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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year.

It's the 30th of December @ 1.42pm here in New Zealand at moment. New years tomorrow. COol. I won't be doing anything. Very sad. O well.

Happy New Year.

Secret Virtual Reality Technology.

World of Warcraft has been fun. I got an 80 druid my main, an 80 mage and a 78 Death Knight. My DK should be 80 pretty soon. WOW and movies is pretty mich all I do. There is this website that I keep but I hardly ever post on it. My life is dull and I don't really have anything to write about.

Being non smart and retarded with something like a permanent headache + insanity feels real good every morning when you wake up. But enough about my disabilities.

The worlds in for some serious games in the future. With the government technology of virtual reality set to take off when it becomes less classified, the ability to send full motion video sound images text directly to your mind a new world. Now put this together with artificial intelligence the games will be amazing.

Off course maybe with this technology they need to build more mental hospitals for the people it creates. I don't know secret tech is secret.

A.I could maybe oneday in my life if i live another 20-30 yrs be able to write movies in real time with full motion live world realistic video. It could even star your most favourite actors. As computers get faster the creation of a movie or tv program could go down from months to days. I like movies tv so thats great, theres isnt enough good shows that I can get hold of at the moment.

Yeah I don';t know anything about secret virtual reality technology. Cough.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Google Adsense On This Site

Tomorrow December 5th 2009 I will of been running Google Adsense for 3 years.

So far in that 3 years i've clocked up the grand total of $12.41 dollars US worth of clicks. You have to hit $100 dollars before they pay you out. At this rate it will be 22 more years before I get a payout.

If you get traffic to your website google adsense is worth it. One click paid $1.96. Thats just one click. Lowest click was 1 cent.

I get on average only about 2 hits a day to this website.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Super Drunk Guy.

Super Drunk Guy Trying To Buy Some Beer.

Chocolate Rain

"Chocolate Rain" is a song and music video written and performed by Tay Zonday. After being posted on YouTube on April 22, 2007, the song quickly became popular. By 2009 the video had over 40 million views. The music video portrays a bespectacled Zonday in a recording studio wearing a white T-shirt and singing into a condenser microphone. Occasional cutbacks to Zonday playing a digital piano are also shown. The video is also famous for a caption displayed early in the video "**I move away from the mic to breathe in," which has been parodied many times. The song, and its writer/performer, attracted major media attention

Chocolate Rain on Wikipedia

Still Poor.

I got nothing to write about though i'm being tortured alot lately. The scary abusive torture. The most horrible torture you can imagine. The most cruelest suffering you can fathom. The torture of having no money. The pain. The agony. The terror. The fear.

Please help end my torture now today. Donate to me.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Doesn't it suck to be poor. Living in a horrible house. Eating terrible food. I talk about the same things all the time on this website. Pretty much not that interesting. My life is the same everyday. Stuck at home, doing the same thing.

Ah, I long for money. It gives you freedom. The governments of the world muwahaha, have conspired against me to make me poor. You know I worked hard. I'm not getting paid.

DOES anyone want to give me money? NO.

The governments of the w0rld muwahaha, owe me money. Yep they do. Pay me the money you owe me governments of the world.

I really want some money. I have earned it. I want to say that my September 11th phone call is my property and it deserves a website. I want a copy of the phone call. The governments of the world owe me money for this. Because they know why. I worked hard. Click the World Trade Center Link on the left to read the story but it's really badly written like what i'm writing now.

Governments of the world muwahaha give me some money now.

I can't afford to pay the rent no more. They ignore me and cause me heaps of pain. They have ignored me for like 8 years now. 8 years is a really long time. A really really long time.

Sorry I suck. Please donate to me. The governments of the world won't. Damn I suck. I R bored. No one believes anything I say.

Virtual Reality, Immortality and Criminal Justice.

Virtual Reality will play an integral part in the invention of immortality. Seeing that Virtual Reality has been invented long before immortality. The ability to send full motion video directly to your head to interact with an Artificial Intelligence aiding in the creation of the video even.

