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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Steve Winwood Higher Love

Steve Winwood.

Steve Winwood - Higher Love.

Heard this on the radio and with most songs about love I tend to enjoy the lyrics.

I like the chorus of this song. "Bring Me A Higher Love".

Darcy Lee.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

21 Jump Street Theme.

21 Jump Street.....

Old TV theme of 21 Jump Street that I used to watch as a kid. OMG was it awesome. This is the show that made Johnny Depp famous pretty much. So I been listening to this theme song a few times. Quite a few times actually. Yeah this show was definitely cool. Completely different from the movies that have been made. Nostalgia is cool. Adding to Music 2 because i've played this heaps and am pretty much over it. Was cool though. Lol added Justice, Jail, Life, Crime and LAW tags.

Darcy Lee

Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Receive Donations and Get Money

Found this site today With it you can set up a page asking for money.  It's been pretty successful for a lot of people.  I found it through a forum and it managed to raise $600000 dollars for a Tesla Museum.  I checked it out and there was many other stories of people and hard times but alot had been given some money to help out.

I setup a page for 120 days but I don't expect anything will happen.  I'm just not amazing enough.

I made my page about September 11th 2001 and needing to fund a lawyer to get a copy of phone calls I made where I yelled "WAR".  I talk about them on this page all the time.

I set the bar at $10000 dollars of which I would save $1000 for various things and then after fees I would have about $8000 left of which all would go towards hiring a lawyer and proving my case.

I guess no one will believe me as usual.

Anyway in previous posts I have suggested setting up a website to make money and get donations. could be a much easier alternative to setting up a webpage and the chances of making money would be a lot higher if your story is good.

I report back if I ever make any money.  You can check my page by clicking the Indiegogo link at the top of this post.  Also I recommend reading other success stories so you can familiarize yourself with formulas that have worked.  Lots of people have made some cash.

I can't think of much else to write.  Check out my page.

Darcy Lee


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter Trying To Find a Lawyer.

I wrote this letter a couple days ago and sent it to about 20 lawyers I found by searching for "Copyright Lawyers NZ" in Google.  So far I haven't had any replies.

I posted a copy of this letter on the forum Above Top Secret but the thread got deleted along with 2 other threads of mine.  So much for the truth having an impact and being stable and obvious.

I'm posting it here to let you know that I am trying to get a lawyer to prove my case and obtain copies of my phone calls and am willing to get into debt to prove it as I know i'm not lying and not delusional and the money will be recovered eventually.

The truth will prevail.  All I need is a lawyer and my day in court.

Here is the letter I sent:

I’m looking for a lawyer.  Perhaps you can help.  I found you in Google.  I’ve looked for a lawyer before but never proceeded.  It’s come to the point where a lawyer is necessary as there has been no progress with any of my attempts. I am very poor at the moment I live on the invalids benefit so don’t have any money but this is the potential for multi millions so should be proceeded if you understand and financially you should realise the potential.  Here’s my story. 

2 Days before September 11th 2001 I had rung Newstalk ZB nationwide NZ talkback radio and was talking live on air with Kerre Woodham during prime time.  During the phone call I said “They Don’t Think” three times in a row.  See the thing is you really have to hear the phone call yourself.  It’s not good enough to type about it.  Anyway.  After saying “They don’t think” I then yelled “WAR” at full volume live on air and proceeded to call whoever was listening to stand up and be ready.  I laid my life on the line.  There’s more to the phone call it went for about 30-40 secs or more all about war, you really have to hear it to get the best impression.  So 2 days later the planes hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  The phone call was me preparing people for war and warning of war in the only way I could.  A coincidence or what you thinking?  You have to hear it.  Maybe you think this phone call is not important.  You have to hear it.  Don’t judge before you have heard the phone call. You have to hear it.

This phone call I made the initial one before the attacks is important.  People will be interested in this phone call.  It deserves it’s place on You Tube.  I predict that this phone call alone will garner millions of hits from You Tube.  It’s being censored from the public and my freedom of speech is being taken away.  I’m not allowed a copy.  For one my phone call is important enough to never be deleted.  It pertains to a war a terrorist attack that was broadcast live around the world, all this only 2 days after the phone calls inception. 
Now maybe you wouldn’t be interested if the story ended there.  You would think that even with millions of hits on You Tube that my phone call wouldn’t generate much money.  The moneys not worth it for you.  The story so far is shaky and crumbly. 

Well after the planes hit the buildings in America I rang back Newstalk ZB.  If the planes had never hit I would never of rung back.  In the phone calls that I made after the attacks I asked for a reward (that’s what I called it anyway a reward).  That reward was that famous musicians, Rockstars, make songs out of things I said over Newstalk ZB in further phone calls.  I asked for Eminem by name.

So now songs by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, Limp BizKit, Eminem, Tatu, Finger 11, SugaBabes, all have cameo lyrics first spoken by me over Newstalk ZB air and these phone calls still exist as again they are this important they are a base to songs by these groups.  Mostly the chorus. 

See the thing is I would rather leave the music out of it not release those for a while and only after reviewing them and creating decent videos but i’m afraid lawyers might not be interested in my original phone call without first hearing it.  I’m broke remember.  So I have introduced the Music aspect.

So there is a phone call where I Yelled “WAR” and made the whole phone call about war.  Then the planes hit the buildings.  So I asked and somebody spent millions on converting things I said in phone calls I made to Newstalk ZB into now famous songs by famous rockstars.
If you believe me then it should be win win.  You get paid I get my phone calls.  You can find some of the lyrics I said at this ebay listing   I’m not asking you to buy this listing  i’m just trying to sell but having no luck it’s useless without the truth.

The auction is for a couple of domains.  They would be saleable as soon as the phone calls I made are released showing the truth about the music and even before that with just the release of my first phone call where I declared war.  At the moment there not saleable really.

I am speaking the truth.  I am not delusional.  But no one believes me.  I need a lawyer to prove the truth.  For this I have to push and pay cash.  For this I say I will be a Millionaire.  But at the moment i’m broke.  I own and and

These domains would be worth considerable dollars I believe.  I am a celebrity even if only by cameo to some of the biggest songs in the world. 

The truth will set me free.  The phone calls example the truth. 

Please if you have further questions please ask.  I hope I made sense.  Also please if your not interested could you pass this along to someone you think might be able to help or help me out by putting me in contact with the right people.  I need a lawyer who’s willing to go the distance and get these phone calls.

Copies of these phone calls still exist.  They are simply to important to delete.  They are my property.  People need to hear the phone calls.  I am willing to pay money to get them as they will earn far in excess of whatever I could possibly spend on lawyers fees.  If they didn’t want people to hear my phone calls then they shouldn’t have made the songs. 

The songs are secondary.  My first original phone call, where I yelled war, is by far way more important.  People have a right to hear it.  It should not be left unheard.  I have rights that should let me post something of intrinsic value on the internet.
Thanks for your time

Darcy Lee

So that's the letter.  Like I said haven't had any luck so far.  No one has replied back.

Hopefully i'll find some perseverance and keep pushing till someone helps me.

Just wanted to let you know that i'm trying to take action.


Darcy Lee

Monday, November 22, 2010

Phone Call. Property. LAW.

My Phone Call is not government property. It is not the property of the radio station. It is my property.

I want my property now to do with whatever I want.

Give me my property.

I want my property now.

Give me my phone call under power of the LAW.