have heaps of trouble giving up. To me to give up it's in the mind first so thats where i'm fighting. I'll just apologise to the world here for smoking and being just so dumb. Sorry World.  I sound real weak with that about smoking I think.  Never mind about the smoking.  Money for upgrades is important.  Donations....  Gold....  Texas T....

So thats it for this Blog date, I won't include anything on my wishlist this time but again and as always all donations are welcome (HOUSE).


Lately i've been looking at sites that talk about ways to make through your blog or website with the aim of making more money from mine. There are alot of people who have started websites with the sole purpose to make money and they pass on their experience. Alot of the money they make is through advertising like Google Adsense or a similar program. Another method that is mentioned is where a company will pay you to write a blog review about a certain product. I'm not really interested in that yet but it possibly has potential, maybe at a later date when i'm better at writing. One thing I did notice is that these people put in quite alot of time writing blog entries and creating content. One blog had been running for 100 days and had 100 blog entries. This has kind of motivated me. None of the sites I visited were very directly asking for donations though the PayPal button was often on their site, but if I was to increase my effort on this site I think I could actually start to pull in some donations. So basically i'm going to start writing blog entries alot more frequently.

This website has been running for almost exactly 5 months now and I haven't had one single donation or made any money at all. I've had about 400 unique visits since it began. The websites that I looked at had been running for similar lengths of time and some of them have made $700 dollars more or less and had over 10 000 hits. I must say that they have put in more effort than me and proberly have slightly better knowledge about how the internet works with regards to gaining traffic but it's these things I should be capable of.

Alot of these sites link to each other so they share alot of traffic. I haven't really got any links up on other sites yet but it's something that I will definitely try and aquire from now on. It's kind of catch 22 though, where often they won't put your link on their website until you are getting reasonable traffic and you can't start getting reasonable traffic until you have some links up. Yup hmm.

So I mentioned that I haven't made any money yet. Well I found this company Money4Blogs. The deal here is that they will pay you to place a link on your blog somewhere. I sent them the address of my blog for review and got an email back a few days later saying they would offer me $10 dollars US for a link on my blog to be paid by PayPal. I wrote back saying that was acceptable (I haven't made any other money yet so it's definitely acceptable) and they have just written back with the code for the link. I have posted the link in my advertising section at the bottom of the page, it's the text link about the travel insurance and have written them back to let them know that it's live. All i'm waiting for now is for them to confirm the link is live and they will then deposit $10 US into my PayPal account. This is the very first money that I will have made. Hehe. I made $10 dollars. As you can imagine it's a little exciting, even though it's only $10. But yeah ya know, it's a start, it's exciting. So far this site has only cost me $35 NZ for a domain name and the time and I don't mind the time because it's fun.
So i'm hoping that I can gain momentum with regards to posting blog entries now after making my first $10 and visiting other websites also trying to earn money and seeing how they operate. The thing with me is finding stuff to write about. I don't have the freedom of mind that others have. My main source of income from this site will be donations, but to get donations first I need traffic so that is what I will be trying to do, along with more frequent blog entries which I find can give me ideas for things to do and add content which is very useful for search engines.

I got my first two hits from search engines not so long ago. One was from MSN and the other was a google referal. The google hit was searching for Suzuki SJ50QT which is the scooter that I added to my wishlist a while ago. I showed up as the number 10 ranking. The MSN search was for School Plans. I don't know my ranking for that one but those are the two hits I got from search engines. It shows that it's useful to blog about anything as you never know the search terms that people will be using that will produce results for your website. It's good that i'm showing up in search engines now, but the money making sites I looked at have managed to get a much better ranking much quicker with one site getting over 100 referals a week from google alone.

I look forward to the day I get my first donation and will blog about it straight away. I think I have the energy to keep this website going for a long time and that it will grow and expand alot and I will utilise the War on Death - Immortality theme alot more. Watch me progress. From the first donation it should gain momentum, the first donation will be a mark and turning point. I haven't really heard of too many websites making heaps of money from donations - most fail - I think, but just getting traffic would be really great, and traffic is potential. I think I need to put in more work to deserve donations.