Yay for immortality. The government is working on immortality now, but thats just a guess really won't see it in my lifetime but I have seen VR Inside my head. Anything you could see on a computer screen can be projected inside your head.

Inside our heads are new worlds. Pretty much endless realities. VR tech will be huge for education, entertainment, Warfare, Control. It will play a huge part in the rest of peoples lives.

Criminal Justice will be huge. They could search your mind for images of the murder you are supposed to have commited. Who knows.

At the moment the government has the technology to send full motion video, images, text, sound, directly to your mind. But its secret.

Sorry this is boring. No one cares. Because noone knows. Boring.

Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.

The Government hates me. Alot. Heaps.

The Government hates me. Heaps. So much. Damn Torture. Wish they didn't torture me. Also Government wheres my money? Why are you forcing me to live like this?

Give me some money.


Secret Government Technology.

The government has the technology to send full motion video, images, text, sound, directly to your mind (brain). I don't know anything about the technology. They can see what your seeing through your eyes.

It's pretty big I guess. No one knows about the technology, it's secret. If you tell a psychologist they will put you on medication and lock you away in hospital with a diagnosis of proberly skitzophrenia or some mental illness. If you keep telling them they will increase your medication. Even though you telling the truth. This is the state of our medical system.

If you post on a forum people with laugh and mock.

I get text messages all the time, and photos and video. I got this video in my head of me following this skateboarder. Afterwards it's like you could almost skateboard yourself. It could be a very useful educational tool. But it could also be used as a weapon to manipulate and control you.

Artificial Intelligence is here now. Everyone knew artificial intelligence would be invented, but not really many people would have guessed that at the same time you would be able to hook it up and use the A.I to send video to your brain. I guess theres the movie Matrix, but still no-one sees it coming.

I'm hated alot. I'm a slave. I am abused by being forced to live where I live and kept poor even though I have earned alot of money. Property of mine is withheld from me by the government which could earn me a living. Yet i'm found guilty and sentenced. I have endured much torture.

I want my property. No-one will listen I just get completely ignored and abused and tortured.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Living Water

Theres a mention of living water in the bible. Now the bibles pretty much unimportant. Christianity is fail. I only mention living water because like 11 years ago I had some. I woke up one morning took a gulp from this glass of water I had left out over night and it tasted like living water.

Living water is supposed to grant you immortality. According to the bible. Well alls I got was real sick like a few days later and i've been sick ever since.

It did taste very nice.

I've suffered alot. I'm suffering right now. It's constant. It never lets up. I don't enjoy life very much. I'm not very comfortable. I'm very poor.

I'm wondering if the living water is reproducable. Like they say in science you need to be able to reproduce the results over and over again or something. It's proberly not reproducable. Could it be mass produced? Was it me tasting the water that made it tasted like living or was the water actually living and anyone could taste it living. It could of been governement tech again like the fire. Proberly was. Poor Jesus.

People start cults and stuff like that with something like living water. Like they say "I'm the chosen one" and people start following them and obeying them. HAHA. I don't like religion. Ewwwwww. I tried that. Ewwww. Also proberly the first thing that happens when u start a cult is money. The followers hand over there money to the leader.

If you want to hand over your money to me you can. I been asking for donations for a long time. HAHA.

Anyway I like the idea of immortality. Living forever without pain or worry boredom fear or whatever. Just living a harmonious existence enjoying oneself. Even being excited waking up every morning. Forever.

Living water hasn't helped me give up smoking. It hasn't made me a fortune of money. I still get cuts and nicks and scratchs on my body so i'm not immortal. Damn ha. O and i'm still real sick.

Damn You GOD for Not being Real. Ewwww. So what am I trying to say in the article that i'm writing. Well I really don't know. I just thought I should mention Living Water cause it was tasty and it links to immortality and immortality is cool. If I happen to start a cult where people donate me heaps of money that would be cool to. Actually a cult wouldn't be cool but i'll take your donations.

