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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Enrique Iglesias Don't Turn Off The Lights

Enrique Iglesias - Don't Turn Off The Lights
Enrique Iglesias.

Pretty sure I haven't added this. Added Hero by Enrique not so long ago. I searched the website quickly and couldn't find that i'd added this song.

This is another possible candidate for being one of my songs. Not quite sure about this one though.

Ella Henderson Ghost

Ella Henderson - Ghost

What attracted me to this song was the part where it goes "Give Up The Ghost" Also the line where it talks about pain.
Ella Henderson.

Just listening to it now after a few days break from it and i'm quite liking it. Some of the former complaint I had about this song is gone and I find it's pretty cool now. Still not perfect.

Give Up The Ghost.

Bob Seger Against the Wind

Bob Seger.
Bob Seger - Against the Wind.

Adding this because it's a friends song that he's been playing a few times while he's been here. It's ok I guess but not totally for me. Did find it playing in my head I think though.

Darcy Lee.

Pixels 2015

Pixels 2015

This is awesome. I loved this movie. I recognised most of the games.

Anyway here is the little Wiki Blurb about the movie:

When aliens intercept video feeds of classic arcade games and misinterpret them as a declaration of war, they attack Earth, using the games as models. Knowing that he must employ a similar strategy, President Will Cooper (Kevin James) recruits his childhood pal, former video-game champ and home-theater installer Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), to lead a team of old-school arcade players and a military specialist (Michelle Monaghan) in an all-out battle to save the planet.

Darcy Lee

Elvis In The Ghetto

Elvis The King.
Elvis - In The Ghetto

Wasn't going to add this but after playing it just now I think it is worthy of being added. Quite soulful for sure. Elvis is King.

Darcy Lee

Friday, October 30, 2015

Assassin's Tale.

Assassin's Tale Movie 2013

Watched this a little over a week ago. It's ok. Got a bit of violence.

I liked the ending. From what I could gather I didn't really click till the end. So it kept me guessing. Still a bit of a B grade movie though. Don't really recommend it.

Only if super bored and got nothing else to watch.

But everyone has there own opinion.


Dead Letter Circus The Burning Number

Dead Letter Circus - The Burning Number.

Dead Letter Circus.
First heard a song by which I somehow remember pretty sure it was from dead letter circus. Wasn't totally sure of the name of the song though. This is the one I played. I find it ok. It doesn't have many views on Youtube yet. Got a few plays out of it anyhow so adding it.

From Wiki:

Dead Letter Circus are an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Their debut album This Is the Warning debuted at No. 2 on the Australian album charts and spawned a number of singles

Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side

Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side

Been meaning to add songs for a little while. Got quite a few tabs open. This is one of them.
Lou Reed.

I came up with Take a Walk on the War Psied Or another similar one is War Thing instead of Wild Thing. But I won't add Wild Thing the song. Anyway can't remember why I am adding this other than tab is open. I haven't played it much. It played in my head I think? Maybe.

Anyway added now.

Lou Reed is Dead now. RIP (March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013)
71 years old.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spy 2015

Spy 2015

Didn't really like this though my Mum did. It was ok I guess. Not really for me. Perhaps you'll like it. Maybe if I ever watch it again I might like it. Anyway perhaps watch, it was ok and it did have like a $65 million dollar budget. Probably most of that went to the actors. Overall wouldn't recommend this.

Darcy Lee

The D Train Movie.

The D Train:

This movie had a couple funny moments and overall it was ok. It left me haunted with the Jack Black Gay seen. Just that quick 2 second cut shot was enough to haunt me. Watch if you dare.

Added Label "Haunted"

Darcy Lee

TomorrowLand The Movie.


My Mum said this got bad reviews and I can understand why but I was able to bear the faults. It still could've been better. Still there were alot of effects and stuff. Alot of visuals. The story line just wasn't all there. Still a pretty good movie and I recommend you watch it at least once.

I was left feeling pretty good about stuff after the movie. Like this happens in real life. Still the masses need to be included. Equality is the goal.

Everyone has a part and some value somehow. I used to think equality is it. Probably still do even more so after reading the bible about it.

2 Corinthians 8:14 At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. The goal is equality,

I saw this growing up.