To add to my wishlist this time I have included a photo of the Elite 1300 Home Gym which costs NZ $899 from Elite Fitness New Zealand.  With my new house that I will one day have I hope to exercise really well to gain muscle and energy which helps with day to day living.  A house, followed by a scooter are my number 1 and number 2 things to get at the moment but a home gym is definitely on the list.

Try Money4Blogs if you don't mind putting a text link like you see at the bottom of my page in my advertising section if you want to make some money with your blog.

 Military War on Death Home Gym


So today I found a forum that actually pays you to post.  You earn about 2-3 cents money for every single post. They payout when you hit as little as $10 dollars US to your PayPal account. They have 60000+ members at the moment and I imagine because there's money involved that this number will grow incredibly fast.

The forum is called MyLot. I've earned 12 cents so far. The MyLot forum is very useful for a whole heap of information with posts turning over very fast because the more posts you make the more money you make. If you want to make money just by posting on a forum then click the MyLot link and sign up for an account.

What people have been saying about MyLot on the forum is very positive with people making lots of money and with no complaints about not being paid. Join up I guess and make some money. MyLot.


I just found this player. It has Linkin Park and Led Zepelin Loaded at the moment. All legitimite. I added a copy just above obviously and below. I'll add more music at a later time.


Unlimitd crazy. Theres proberly lots of personal information in here. It's just to get a house. It's not to get me killed or mocked or make me suffer. It perhaps shows suffering. Maybe there is no personal information in here really. I'm kinda blind. Alot blind. I've been sick for ages now. For so long.

I can't yet really completely define yet what I mean by the word immortality and what actual immortality if it's possible even will be like and is. Ideas i'm thinking about immortality are that it will include inter stellar travel to other habitable planets very easily, safely, efficiently and quickly. I don't understand much about this universe, planet, reality. Can I state that there are unlimited habitable planets in the universe? Would this statement be true. All places to live for the unlimited number of people that would eventually exist. Humanity definitely has a desire, a dream to travel the universe. It's just a dream at them moment. Interstellar travel at the moment is impossible for us primitives. It makes you dream though. You know I wonder whats out there. It surely sad that we can't interstellar travel. And that it's so far away, beyond our lifetimes. Surely sad.

The idea of life extension is pretty cool I think. Like if I could live to the age of 200 and stuff. If people were living to the age of 200 and still being healthy, they would be so much more intelligent and wise etc. Imagine the knowledge base you'd have after 100 years and you still have 100 years left to live. Yeah it's nice to dream. I wonder if 4 billion people working on life extension could do anything to it if they maintained a concentrated effort for 10 years or so. There working on diseases like cancer and aids at the moment but it seems progress is slow. This internet. The internet is about the best I can do to help. It's like a fight. A war. Everyone has war. Actually the truth is I can't really help maybe. Except dream. I can give some words and dream.

So the verdict is still that i'm going to die at about the age of 60-70 I think or earlier. I should have fun and try to turn a bad thing like my health into a good thing. I have goals like a house to improve things for myself. How do you make it up to yourself for being really stupid and doing foolish things. When I think now I think that life is full of horror and it's easy to mess things up. It's good that in this world now you can express yourself to a few random people from around the world. How do others deal with life. I'm not very strong, things are difficult mostly.

Think of the internet here possibly, it has provided a huge information and communication boost to the whole world. It's a library and mass media communication platform to people. It provides organisation. Organisation is essential.

More kinda random unvaluable text there.

So yeah War on Death Immortality plus life extension plus interstellar travel and can I have a house and please donate towards my house so I can have a house today. Unlimitd crazy.


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!


Never Ending Story - da da da da.....


So I haven't really done much so far. I mean this webpage could be lots bigger and have lots more content and be much more refined and everything really. Four months of writing. This webpage is 4 months old. Some sites on the internet pick up traffic really quickly if the people behind them know what they are doing but I say I guess. Traffic is like a commodity. Something of value. When I say traffic I mean people sitting at their computers looking viewing at a webpage and following links from it or thinking about immortality or thinking about war because thats whats written on the webpage that their viewing on their computer over the internet and then even interacting with the webpage maybe possibly via a donation a comment left or again taking on board an idea from the webpage or many possibilies. Individual people viewing. Unique visiters. You can turn traffic into money. Thats really the point. You can turn traffic into money. Money.