If you want to donate to me you can click the paypal button. I suck as a person. My mind is dead. :( I'm gone. I'm really sick. :(

Government Technology these days OMG.





Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey WAIRARAPA buy me a house. You can donate with your credit card using the paypal button. This is fail.

Darcy Lee

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Games Arcade.

Games Arcade.

Had these on the front page of my website but decided to move them off of it.

Noone will ever see them now. O well

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Darcy Lee

I'm really poor. I got no money. I just bought the domain for not much point really as it won't get much traffic and it's not worth anything unless I become really famous. It cost NZ $22.50 dollars.

The domain is for sale if you got nz $100000, haha, though the price will go up when/if I become famous. Wish I was rich or at least made a little bit more money per week and also that I didn't smoke.

I still need a house. I haven't worked for the last 10 and a half years at all. I've been really sick unfortunately and been living off the government benefit.

I currently get NZ $269.62 dollars per week in the hand. If I multiply this by 52 this is NZ $14,020.24 per year. This year will be the most i've made in one year for the last 10 and a half years.

If i convert it to the American dollar so the world better understands I get US $9369.72 per year. Or EUR $6612.36 per year (can't do a euro sign).

Woohoo donate to me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anyone want to write a Book about me?

Anyone want to write a Book about me??

Aww, I just want some money really. Please Donate by clicking paypal + credit card.

I had this dream awhile ago. And I was hovering there and this female voice said she was writing a book about me and that it was her first one. Lol.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sex On Fire

OMG, Sex On Fire.


In an interview with Robbie, Marieke and the Doctor on Australian radio station Triple J, Nathan Followil explained that the band never intended the song to be named "Sex on Fire".

"They were totally different lyrics. Depending on whether a song starts with a melody or starts with lyrics, you know if it starts with a melody you just keep playing the melody over and over until you get it down and just throw in any lyrics that fit the verbal flow. It was actually going to be "Set Us on Fire", but one of the sound mixers in the studio walked in as we were playing and said, "Sex on Fire", huh?" And it just kind of became a running joke, and we stuck with it.".

Nathan also said that some lyrics tried were "Socks on Fire", "Snatch on Fire" and "C***s on Fire"

From Wikipedia.

Sex on Fire.

Based on True Story.

Would LIKE to Post This link to an article I Wrote Dated 2007 June 17th. F.I.R.E.

Also I'll update the disclaimer from that article, here, to "it was possibly government technology induced". Ignore the living water though proberly also government technology induced but the article just mentions fire and myself though not in much detail.

I'm into the government technology conspiracy now. Believing the government has technology to send video, picture, text, voice, directly to your mind to see what your seeing to know what your thinking and various effects/states also Artificial Intelligence. Shhhhh SECRET GOVERNMENT TECHNOLGY and such. Nobody believes me. I wish someone would believe me.

OMG, Sex On Fire.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fuel Economy of a 50cc Scooter

I filled the tank on Wednesday my payday and the km's were 2842.6km. The following Wednesday the km's read 2947.8km for a total of 105.2km traveled. I filled the tank to the same place and had used a total of 2.89 litres. This equals 36.4 km/L or 103 mpg least i think my maths sucks. Really I dont know my maths sucks.The Scooter is a Honda NVS50 or Honda Today.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stopping Smoking. Ceasing Smoking. Quiting Smoking. Giving up Smoking.

Hello and welcome again. So in my current budget of $261 NZ per week I spend about $50 nz dollars per week on smoking. I thought I should blog here again to help stop smoking.

So I don't know how i'm going to do it. I have a fear that I will smoke all my life. It's how I see my future. Smoking is controling me. Why do I smoke? I think I enjoy it but there are side effects. Some of the side effects make me want to quit. Ok ill make a list of reasons to quit but it proberly wont be very long.

