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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keeping Me Poor.

Nearly 9 years since September 11th 2001. I have tried quite hard to get a copy of my phone call and am still trying. I made a phone call where I yelled "WAR" two days before September 11th 2001 live on air on New Zealand wide Talkback radio. The whole phone conversation was about WAR and a call to arms.

I'm guessing but one of the reasons the phone call is being withheld from me is because it will be popular. I plan to post a copy on You Tube as soon as possible. Someone somewhere has a copy and they are denying me access. If I must persist in obtaining access then I am.

The phone conversation is the beginning of a conspiracy. Involving TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE. This is the second reason that I'm not allowed a copy.

The third reason is that the people that have my phone call. Hate me.

There's probably a 5th and 6th reason and fourth. The New Zealand Government has the power to give me a copy and they ignore me.

Another reason could be the media involvement in the case. They don't want lots of attention. I don't want attention either. I do want to spend some money on a brand new house. I don't have any money but if I had a copy of my phone call this could change. Maybe they are trying to keep me poor out of enjoyment and narcissism. It seems obvious that it's more than just a side effect of withholding a copy of my phone conversation.

There are many things to think about. From the response on this website it seems that there is little interest in my phone conversation. I do believe that even should this phone conversation not be popular and of interest that it deserves a spot on the internet, on you tube, on this webpage. It rightly should have it's place. People are preventing free speech by not allowing this phone call that I have created to be viewed by the general public around the world.

I really must bring up something which I believe is and that is called free speech. People are not allowing me to speak. They are denying me my voice. My personal freedoms are being encroached upon. There is noone to stand up for me. This phone call must be available for public use.

If my human rights can be taken from me don't believe yours are safe.

There is noone to defend you. When they take your voice away. Free speech or whatever you want to call it the ability to say something and not be censored or lied or have altered.

I don't know much about free speech but i believe it should count as I want to say something. I want my phone call to be heard no matter how small the audience through internet exposure or whatever media transference. I want my phone call to be available on YOU TUBE. Free Speech.

Thank You For Your Time

Darcy Lee

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leave a Comment. Ways You Can Help Websites.

So maybe your poor and can't actually donate any money to this website. In 4 years I haven't had one rich person land on this blog. I haven't gotten one donation. Not one rich person. Lol.

Well if your poor you could maybe leave a comment. Write about I don't know. Write about being poor.

I get spammed in the comments system, people leaving lots of links to porn sites and others, where this blog is hosted need to fix this.

Anyway I don't actually know how to convince you to leave a comment but if your the talkative type then that would help.

You could apply this to any website. Leave a comment. If your contributing your helping a website along. You Tube gets millions of comments. Heaps of hate and fighting though.

Another way you can help websites is by clicking links on there page. A website makes dollars from you clicking ads. Feel free to click some ads on some of your favourite pages. By doing this you are donating cold hard cash to the website owner. You can donate money.

That's a couple of ways you can help websites if your poor and can't donate any money through your credit card using the PayPal link like on this page hint.

Ways You Can Help Websites:

1. Leave a comment.
2. Donate with your credit card.
3. Click an ad on the page.

Someone Giving Away There Money To Everyone.

I searched for the term "Giving away money" in google while looking to donate 50 cents to someone and discovered the site

From the site:

I am rich. Filthy stinking rich. I have a beachfront home in Malibu, an apartment in New York and a country estate in England. I travel first class and dine in the finest restaurants. I appear to have everything but in reality I’m miserable. My life is shallow, empty, soulless, and lonely. I’ll explain more over the coming weeks but all you need to know for now is that I’m giving away my fortune. I can’t stand it anymore, its got to go. All you have to do is tell me how much you want and what you're going to do with it. I can’t guarantee I’ll give money to everyone, but if I think you deserve a share then I’ll help wherever I can.

Thats all from the website. So basically you can write Barry with your story and he might give you some money. I tried posting on the website and it said spam detected post deleted. So emailing him is probably the way to go. His address is

Check out the website. There is a lot of competition so I doubt many people will see much money. You'd have to have a pretty good story.

