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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Video Posting your Website.

I have an idea of how to create content video for a monetized You Tube video account and at the same time create content for your website. Simply read out loud any posts or material that you post on your website, well out loud to a camera.

I'm no comedian. I'm no movie star. I don't even want to appear on camera much. But i've decided that i'm going to from now on write posts here on and hopefully make them appropriate to be read out loud for a camera and then posted on You Tube.

This is an experiment for me. I'm finding it kind of hard imagining how to write for a video. I've never made many videos even after owning a video camera. It just sat there and did nothing.

Basically now that you can make money from You Tube it's worth having as many videos on it as possible, as a bonus it could generate traffic for your main site which I found happened quite a lot or chiefly now earn you money via Adsense ads displayed alongside your videos.

So some information about This site is now dedicated to Virtual Reality Technology or more specifically Pictures Movies Images Graphics in your Head Eyes Mind.

Virtual Reality Tech of this kind has existed for a long time with the image quality improving considerably since it's first inception. It's only a matter of time until it's release. is also about September 11th 2001 and how I, Darcy Lee made a phone call to a nationwide talkback radio show where I yelled "WAR" 2 days before the planes hit the buildings.

At i'm also trying to make money via credit card donations and advertising to support myself and my daily lifestyle. I'm trying to raise money for a house which is pretty impossible. I live on a benefit and don't nearly make enough money though at the moment I am living sustainably but with no spare money each week. So far i've made like $10 dollars in my pocket with another $39 on adsense which becomes available when I reach $100. No one has ever donated to me in about 5 years of blogging.

So that's it for this video post.

Darcy Lee

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bananarama - Cruel Summer

Don't know if this deserves much of a spot in my music catalog but I have listened to it a few times over a few days.

Cruel Summer - Bananarama

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Virtual Reality, Linkin Park. Eminem.

America. They are like the rulers of the world. They are the rulers of me anyway. They mind control me. With virtual reality pictures in your head mind eyes technology. The law allows them to do this. They can do what they want. They are above the law. They boast heaps about stuff but do it in a fashion to hurt me. They torture. With this technology. This only because I said America Sucks a few times.

The weight of the torture is not nearly worth the weight of the sin but this is American values. They can do this to anyone but they take special pleasure in torturing me. And no one believes me when I say I'm persecuted. No one believes me when I say i'm being tortured and suffering. The doctors condemn me with schizophrenia and lock me up when I protest about the really loud ringing in my ear that makes me deaf and penetrates my mind and voice. I am not believed. The doctors many of them simply say I have an illness the average police simply believe the doctors. This is the current state of the medical system.

I am saying I am being persecuted and experimented on. I am being tortured. No one believes.

There is virtual reality technology that is secret. It is pictures in your mind eyes head. Not one person believes.

I want to condemn the Doctors and Police and Government for not helping me for not believing me. How many people have they harmed and will they harm with their unbelief...

It all started in February 1999. Technology. Experimentation on me. Then in September 2001 something happened. I made a phone call to a nationwide talkback radio station. In the phone call I said "They Don't Think" 3 times followed by yelling "WAR" Proclaiming war. Then 2 days later the planes hit the buildings. So instant celebrity right? Suspicious.

Well I asked for a reward. I asked that they make...... no one believes I asked that they make songs by famous artists out of further phone calls I made to the radio station. I asked for Eminem by name. I asked that they use my words and sentences in songs by famous artists.

Here's some things I said: No one believes.

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody, just follow me
'Cause we need a little, controversy
'Cause it feels so empty, without me

I said that.


Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

Now you really don't believe. They did alot of linkin park songs as well. All i'm doing is quoting exactly what I said on the radio station in 2001. Keep not believing. All I want is to be credited while still living and soon and now.

I said this over the talk back radio station in 2001:

I've become so numb, I can't feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware
I'm becoming this, all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you.

Again i'm just quoting word for word what I said over the talkback radio in 2001.

But I must say back to the Virtual Reality technology pictures in your head eyes mind. I was going to be the one to tell the world about this technology and you would have believed. You would have believed the money anyway.

Seven and a half years after September 11th 2001 i'm lying down in bed and a chat window opens up in my head. Just like you would see on a computer screen but in my head while i'm still fully awake. Whatever I think appears on the screen in text. This was them officially showing me the technology for the first time so that I recognized what it was and believed.

I kept asking them for money. They would communicate with me. They leave me poor for months.. I mean it's been Nearly 8 years since the attacks and not one day in those 8 years goes by where I don't ask for a copy of my original phone call where I yelled "WAR". Oneday they said they were going to finally give me money. On my birthday. So anyway I complained about how it took so long and the treatment of me.

10 days before my birthday and receiving money which would have blown this wide open, the songs my phone call and VR tech, 10 days before I goto bed and meditate upon how America sucks for 5 hours straight and end up with the text message in my head "reported" and it all went down hill from there. They started torturing me daily. Raping me.

A little info about the tech. They can send images text graphics anything into your head. They can see what you see. They can control your thoughts and thinking and what you think and what you hear. They can see what you see. They can interact with dreams.

There is definately an interactive VR WORLD in your head via techology for some of us at least.

So this post has been about VR TECH, Songs that got made for me and why i'm being tortured.

This is all scrambled together and doesn't do much to make you believe but it's the truth at least. I am being persecuted and tortured for saying America Sucks in the face of being Mind Controlled. I don't get credit for my lyrics and VR Tech is still secret when it shouldn't be. That's it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011