1. Money. $50 dollars per week for me I spend on smoking. This money could help improve my life alot. The one thing I would get would be Sky TV at around $18 per week. Alot of money left over for whatever proberly eat more takeout food to.

2. Health. Maybe i'm not really understanding the damage smoking can do? I think I don't understand the damage or else I do understand and it's not a big enough motivator. I cough from smoking and am raspy sometimes. My chest was hurting for a while to. I don't exercise. I don't get much sun either. I'm still smoking with all the health things about smoking.

3. Time. I would have more time.

4. I don't know what else at the moment.

These are all the reasons I can think of. It hasn't helped me to write them. I actually don't know how to start at stopping smoking. Like the last cigarette. I have to get rid of all the smokes around I think because they will be to tempting. I'm always thinking this and always pretty much have tobacco so I don't know, I don't stop.

So thats all I can think of to stop smoking. Damn it hasn't helped writing this. I'll try writing some more about smoking to connect to this post and try and build something, at a later time when i'm feeling different.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Website I Want To Make.

Just eating some coco pops at the moment. Breakfast. It's 5.15pm so it could be tea maybe. Been up for a couple of hours.

Haven't got much to say but the usual, noone reads this anyhow. But yeah i'm looking for contributions of money for a house. Or contributions of any kind would be valuable. Maybe you could donate a car or a computer or some thing I can Sell Trade or Use. Cash is always good and easier just use the paypal button in combination with your credit card. I'll take anything though if it's worth something.

I live in New Zealand so sending me stuff will be costly so I guess I can't really do that and like I haven't received one cash donation so far.

I need $100000 dollars to buy a house. No-one takes any notice of me though.

I tried claiming the US $25 million reward once for Osama Bin Laden but nothing came of it just to change topic. I wrote a poorly written story and sent it to the FBI people in charge of the reward. You can read it by clicking the world trade center and me link on the left. I had this conversation on talkback radio where I ending up yelling the word WAR meaning i dunno WAR if you get what I mean then 2 days later World Trade Center happened.

I've tried getting a copy of the conversation but no luck. I believe it deserves a website at the very least. It seems the powers that be wont let me. I did make a million dollars from the phone call. I asked for a million and some guy rang up and said he had a million for me though he said it had been real hard to get. Anyway I turned it down and in a not nice way to. Don't know why and i'm poor.

I would like a copy of the phone call. Because it deserves a website. But no. Could the powers that be please see that I get a copy of my phone call so that I may make a website. But no. Ive written letters to the radio station and they say they don't have a copy and to the government but gotten no reply. Believe me I know a copy exists.

I feel ripped OFF. This is also one more way someone could help me maybe, by helping me obtain a copy of the phone call through legal means or whatever because I want to make a website and it deserves a website.

Theres nowhere I can go to get a copy nothing I can do. If it made a million once it could make a little more money even though it's been a long time. Even if it didnt make money the website would be fun. Anyway thankyou. I always talk about things that are stupid.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Just posting this here so google finds it and indexes it. It points to my old website obviously the one i had b4 this.

Much About Nothing.

This Is a Nothing Post. Im just adding some keywords to the website. Sorry if i'm wasting your time. I'm looking for Donations and Contributions from the internet to buy a house to become rich etc. If you have the same idea yourself you can easily set up a website at and join to receive money. You need a good story or idea I guess. Any way on with some words.

Rich. Rich Kids. Rich List. Richest. Rich Boy. Richest Man. Money. Success. World's Richest. Richest People in the World. Billionaires. Poor. Holy Water. Rollin. Work From Home. Making Money. Earn Money. Money online. Internet Business. Free Money. Fast Cash. Easy Money. Work Online. Second Income. Online Jobs. Online Income. Jobs From Home. Internet Money. DUIT. Forbes. Cashflow. Wealth. Passive Income. Cashflow 101. Born Rich. Rich Undercover. Get Rich Quick Schemes. Australian Rich List. The Rich List. Rich List Online.

