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Friday, January 13, 2012

Nirvana - You Know Your Right and Polly.

You Know Your Right - Nirvana.

Nirvana - Polly.

When I was 16 I had a black Mitsubishi Galant Colt. I taped Nirvana across the back window in black masking tape. It looked cool or so I thought. I'm 33 nearly 34 now so that was like over half my life ago. Ended up crashing that car into the back of another car towing a trailer. Very sad. Poor car. I was a terrible driver back in the day. Bit better now.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Live and Beat It.

So thinking that if I ever have kids and there old enough I can show them the collection of music that i've been listening to over the years that i've built up on this website. If I keep adding songs. Like a crash course in music that's mostly cool. Also it will be cool for me to go back and find old songs I haven't heard for ages.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Live. Listened and watched this for a couple of days. Michael Jackson's music is genius even if he was a bit weird in real life.

Michael Jackson - Beat It. First heard this when I was a kid and it came on tv in the 80's. It was awesome. Recently listened to it for a few times.