So to add to my wishlist, I this time request the commodity of TRAFFIC. Its sort of a thing you could help with. Some people might know how to get some traffic here or could post a link on their webpages. Google rates when you have links from other sites and it helps with your ranking in search results. This webpage I think doesn't have enough substance yet but i'll keep working at it though because the more time I spend the better and bigger and more refined it will get attracting more traffic and retaining it maybe. I would say that this webpage has about 8-10 hours invested so far to build it. Thats not much at all considering I started 4 months ago. Some professional sites must have hours and hours in them, no, wait, days and days. I going to start to treat it like work.

Each blog entry (wishlist) could be considered an attack against death. A War on Death for Immortality. Ya know. If you stretch. Thats not bad. Um yeah.

I also thought for a second item to add to my wishlist is for a cash donation to my paypal account via your credit card. I've asked for donations before (of course I have) but not in a wishlist form. So this time to add to my wishlist please make a cash donation to my paypal account via your credit card.

And for a third item to add to my wishlist (so I have photographs to post) I would like to add a Harddrive Video Recorder. I have a standard tape using video recorder at the moment which I don't record much stuff with but if I had Sky Digital TV and then a Harddrive Video Recorder, I could slowly fill the Harddrive Video Recorders 160gb harddrive up and have a movie collection to use every now and then. The cost of the Harddrive Video Recorder is NZ $649 from 100 percent electric store.  Make a donation to get me closer to completing my wishlist and immortality.

I've included another photo of a Digital Harddrive Video Camera because this one has a 60gb harddrive and costs only NZ $1699.  Thats 40 hours of recording.  I would start using YouTube.  The other Vidcam only has a 20GB harddrive. So re-add this Digital Harddrive Video Camera to my wishlist.

Confused?  Yep I really need a house.  I really hate moving.  You have to pack up everything and clean the whole house.  I want to keep moving houses to a minimum.  I have to think of an idea where i'm using the internet and I aquire enough money to buy a house, or get a house given to me or get a house somehow.  I'll try and progress my - wishlist - blog - at trying to get a house.  I'll use it to come up with ideas to use the internet to gain a house.  I don't have a good idea at the moment.  So far it's all about the immortality.  Immortality in my life time hopefully.  You the reader have to stop me from dying.  I'll do my best as well.  In my endeavor to get a house  i'm starting with my Sempron 2500 computer and broadband internet connection and free website hosting plan and paypal account.

O yeah, just remembering but my hosting company have now given me 100gb of traffic per month up from 10gb.  Thats one hundred thousand people or so downloading 1mb each that can visit my site per month before I hit the limit and it shows a limit reached page.  I have potential access to 100000 people on media, a webpage, completely controlled by me.  I have to put the work in realistically to get that much traffic.  Sounds ominous.

I haven't really ever told you anything about myself on this site so far.  So a little bit about myself.

My name is Darcy, I live New Zealand in a town called Masterton which has a population of about 20000 and is located about one and a half hours from Wellington which is New Zealands capital city.  I now have a mental illness after I started smoking cannabis at the age of sixteen.  Because of this I live on the New Zealand invalids benefit earning NZ $240 per week renting in a one bedroom flat where if you step outside my door you are standing on the footpath of the main road through the town.  Lots of cars.  My expenses break down like this.  I pay $85 for rent, $28 per week power, $30 per week telephone and broadband connection, $43 for food and household items, $34 for a 50 gram tobacco which lasts 4 days and $20 for stuff.  So from my  current rented house and the broadband internet connection I have i'm going to aquire a house using the internet meaning this webpage and emailing rich people and governments.  Thats the plan.  War on Death.  Once I have a house i'll keep trying to aquire more and more useful material possessions by still using this site.  People have made money selling links.  One more option if I got enough traffic, which should be able to be done if I treat this like work.  I need a house so i'm working for it.  Thanks for your time.