Super Rich. Richie Rich. Rich House. Being Rich. Ways to get Rich. Rich and Poor. Get rich Slowly. Rich contries. Become Rich. I wanna be rich. Will Contribute. Can Contribute. Vote. Cheats. Game. Help. Global Warming. Charities. Goodwill. Charity. Red Cross. Salvation army. Volunteers. Relief. Give. Money. Drop Off. Needy. Charitable Organizations. Pick up. Tax Deductable. Help Charity. Gift Donation.

Dollars. Earn. Cash. Currencies. Banknotes. Earning. E-Currenty. Currency Exchange Rates. Currency Rates. Exchange Rates. Easy. Internet. Investing. Surveys. Paid. Pound. USD. Rupees. DInar. Make Cash. Money. Extra Cash. Earn Extra Cash. Rate. Internet Income. Earn Cash. Euro. Rates. Get Rich. Kurs.

Ok thats enough. Don't think i'll get any hits but worth a try as experiment see if anyone lands on this page. Donate to me by clicking the paypal button.

Ok Cya.

Darcy Lee.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Donate To Buy Me A House. $100000 Dollars Needed.

This is the 3rd and quick edit of this post cause this post gets so much traffic in Google.  Today's date is July 13 2013 nearly exactly a year since the last update of this page. I wanted to add two websites where you can go and setup a page specifically asking for donations.  People goto these website to give money.  People have earned over 100k in some cases or more even for others.  Anywho.  The sites are and  Both sites allow u to ask for money, received with a Paypal account.  It's still better if you have a good story.  Have fun and good luck trying these pages.  Now back to the older posts.

This post gets a few hits in google so as of todays date the 12th of July 2012 i've decided to update it a little.  Most of the hits to this page come form people themselves searching looking for donations for a house.

Just searching in Google will probably not help you much to make dollars towards your house.  What you need to do is setup a website.  It's all pretty simple to setup and operate a website these days.  Join and have a website that is similar in layout to this one though the colors could be different if you so choose.

Your website needs content.  You can't just post "Please give me money for a house" and expect people to just open there wallets.  I know from experience.  In five years of operating this website I haven't received one donation.  You need traffic and content to attract the traffic.    If you create content for your website Google will automatically pick it up and people will start finding it.  Creating You Tube videos and posting them on your site is one form of content.  Writing and posting pictures is another.  You need to create original ideas that stand out.

I didn't say this was going to be easy.  One thing that's probably more important than the rest is not to give up.  Don't give up.  Keep posting.  It might take years before your site catches on but when it does if you've been posting the whole time then visitors will have a wealth of content to browse and probably go away happy and might even make a donation.

Not only can you with effort and perseverance create donations but also you can join a advertising program like Google Adsense and earn money when people click the ads on your page like the ads on this page, I earn money everytime someone clicks an ad. So it's not just donations where you can make money.  The more traffic you have the more people there are to click ads making you more money.

Generating traffic can be difficult.  You need to find a niche and again persevere.  Keep creating content.  I have failed with this website because I got disheartened when there wasn't much traffic for all my effort and I stopped posting.

After five years I average about 5 hits a day.  I don't post much these days.  So that's it.  You searched in google looking for donations for a house.  Practically the only way to get donations is to setup a webpage.

If you have time do it.  It's fun.  I've had some fun with my site over the days.  Even though I haven't gotten any money from anyone I have made US $50 dollars through the ads on the page with this month July 2012 being a record month by producing $3.74 from 4 clicks in the first 12 days of the month.  So ads are where it's at probably rather than donations.  Though with traffic you could probably get a few donations.

Good luck in finding money for your house.  It requires work.  Making money though a website is not instant.  Though if you put the time in it will produce many great rewards.  Just imagine posting for 40 hours a week or perhaps work part time 10-20 hours a week.  It will be a better job than most.  Though you might have to wait a while to get some money.  I guess it pretty difficult to put the effort in as I have found.  If I had worked harder I would of got better results.  To earn money through donations requires work, but it's fun work, the more effort you put in the greater the returns.  You didn't just expect to get money by searching in google did you?  How many millions have tried that I wonder.