Darcy Lee

Friday, August 20, 2010

How Google Adsense Works. Donate a Click.

After having no donations in nearly 5 years with a presence on the net it's quite disheartening. I still don't get many hits, though what happened a couple of days ago was pretty amazing. I got 55 unique visitors to my pet rock shop in about 12 hours. I just actually bought a domain for it to. On average the pet rock site gets more hits per day than Just for the search term Pet Rocks For Sale. It cost $20.19 NZ Dollars using my visa debit card. (You really should get a visa debit card if you want to spend money on the internet.) It's cool. I have 3 domains now.

So i'm thinking that because I haven't got one donation that google adsense might be the way forward. Google adsense are the ads that you see decorating this page. For every ad someone clicks I might earn 1 cent to 50 cents. Thats pretty much how they work. You click an ad and I get some money. Traffic makes them work. At the moment i've only earnt $20 US from them in 4 years but thats doing better than the donations i've gotton. So with that logic google ads are definately the way forward.

Unfortunately you don't get paid out until $100 US dollars is reached. Your not allowed to say click me about the ads or anything like that and i'm trying not to. Thoughs here is a thing for all websites maybe if you don't want to donate or are at least to poor then you should click an ad on there website cause you now know that it will make them money. This applies to any website and any brand of ads. Your pretty much guaranteed that by clicking an ad on any website that you will be making that website money.

So with your new knowledge if you feel upto it click some ads on your favourite website you will be donating to their cause. I'm not saying click ads on this website that would get me in trouble but your best website or new or unique websites remember to earn them some money sometimes. If your poor this is a good way to donate to people who you feel worthy. Remember you do have the power to donate even with out money. Donate a click.

Monday, August 16, 2010


So what to write about. I'm not getting many hits still. No one reads what I say. I would like to make some money by what I write here. I'm not sure how.

I want to sell my autograph for like $100 US but no one would be interested. I'm not working and find I sometimes feel motivated to write here but usually have nothing to talk about that I haven't said already. There are a couple of reasons why my autograph might go up in value especially if it's limited edition and before everyone knows your famous.

The first reason is that I single handidly defeated, well not defeated but at least harrassed Osama Bin Laden and his terrorists by ringing a NZ talk back radio show and yelling war 2 days before September 11th 2001. I am working on getting a copy of the call but thing are progressing slowly. I have to wait. I am very angry about this and believe this totally unfair in all regards.

Well the second reason my autograph could go up in value is the reward I asked for yelling war 2 days before 9/11. I asked that famous musicians make songs out of things I said in further phone calls to the radio. The whole chorus to Without Me by Eminem (I asked for Eminem by name) is me speaking over air live on talkback radio. Also The whole chorus to Numb By Linkin Park. Again I said the chorus word for word over air talkback radio many months or even years before the song was released. Also In The Middle by Suga Babes. Me Again.

So I have a mental illness? I remember what I said. Word for Word. And I remember asking. And I remember exactly what I said. What I said now appears in these 3 songs. What more can I say. Are you saying I didn't ring the talkback station. Or are you saying that I said something different. I know what I said. I know what I asked for.

This is why I will be famous. So you have the opportunity to purchase my autograph before the truth comes out and I really become famous and no longer need money.

I'm a sad story yes I know. Here's me almost begging by selling my autograph. Which is worth nothing in my current place. Anyway if you want to make a donation to me click the paypal button and use your credit or eftpos debit card. $0.50 cents I think should be the minimum and I get $0.18 cents actual profit as paypal take $0.32 cents. Though if you gave me $0.60 cents they still take only $0.32 cents. I'm not sure how much they take for larger amounts.

I feel this post has been pretty silly. I didn't know what else to write about. It's because no one believes me. It makes me unwell when people don't believe me. This being said the recordings I made were pretty terrible and it's a miracle that songs were made. Though they have turned out ok, the songs.