Happy New Year Everyone.  I know it's late but I had a great holiday.

So I was thinking and i'm going to make this site revolve more around my wishlist from now on.  I'm still not listed in any search engines yet so I haven't received any traffic.  I don't know how to do that.  It proberly has something to do with my html code though i've seen another site with a similar style of code and it's ranked number 1 for its specific keywords.  It's harder than I think at the moment to get into the search engines.  So as I was saying i'm going to mainly continue this blog as a wishlist.  I'm always thinking of new things that people can buy me and having links and pictures in a blog advertising them should be interesting and is kinda fun.  It's just getting traffic.  I guess everyone using the web has problems getting traffic.  I'm not so skilled.

So today to add to my wishlist I would like to add Sky Digital TV. The installation cost of Sky Digital TV is NZ $99 dollars and then it costs NZ $65.24 per month which gives you these channels and sevices:

BBC World, SKY News New Zealand, CNN, Fox News, The Weather Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The History Channel, SKY 1, UKTV, Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Juice TV, J2, MTV NZ, Alt TV, E!, The Living Channel, Food TV, Maori TV, ESPN, TAB Trackside, TV One, TV2, TV3, C4, Prime, CCTV-9, Southland TV, Shine TV, Concert FM, National Radio, George FM, Calvary Chapel Radio, Kiwi, Nui FM, Tahu FM, The Guide, and the SkyWatch Magazine plus access to Pay-Per-View channels.

You also get 4 movie channels which are Sky movies 1, Sky movies 2, TCM and MGM.  If I had Sky Digital TV it will fill in on average proberly about 2 hours a day.  I would be alot less bored and well I would be occupied.  So Sky Digital TV really has it's advantages.  Somedays there would be nothing on or I would have seen everything but I reckon about 2 hours a day is a fair guess as to how much I would use it.  Any Paypal donations that go towards getting Sky Digital TV installed would really be appreciated and you can make a Paypal donation by clicking the Paypal picture below or clicking most other Paypal buttons though some of them aren't working yet but I will try to fix this.  Honestly though the thing I need most is a house for comfort but still closely followed by Sky Digital TV as this would lesson my boredom some and fill in my days as I said.

The next thing that I want to add to my wishlist is speakers.  These aren't of that higher priority but I had already done a blog entry on these and it got deleted and also they are a really good price for what they are.  The speakers are from Jaycar NZ and cost NZ $324 dollars for a pair.  They have 1 X 15" Woofer for bass, 3 X Piezo tweeters for treble and 1 X wide dispersion horn for the midrange.  The photos are below.  You can get more information by clicking the Jaycar link and searching for CS-2515 in their search box, this will bring up the pricing and specs. I have an amp that will drive them it's a 250W RMS Philips midi system that cost me only $430 NZ dollars. The cool thing about my Philips stereo is that it has a USB connection to the computer so my computer has a couple thousand MP3's on it and I can flick through the tracks on the remote control of the stereo or the stereo itself and also the titles of the tracks display on the LCD of the stereo. All through USB.  It also has two Line in AV connections one with a separate volume control so you could hook up Sky Digital TV on one line in and and XBox 360 or Harddrive recorder or something on the other.  You can view the details of my NZ $430 dollar Philips midi system by clicking the Philips link the model is fwM779, imagine it with new speakers.  Anyway so thats about it for today for my wishlist.  If you want to make a donation click the paypal button.

28/12/06 - Morning - 5.00am

So after the sad loss of my BLOG entries I was wondering what everyone got for Christmas.  My main present which I got like just over a month ago as an early Christmas present was a domain name.  A domain name is the www address that you enter to get to a web page.  The domain name I got was which now redirects straight to this page.  So you can now access this BLOG by typing into your browsers address bar.

The domain name cost $34 NZ dollars from Discount Domains and was a dot co dot nz address not a dot com.  Soo, this is another thing that you can buy me, all done electronically if you didn't want to give me a cash donation through paypal perhaps.  I'm going to start collecting domain names and redirecting them to this page.

To buy me a domain name is real simple and you can chose any spelling and dot extension that you like, perhaps you could base it on immortality or it could be anything you wanted really.