I traded someone what they were going to have excess of for something that I had excess of. The thing is I don't know exactly what I was trading anymore.

I can't do that anymore. Perhaps it was spiritual what I saw that could be traded. Perhaps it was just the matrix tech but I can't be sure.

Whatever it was equality seems like a good thing to go for.

It's separate from the world system perhaps.

I was trading in devices perhaps or processed calculations.

Pieces of something. Bits.

I think this was done under telepathy.

Still the goal is equality. Remember that.

That's the end for this post.

Added Labels "Telepathy" "Equality" "Trade".

Darcy Lee

The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil

Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

This used to be the theme song of the show Tour Of Duty which I used to love staying up late and watching. They were pretty much invincible though the regular characters. It also probably glamorized WAR a whole lot.
The Rolling Stones

TV gives the impression you goto WAR and your some sort of superman. Bullets never hit you. Or you only get mildly wounded. Take the movie Expendables 3. They kill like 1000 people plus tanks and helicopters. Basically a whole army. They walk away tired with a couple of scratches.

I just now watched a whole episode of Tour of Duty. No one in their squad died but the pilot that they were rescuing died. Basically supermen.

Anyway here is the episode I just watched:

Tour OF Duty S01E11. It's got a different intro but it's still pretty cool. I must of been watching the later seasons when the intro became Paint it Black.

And now finally for the Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil which is what originally set this all off.

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil. I got a few plays out of this. Didn't realize this was about the devil or that it was supposed to be the devil speaking. Don't like the devil.

Added Labels "Devil" "Army"

Darcy Lee

Friday, October 16, 2015

G.R.L Lighthouse


G.R.L - Lighthouse

Heard this on the radio. Listened to it a few times. Not like totally awesome but adding it anyway.

Darcy Lee

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cream Sunshine Of Your Love

Cream - Sunshine of Your Love.

Often find myself humming the riff from this. Don't know why. This is not actually a bad song but I still am probably not going to listen other than this time.

Cream - White Room.
Cream the Band.

Think i'm adding this because I remember it from somewhere and I remember enjoying it. Not totally sure where I first heard it though. Stumbled across it again today and gave it a play after looking up Sunshine of Your Love.

Added both these not because I got heaps of plays out of them but because I listened once. The top song I hum all the time so added. The bottom song I have memories of so added but haven't played either of these more than once.

They could almost be boring.

Darcy Lee

Friday, October 9, 2015

Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven.

Bruno Mars.
Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven.

Found this playing in my head so looked it up. Enjoyed it a little so adding it.

Darcy Lee

Guest Post By A Friend About Rugby World Cup.

This is a post typed by me but spoken by a friend. It's his predictions for the Rugby world cup 2015.


The loser between the Irish and French will play the All Blacks in The quarter finals.

If the french get through All Blacks beware.

Aussies are underdogs. Watchout for.

Dan can see the All blacks choking under pressure against whoever they play in the semis.

Go the Aussies. I am backing with my faith says Dan.

Good to see England couldn't get out of pool play.

All these are comments by Dan. I just typed them for him.

Here are some photos of the traitor to NZ Dan supporting his mountain dew bottle:

Daniel And Mountain Dew Bottle.

Another Pose Mountain Dew bottle inclusive.

Rugby Traitor to New Zealand Daniel Do the Dew.

I think Daniel is looking to be hated by New Zealand. He is looking for 4 million haters. I say GO the ALL BLACKS. Two in a row.

Predictions Rugby World Cup 2015 RWC.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Trio Da Da Da

Trio - Da Da Da

First heard this song on the TV and the words had been changed to Sa Ka Ta for a commercial for rice cracker biscuits. I haven't really listened to it much but adding it cause it's kind of catchy and old and because of the cracker biscuit add. Found it after searching for da da da but wasn't the song I was looking for.

I call myself Da sometimes to. Boom Da Da Da Boom Boom Da Da Da.

Here is another song from Trio. It's also worth adding I think.

Trio - Bum Bum.

Lol Song name.

Thought I should add this song to this post as well. I clicked it after checking out Da Da Da. It's ok not like awesome but catchy enough.

Darcy Lee