I'm really keen on some money. If none believes me then it's really there loss. Though it's mine too as I stay poor. I haven't found one person who believes me yet. Another song. Bleed it Out by Linkin Park. Thats me again. I did that. On radio.

Enough said. There's other songs. Please donate to me. Any donation over $100 US Dollars gets a free autograph.

While i'm still poor and noone believes. Put your money towards me and say you believe. Invest in me. Stand for the truth.

I wrote to the lawyers and they asked that I list all the bands I was associated with so they didn't have a conflict of interest. The only thing is after that they want money. Perhaps you could fund me a lawyer to really discover the truth. I bet.

Sorry for boring you noone ever believes me and calls me all sorts of horrible names so I hate mentioning it now, its evil. Thank you for listening.

Darcy Lee


I'm adding this image here on the right top because it's the more current GPUZ of my video card. When I ran GPUZ the last time it didn't recognise the card properly so gave a much higher reading. I'm leaving the bottom image in because it gets lot of hits from google images but the stats in the image are a lie but this is what GPUZ used to read it as.

I bought this video card based on the old stats which clock it at alot faster so I guess you have to be careful when running GPUZ on the latest piece of hardware. You can check the catalyst version to see the difference from when I originally ran GPUZ. So again, i'm rally only leaving the older photo in because it gets heaps of hits in google. But i've been fair now and posted an updated image for anyone who comes here.

Also I didn't know that with GPUZ you can click the camera icon on the top right and it takes a screen shot for you. With the older image I took a screen shot of my whole desktop and then cut it out you can see the borders on the bottom image. I honestly didn't edit any of the numbers in the photo though.

Below is the original text which i'll leave here as well, it was edited once when I added a link to the new GPUZ but I didn't add a photo, like now i've added a photo of the latest GPUZ.

Now to change topic. So how about technology and dreams aye. Secret technology that can send pictures, images, text - 3d spatially, all inside your head.

Yeah tech that will send an image to your head. This has been an ad for tech that puts a picture in you head. Man on the Moon. Well Picture in your head the latest frontier.

Graphics unbelievable.

Below is the old article left here again for google.

This GPUZ is now old. Click here GPUZ link for an updated picture of an ATI Radeon 5670. I don't think GPUZ read it right the first time I ran it.

This picture is of my graphics card that I just got. The main number to compare is the G/Texel. You should download GPUZ HERE and test your system. This card cost me $185 NZ dollars. 2 Years before that I paid $350 for a card that did 11.7 G/Texel. So this card is definately an improvement.


The card is stock standard.

This Website is trying to earn a living, for a very poor, living off the government in New Zealand person. If your interested it video card technology then your definitely interested in pictures in your head Technology. That is if you believe.

Be ready for when this technology arises. It's in use now. People are training on it, in schools specially designed to train you. What do you believe? THIS IS 2011. (Like Sparta). Technology can now produce an image in your head. It can also see what you see.

This technology is linked closely to Artificial Intelligence. Mega Powerful SUPER thinking Internet reading, movie and now thought producing artificial intelligence now exists.

Believe today or be left behind tomorrow.

Sorry just rambling. Would you like to donate? Click the paypal button.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magic Spending Money "Card". How To Spend Money. Using Paypal.

So I just got a new national bank visa debit card. It's debit meaning it uses money I have preloaded on the card and not credit which is where u borrow money and pay interest. It can be used just about anywhere, pretty much anywhere a visa card can be accepted.

One annoying thing now is instead of swiping the card in eftpos terminals it has a chip so it has to be inserted in the machine.

I bought McDonalds and had to both insert then swipe my card. Unless i didn't need to insert my card in the first place but I don't know. Older machines you still just swipe.

So far i've used my card online for 2 things. Firstly I renewed my domain which cost NZ $22.44. The second thing I did. I clicked on the paypal donation button on my website and donated myself US $0.05 cents.