So to purchase and transfer me a domain name all you need is your credit card and then go to and sign up for an account with them.  It's free.  You'll only be charged when you purchase addresses.  Once you've got an account navigate to the purchase domain name area under your account and then chose your spelling and address extension that you want.  You will have to enter your credit card details and you will be billed $34 NZ dollars it has all the pricing listed on the website so you can confirm exactly how much you are being charged and they will even sent you a receipt.  Next you will be sent a UDAI which stands for Unique Domain Authentication Identifier which is an 8 digit number kinda like a pin number via the email address that you entered.

To transfer the domain to me all you need to do is send me the UDAI and the exact spelling of the address that you purchased for me.  I can then transfer the domain to my Discount Domains account, and will have full control over it and be able to redirect it to this blog or even offer it for sale on TradeMe to try and make a profit from it.  So yep this is another thing to add to my wishlist.

Domain names are cool and there's lots of money to be made from them.  Most of the good ones are gone now of course.  The domain name was my main Christmas present but I also got a schoolbag type bag and a chilli bin and couple of bags full of heaps of chocolate and groceries.  My Nana got me a pack of cigarettes.  I hate smoking.  I also got an 8 Ball ashtray (I hate smoking) 3 T-Shirts and I collected some new shoes that I had waiting.  Anyway that was my Christmas in terms of gifts.  Sorry about losing BLOG entries.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

 Military War on Death Ashtray

28/12/06 - Morning - 1.00am

Damn.  So with my computer at the moment after installing Internet Explorer 7 and then having to uninstall it because it didn't work I can't log into my website host with Internet Explorer which means i've been using Mozilla Firefox.  The problem with my Mozilla is that everytime you open a new Explorer window or My Computer window it closes Mozilla and you have to completely reinstall it to get it working again.  Annoying aye.  Anyway I was working on my website and this happened and I ended up losing all my BLOG entires from the 13/12/06 the last time I backed up my site.  There were about 5-6 BLOG entries about lots of different stuff.  Damn aye.  So i'm a little sad now.  :(.  I lost lots of work, for no good reason at all.  It made my BLOG look a bit more colorful with the different date entries and showed that I have actually been doing work on it.  So when people read this in the future they should know that it was heaps more populated and looked heaps better and I had done more work which is gone now :(.  I added the 25/12/06 entry after losing the other entries just because it marks Christmas Day.

I can't remember everything that i've lost but there were a few Merry Christmas's and I was saying that I found out Die Hard 4 comes out in 2007.  Thats about all I can remember.  Anyway come be sad with me about my loss.

I lost all my blog entries about 5-6 of them dated from the 14/12/06 to the 28/12/06 :(.  This big text commemerates the loss.


Merry Christmas.


This website was for a while hosted at angelfire and the old version of this webpage just before I transfered it can be found here. I transfered from angelfire to another free host where I can now have my own advertising from Google Adsense installed and earn money when you click on specific advertising from Google Adsense which is targeted if you didn't know anything about Google Adsense.  Angelfire my last free host had ads of thier own and I couldn't join Google Adsense (I tried and they said no ). After transfering the website from angelfire to my new host which have no advertising you just start with blank pages, which didn't take very long, I applied to Google Adsense again and it took only 2 hours to get a reply back which with I was really impressed which meant I could install Google Adsense straight away.

Check out Google Adsense for your own webpage if you currently have no advertising to earn money from clicks. Everything on this page with google written on it is part of Google Adsense and earns money when you click on it and also adds content as well.  At angelfire I had 1.0GB of traffic allowance each month. I never even came close to even using that though of course. I now have 10GB of traffic per month, which Im thinking will take a while which is like a year or even more before I come close to using that amount of bandwidth.

I'm having trouble with search engines at the moment because I don't know much about them and search engines will be my main source of traffic. Other ways of getting traffic I thought would be to start using You Tube and posting videos. For word of mouth advertising and people to start posting your link everywhere you need to be something erm basically well "cool". I'd like to be cool but no. I'm not so cool that posting on You Tube would help that much but I think if I was given a digital video harddrive video camera for only $1499 NZ dollars my effort over time would improve and become something of average to view + entertain myself.