Passion and Motivated.  You need to have passion and be motivated as well with your topics so you don't burn out and fade away like I did.  Mostly though perseverance.  Persevere and you will succeed.

What follows from here is the original post that I posted back in 2009.

Goodluck with your site and hunting for money.

Here is original post:

The cheapest I can buy a house for in the town I live is around $160000 NZ Dollars. I figure that I can borrow about $60000 from the bank. What this means is that for me to get a house I need to raise $100000 Dollars.

Raising $100000 will be totally impossible without your help. $100000 NZ dollars is about $50000 US dollars at the moment. I'm thinking that I will set this figure as a target.

I haven't made any money yet on this website.

At the moment:

I earn NZ $261.84 cents per week paid every Wednesday morning at 2am.
The house i'm living in is costing NZ $85 per week but its on the market for sale, it's not a very nice house but it's cheap (I hate moving really). Because it's on the market for sale the next person to buy the house will probably move it or demolish it so i'll have to move. When I move i'll be paying higher rent plus paying back a loan for the bond and weeks in advance to the government that I have to borrow to get into a new house.

Rent: $85 pw
Electricity: $30 pw
Phone/Internet: $30 pw
Petrol: $ 5 pw
Warcraft Sub: $ 5 pw
Smokes: $50 pw
Groceries: $56.84 pw

ToTal: $261.84

What I can see from that is Cigarettes is a huge cost and is basically the reason I have no money.

So thats where my money goes. I need $100000 Nz Dollars to buy a house.

To try and earn donations towards $100000 dollars people have said use humor so I'll tell a joke. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Ha Ha Ha. I'm not funny but if u read all this u might of got a laugh out of how much I earn and my perhaps beggingness of $100000. SO anyway please donate. Click the paypal Button and use your credit card. Max Donation TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS US.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Place To Call My Own.

1379 hits so far on this website at todays date the 28/02/09. Not very many. I'm bored pretty much with it because I haven't made any money. The first post on this web page is dated the 27/04/07 so coming up two years that it's been running. The first post was talking about donate to me to buy me a scooter. Well I have a scooter now. Done almost 1000km since i've had it. I fill it up every payday and the last 3 weeks in a row its cost me $3 NZ to refill it to the top again though not sure how many km's im doing but $3 dollars is very affordable. The only other cost really for it is the registration which is $25 every 3 months which is also very affordable. It needs an oil change at the moment really but i can't afford.

The only problem with a scooter is it's very cold sometimes or if it's raining like now. Also you can always fall off and get hurt possibly die.

1379 hits. If I was more active on this page I would receive more hits. I haven't been fully active mainly because of World Of Warcraft. One thing for those who play, if your an enchanter and you haven't already start selling your enchants on the auctions house. I've made 20,000 Gold so far and counting. Good ones are Super Stats, Exceptional Spell, Greater Fort, Bracers - Striking, Shield - Defense, Greater Defense, Cloak - Speed, Greater Assault, Major Agility, search for those exact words in the wow auction house and see if u can make a profit on your server. Sometimes the market can move very fast so if the price is low with not much profit the next day it might not be. I sold 9 super stats in 2 hours one day making 70g profit on each one clear. Just buy the vellum, infinite dust, and cosmic essence, off auction house create the chant and sell it. So now I have 21,000 Gold sitting in the bank with 2 toons already with epic flying. But Alas i'm now very bored with World of Warcraft and have almost stopped playing.

Anyway, What i'm really after is a house. If you want to, if your willing, please donate me some money. I've never got any donations yet in nearly two years so you could be the first. Yay. Using your credit card you can donate me some money by clicking on the paypal button. Yay. But anyway i'll be suprised if I receive a donation. Ok thankyou. Check out where i'm living theres a video on this page some where showing you my house. I really need a new house a place to call my own.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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