At first I couldn't get paypal to work. It was a little tricky. I found that I had to input my initials where it asks for your first and middle names. That and I also used my actual billing address that the card would be linked to, but i'm not sure if that was so important. It was mainly getting the information from the card right i think. I wasn't filling in my middle name.

I found that I get an email contact plus I would be able to see any address you entered.

Another thing I also did today was transfer my domain to another host. It was really simple all I did was get the UDAI which is like a security number for your domain and then goto the new host that I wanted and put the number into my account there. It was transferred in seconds . I think it was because it was a domain name between nz hosts that it was so quick and easy. I'm not sure if .com domains would be so quick and easy.

Another thing that happened is that one of my 2 transactions attracted a $1.00 fee as there are 3 transactions showing as visa holds in my online banking.

Right. So mission. I have a paypal button that can people with "Cards" give me money. All tested and everything. I have transferred money from my paypal account to my normal bank account which is linked to my card and spent the money. I sold some World of Warcraft gold. Like 5000. But I was paranoid that I would lose my account. So I don't think i'll do that again. I only got like $20 bucks nz for it anyway. And I thought that I would much rather have the gold at the moment. I have 50000G at the moment. That't not that much compared to some but it's a lot compared to when you start out.

Also I can now authenticate my paypal account with my visa debit card. This means I withdraw more than $500 dollars per month from my paypal account.

So i'm looking for people to give me money. I would say that the minimum donation is $0.50 cents US as to avoid the minimum amount of paypal fees. Please if your willing donate $0.50 cents minimum or whatever you can afford.

I have $1.69 NZ dollars in my bank account and I thought that I would give that away to someone. I'm going to upload $0.50 cents US into my paypal account. I'll do it now.

So I just deposited $0.50 cents into my account. The net amount I received was 18 cents US. So if you give me 50 cents I get 18 cents. Not much. Paypal must be making the big bucks with a commission like that. I'm about to upload the rest sec.

So I put another 60 cents US which is coming up as 86 cents NZ, into my paypal account. Again the fee was 32 cents. It was the same as putting in 50 cents.

I now have a paypal balance of 55 cents US which I'm going to look up someone in google and donate them the money. They will receive about 23 Cents. Preferably i'm looking for someone in nz. Sec.

So I just donated 70 cents NZ or 52 cents US to Wellington Cat Protection League. It was just some random cause I got by searching for "Donate Paypal NZ".

Thats all my money gone for the week. Payday 7 days away next Wednesday. The Wellington Cat Protection League will get approximately $0.20 cents US. LOL All that came from the $1.69 NZ I had in my bank account.

So anyway I'm Broke now so please give me money through paypal. You have instructions now. I managed to work it out in the end took a few goes. I even rung the bank. They couldn't help. All it was that I was filling out some of the details wrong. Anyway Thanks For Your Time.

Darcy Lee

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to Setup Your Own Website and Start Receiving Donations

Probably the first thing you will need is an email address maybe even 2. One to have all your accounts under and another that you want to display on the web itself. You can goto to get an address if you dont have one already.

The next step I guess is a paypal account. This allows people with credit cards or now visa debit cards which is an eftpos card that uses your own money not on credit that can be used online to buy things with, it allows them to give you money. My bank has only just got online with visa debit cards and I ordered my card yesterday. Not that I ever have any money. But just think a whole lot of new people all able to give you money now who couldn't before because they didn't have credit cards. Goto and sign up and get a paypal account.

There is a bit of code that you obtain once you have signed upto paypal that you copy and paste. It will show a little button on your website that people click and can then give you money with there cards. The code can be found once you have an account by going to merchant services then clicking donations and just follow the wizard from there.

The next thing you'll need is the website itself. My site is powered by There are various templates and colour schemes so you could have a site that looks identical to this one or one that is completely different. Using blogger is very simple. One click to post something new. There's a layout feature which is where u can arrange items like posting an image in one of the columns, or links or what ever you want there, it has full help files as well. If your more advanced than this and can code your own site then you don't really need to be reading what i've written but a free hosting site is and you can code the files in basic html or upload something you've created in frontpage or some other editing software.