So want to buy me one of these digital video harddrive video cameras like my brother has and wouldn't in a million years let me use. A webcam would be pretty cool I think but it would be just a plain blogging tool where I would rather have a digital video harddrive video camera to be mobile and shoot alot more adventures n stuff. I'm making a wish list of all the things I want in this blog to entertain a little.

Yep the reason I haven't taken photos of all the material items I own with a digital video harddrive video camera for a gallery on this page which I mentioned in an earlier blog entry is because I haven't got any sort of digital video harddrive video camera. I would add alot more photos hosted on this website and use You Tube to host the digital video harddrive video camera videos on and have a page on this site displaying them (with Google Adsense (TM)). War on Death. Immortality.  So add a digital video harddrive video camera to my wishlist for things for people to buy me. Also add webcam for only $79.95 Nz dollars.  I would love to start to get involved with the You Tube community.

I now have 2GB of storage compared to angelfires 20MB also. Over time i'll start using that much i'll learn.  I'm thinking a little time spent on this webpage each day and so and so will equal alot over the years to come. Time addition.  It's all for the attention and money.  And immortality.


War on stuff.


This is a link to the real estate section on showing all the properties listed in Masterton Wairarapa where I live.  Trademe is New Zealands equivalent of Ebay. The idea here is that you could search through the houses and purchase one that you liked and then donate it to me.  The prices start from about NZ $100000 dollars but these houses aren't in very nice areas.  I would recommend spending about NZ $150000 dollars which is about $100000 US dollars to get a reasonable house in a nice area.  My main goal is to try and get a house using the internet.  I have access to millions of people all over the world through the internet and that gives me a little hope.

I'm going to be living off a benefit for the rest of my life so any aid is appreciated and getting a house would be a huge burden lifted from me and give me heaps of rest.  It's not easy trying to sell the idea that you should just buy me (a random) a house.  What can I say.  I don't have any really good ideas like this site One Red Paper Clip where he started with a paperclip and traded up to a house, the site has had 7.5 million views since July 12 2005. My site has been running since 11 September 2006 and i've proberly had like 20 visits.  Maybe as my blog progresses I will come up with something but i'm not the brightest or original thinker so this attempt that i've made here is proberly about the best that I can come up with..

Hmm.  I guess my War on Death Immortality theme won't cut it when it comes to getting a house for free compared to what others have produced in an attempt to do the same thing but i'm willing to give it a try.  I really want a house for free so I have no mortgage which means I will have money freed up for many other things.  I'll be quite rich if I have a freehold house and living of the benefit.  It's a medical condition which forces me to live of a benefit, I was so looking forward to working and earning my own money as a child but that dream is destroyed.  My work now is the internet.  It's taken me 10 years to get here on the internet asking for a house etc when I could have been doing this years ago, now though at least I have a sob story.  Sob.

If you want to buy me a house which with this website being in it's early stages and me getting no traffic means its unlikely that your rich enough but still then contact me by email to get my details and ask any questions that you might have.  One Red Paper Clip only took one year to trade to a house but that was a good idea and he had personality.  I don't have as much in my corner backing me.  Okay i guess your not going to get me a house from reading this but i'm going to spend the time asking and I might get lucky.  The person who would give me a house for free would need to be rich so that narrows things down a little.  If your not rich enough to buy me a house you could just make a small donation.  This donation goes towards a War on Death which is being waged through this site and internet communication.  I aim to just get people interested in immortality so that more people are doing things towards the cause.

The worlds cruel and theres little in the current age we are in that can be done.  People are intelligent though and not sitting still.  Immortality shall come to pass and the cruelty experienced in history will be forgotten and corrected.  I would like a house just as a place to rest and live out the rest of my life dealing with my suffering as best I can.  I would like a place to rest for life. I am kinda disabled but remind you that this is still a war.  I'll try not to talk much about my misery in future as i'd rather approach this as a happy person.  Here is a listing from Trademe for a brand new currently being built house for only $500000 NZ dollars in Masterton.  You'd proberly have to have over 100 million in the bank to consider buying me this.  I like new flash houses.  A $150000 dollar house will be just as good.

This is the end.  You can find the first half of my old blog HERE.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Take Me To Your Leeda.

I posted the text below on about 5 different forums.  On one forum,, I got my account banned (Lol), on another forum,, the post got deleted.  On, and the post still exists but the thread has died a horrible death. has 71 views and is still near the top of the forum but it doesn't see much action really.

Anyway here is the post:

Post anything you want to say to "The Powers That Be" here in this thread and I guarantee you if they like it, it will go to the top. This means posting in this thread gets you in front of President Obama and his aides. Or even higher people that exist outside the Pres in total shadowness. I guarantee that if it's important or somehow something they and these people will read it.

Can you make them laugh with some of your wit? Maybe you can? What are you going to say. Do you have words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. You have been delivered before Kings and Governors and Presidents. 

Believe and so speak.


I use the nickname Leeda when it's available.  Anyway here is the one reply that I got from from the user Gottservant:

We should believe we are heard.

We should believe we are heard when we pray too.

But prayer is more important.

That was his post.  None of the other replies on the other forums are worth mentioning.  I suppose if you posted a comment on this webpage and it was important then it would probably go up to the top through my handlers so by all means leave a comment if you dare it could be seen by the President, no really it could.  

One day if I ever become famous i'll start my own forum, it will only work if i'm famous because that will be the only way to get members.  I'll pay money and everything to set up a forum and run ads so that it eventually pays for itself.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights.

Bob Marley Live Get Up Stand Up.

Have like listened to this twice but think that it suits this website.

Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poor With No Money.

Ideally for this website, to make money, to become profitable, I should be trying to post at least once a day. The problem is i'm stupid, I also live a boring life. Daily the same monotonous wake up be home all day go to bed day after day with the only difference being payday where I have to go out and do the grocery shopping.

If I could post once a day, I mean I have plenty of time usually, if I could post once a day, after a while then I might gain some traction and start to pick up hits in google, and traffic can be converted into money. I am getting more traffic than I ever have before but i'm not nearly happy with it. And it comes from only 2-3 different search terms. I haven't had any success with other social media such as facebook and twitter at least not yet, so practically my only source of traffic is google.

The top picture is my traffic for the last 14 days. With a minimum of 2 and max of 14 and average of guessing about 7-8. If you click the picture of the graph it will get bigger.

I don't know why you would be interested in knowing about this but I need something to write about. I got a hit for the words "immortality trap" the other day. Mostly I get hits for Bill Gates and his email address or his house and the Gpuz of my video card. Occasionally I get a hit for my name Darcy Lee. I get sometimes hits for the images I post along with my articles.

I'm not ranking for things like Virtual Reality, September 11th, 911 or World Trade Center and others which are themes of this blog.

VIrtual Reality along with the new word i'm going to use augmentation is the future and it's now. I have no proof about the technology to put pictures and a virtual world into your mind head eyes which is why no one is interested. People simply aren't willing to believe me.

People aren't interested much in this blog. They don't stay very long and aren't reading much.

I'm trying to be motivated in the face of share overwhelming odds. I want to make money from blogging. At least $80 dollars a week which is the cut off that I can earn on the benefit without them deducting from what I already earn. This is a dream of course. Lol $80 dollars, might as well be a million.

There's not enough money to go round, and most people are smarter, faster, quicker than me.

I simply don't have the where with all to post every single day about something different.

So i'm stuck. I'm not smart enough and the internet's not powerful enough to accomodate a dumb person trying to make a living from a blogger website. Sure for some people they have made millions. It was probably hard work and probably a little luck. I do suppose I only spend a couple or three hours every few days working on this blogger website which is not much in the overall scheme of things. It's just that again I have nothing to write about.

If you want to make money you have to post alot, which is alot of hard work. I'm not at the level of posting much. If you put in a 20 hour week on blogger after a while you might start earning money. I'm on the dole and have no spare money. In reality I won't make even a part time income from blogging.