So basically you add a paypal button to your website and then start posting content writing articles, videos, whatever you can think of to entertain people. One of the keys i guess is getting other links from other websites. This is where I fail. Getting links is like getting a vote that your site is popular. This will lift you in search engine rankings making your content seen. Of course if you have bad content you can't expect many people to visit your site. You need content that is popular and people are searching for. An idea or two. You can't just expect people to hand over money just because you ask. You need to sell yourself and reel them in. Again I fail so i Haven't had one donation in four years. So i'm proberly the wrong person to telling you how to make a good website. This guide is really only to get you up and running.

Being social helps to get links. If your a good communicator and can talk to people then you can get links. You could visit forums, or another good way to get hits is to post your articles on If you can get past the filters and editors which I can't then you can gain alot of hits from a place like this.

Another way to monetize your site is with google adsense. Sign up for an account and you can setup ads on your website which is relevant to your content that people can click on and every click earns you a small percentage. These ads work great if you have alot of traffic but not so well if you don't.

Good luck with that. Your ideas and thought and creations that go into your website can be what catch peoples attention and cause them to give you money I guess. I haven't had one donation so i don't know.

Anyway I was inspired after I got a couple of hits asking "how to get donations".

Immortality, Virtual Reality, Top Secret, Classified, Extra Terrestrials, Artificial Intelligence, Donate.

This is a donate to me website. It's a pretty fail one though. Let's just say i've earnt zero dollars. I get a few hits from google search engine from terms such as "please give me money" "send me money" or "donate to me", people search for those terms.

These aren't really the terms i'm looking as it's people looking for money themselves. I've talked about this before. My adventures in internet land have failed. If u think u can do better you should setup your own website. Goto and you can setup something that looks identical to this one or even better. Post your ideas and thoughts and try to on how to make money.

This website is now also about Virtual Reality Technology and Artificial Intelligence. I don't have much to say about this technology i'd just be repeating myself and I don't know much about it. I am though trying to make people aware of the possibility and potential. A.I will overnight change the face of the world. They have computers still lacking in power right now that can think for themselves. Artificial Intelligence a computer that you can talk to that you can task. Imagine the tasks you could set it. It could count things. It is wandering the internet. The internet right now.

There are going to be vast places where you log into but the thing is the picture will be in your head. This tech exists right now. The ability to put a picture into your head, mind, body, eyesight. Meet this with AI. The uses are endless. The worlds that don't exist yet with new physics and dimensions. Soon when I say imagine you'll have a computer aiding you in imagining. It will draw all the pictures for you immerse you in a virtual world with sound and sensation.

What else is this blog about? I guess it's also about 9/11 /2001 or September 11th 2001. The Twin Towers, World Trade Center. I get zero hits for this topic. I'm also going to make this website about Extra Terrestrials. I'm guessing really but the government has knowledge of extra terrestrials. They need to tell the world. This is one thing I want to achieve before I die is find out about extra terrestrials. The universe is so vast they exist. But how did the Government discover them? What knowledge do they have? The black stuff with the twinkles is huge. Outer space. It contains life. I believe the government knows heaps more than what they are saying. Would you be frightened to find out about other lifeforms from another planet.

I'm finding i'm useless. I don't know how to make people believe in technology. Especially when it's classified and the condition that i'm currently in.

Another couple of things I thought this blog is about is Technology in general but mostly classified and top secret. This blog is also about Immortality and health and not dying.

I want to live as long as possible. My health is pretty bad at moment. I hate to guess how long I have. Maybe not long maybe i'll live 30 more years. I'm only 32. I feel 60 though or older most days. Immortality is a cool idea. There will be plenty to do. With a whole universe out there to catalog and to explore. Not to mention the universe of the Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence worlds.

I suppose robots are can be included with artificial intelligence. Where going to have them do all the hard work hopefully. There needs to be a huge increase in computing power and the size. I imagine current A.I is very large indeed. Not so much portable. Anyway thats all the things this blog is about.