Finding a part time job in real life is no easy thing either. I'm not sure if i'm ready to work. I'm still a bit shaky. Maybe in another couple of years I could work a job. If anyone will actually ever employ me. I haven't worked in over 12 years now. So re-entering the work force will be a challenge to say the least. No-ones interested in hiring a sickly 33 year old when they can hire someone fresh out of school who's really fit and hard working.

I'm only really eligible for the entry level minimum wage jobs as I have no skills. I wouldn't mind going back to polytech but unfortunately the student allowance pays alot less than what the invalids benefit dole cheque pays. I don't have a single spare cent at the moment to buy anything extra with and i'm not eating very well because i'm poor.

So enough about the poor condition of my finances, life and motivation. I'll leave it here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Buy Me A House.

Just a quick post to say something like buy me a house. I want a house. This website is to make money to earn a house so i'm rich. So far to try and make money on this blog i've recounted how I defeated some terrorists, gained immortality from God who's not real so I don't actually have immortality and suffered heaps but still not made any money. All very good reasons and tales though to donate towards my house.

I can't think of anyway to make money here yet really but i'm trying. The world doesn't like me. Buy Me A House. I've made $10 US dollars so far plus another $4 US from Google Adsense.

Reason Number 17 to Buy Me a House is "Because I don't Have One".

Saturday, July 7, 2007

7/7/07 - Live Earth. Start A Webpage. Land Working. The Stars.

It's the date of the 7/7/07. There was some concert on this day for global warming. Live Earth? Music was preformed on all 9 continents for global warming. I didn't see any of it at all. It's to cold to watch TV for me unless i'm in bed and also it wasn't broadcast on any of NZ's main tv channels so I couldn't even get it if I wanted to.

What is there to talk about in blogs? The stars are pretty at night. They are really far away. There are planets circling the stars. The ones discovered so far are uninhabitable. I remember hearing of a planet that might be totally covered in oceans that they discovered. Might. I ask why are we stuck on the planet. I see time as the only solution to space flight. Time beyond my years that I have left. Is it pointless to think about what other planets could look like if you were walking on the surface?

I'm sure at one time they didn't even know other planets were out there. Now that we know out there is stuff how do we think about it. I'm wondering what I can think about that will improve my life. I don't think. There's always a catch on this website, i'm trying to make money. Todays attempt is:

There are many bad things in this universe. What I suggest you do is open a webpage and write. Communication. You could open a webpage to make money, that could come like way later though. Essentially you should open a webpage. Make it about anything you want. It's Art, Stories, Movies, Pictures. You. The World. To improve your life and the life of others start a webpage. Because it's free to do so. Because there are many bad things in the universe that need to be dealt with. Because there is much to be laughed at. (Because you can make money). Power. What words do you want to hear to make you actually this day start a webpage? Build some property. Work some land. FreeLand.

This motivation brought to you by my Paypal button which you can click and use your credit card to give me money - developing this land. Work some land also.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 30th. Universe Ruling Enabling Powers. Google.

I thought I should make a post on this the last of June the 30th 2007. It's been 13 days since my last confession er post. Living Water to mention again is what i've talked about lastly in previous posts, Living Water which enables me to rule the universe and also one post about fire which also has universe ruling enabling powers the disclaimer being if god and jesus and the bible don't forget the holy spirit were real. Donate to me.

A reason you could donate to me is because my posts have lost it and you can see the reason.

Search terms that people have used to find this website in google are listed below. The first hit is dated the 17th of June. I'm pretty sure that is the first ever hit that I have received from google. This blog has been running since the end of April as an idea. In total since the 17th of June I have received 14 hits from google. It's June 30th today.

email adresses of people living in canada

email bill gates

bill gates paypal email address

real fire

richest man email contact address in usa and canada

can bill gates donate money for me

bill gates email address

darcy lee


how to make money each week

happy birthday

2007 email contact address of ministers of god in america and canada

lyrics to its my birthday

Those are exactly what people have typed into google and from that come to this page. I also got one hit from yahoo - they searched for - donate to me.

I now hold the number 1 position in google for the search term Darcy Lee. My name. I'm going to use my name as a brand I think.

You can now come directly to this webpage blog wishlist through the address

Ok bye.