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Monday, March 23, 2009

Donate To Buy Me A House. $100000 Dollars Needed.

This is the 3rd and quick edit of this post cause this post gets so much traffic in Google.  Today's date is July 13 2013 nearly exactly a year since the last update of this page. I wanted to add two websites where you can go and setup a page specifically asking for donations.  People goto these website to give money.  People have earned over 100k in some cases or more even for others.  Anywho.  The sites are and  Both sites allow u to ask for money, received with a Paypal account.  It's still better if you have a good story.  Have fun and good luck trying these pages.  Now back to the older posts.

This post gets a few hits in google so as of todays date the 12th of July 2012 i've decided to update it a little.  Most of the hits to this page come form people themselves searching looking for donations for a house.

Just searching in Google will probably not help you much to make dollars towards your house.  What you need to do is setup a website.  It's all pretty simple to setup and operate a website these days.  Join and have a website that is similar in layout to this one though the colors could be different if you so choose.

Your website needs content.  You can't just post "Please give me money for a house" and expect people to just open there wallets.  I know from experience.  In five years of operating this website I haven't received one donation.  You need traffic and content to attract the traffic.    If you create content for your website Google will automatically pick it up and people will start finding it.  Creating You Tube videos and posting them on your site is one form of content.  Writing and posting pictures is another.  You need to create original ideas that stand out.

I didn't say this was going to be easy.  One thing that's probably more important than the rest is not to give up.  Don't give up.  Keep posting.  It might take years before your site catches on but when it does if you've been posting the whole time then visitors will have a wealth of content to browse and probably go away happy and might even make a donation.

Not only can you with effort and perseverance create donations but also you can join a advertising program like Google Adsense and earn money when people click the ads on your page like the ads on this page, I earn money everytime someone clicks an ad. So it's not just donations where you can make money.  The more traffic you have the more people there are to click ads making you more money.

Generating traffic can be difficult.  You need to find a niche and again persevere.  Keep creating content.  I have failed with this website because I got disheartened when there wasn't much traffic for all my effort and I stopped posting.

After five years I average about 5 hits a day.  I don't post much these days.  So that's it.  You searched in google looking for donations for a house.  Practically the only way to get donations is to setup a webpage.

If you have time do it.  It's fun.  I've had some fun with my site over the days.  Even though I haven't gotten any money from anyone I have made US $50 dollars through the ads on the page with this month July 2012 being a record month by producing $3.74 from 4 clicks in the first 12 days of the month.  So ads are where it's at probably rather than donations.  Though with traffic you could probably get a few donations.

Good luck in finding money for your house.  It requires work.  Making money though a website is not instant.  Though if you put the time in it will produce many great rewards.  Just imagine posting for 40 hours a week or perhaps work part time 10-20 hours a week.  It will be a better job than most.  Though you might have to wait a while to get some money.  I guess it pretty difficult to put the effort in as I have found.  If I had worked harder I would of got better results.  To earn money through donations requires work, but it's fun work, the more effort you put in the greater the returns.  You didn't just expect to get money by searching in google did you?  How many millions have tried that I wonder.

Passion and Motivated.  You need to have passion and be motivated as well with your topics so you don't burn out and fade away like I did.  Mostly though perseverance.  Persevere and you will succeed.

What follows from here is the original post that I posted back in 2009.

Goodluck with your site and hunting for money.

Here is original post:

The cheapest I can buy a house for in the town I live is around $160000 NZ Dollars. I figure that I can borrow about $60000 from the bank. What this means is that for me to get a house I need to raise $100000 Dollars.

Raising $100000 will be totally impossible without your help. $100000 NZ dollars is about $50000 US dollars at the moment. I'm thinking that I will set this figure as a target.

I haven't made any money yet on this website.

At the moment:

I earn NZ $261.84 cents per week paid every Wednesday morning at 2am.
The house i'm living in is costing NZ $85 per week but its on the market for sale, it's not a very nice house but it's cheap (I hate moving really). Because it's on the market for sale the next person to buy the house will probably move it or demolish it so i'll have to move. When I move i'll be paying higher rent plus paying back a loan for the bond and weeks in advance to the government that I have to borrow to get into a new house.

Rent: $85 pw
Electricity: $30 pw
Phone/Internet: $30 pw
Petrol: $ 5 pw
Warcraft Sub: $ 5 pw
Smokes: $50 pw
Groceries: $56.84 pw

ToTal: $261.84

What I can see from that is Cigarettes is a huge cost and is basically the reason I have no money.

So thats where my money goes. I need $100000 Nz Dollars to buy a house.

To try and earn donations towards $100000 dollars people have said use humor so I'll tell a joke. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Ha Ha Ha. I'm not funny but if u read all this u might of got a laugh out of how much I earn and my perhaps beggingness of $100000. SO anyway please donate. Click the paypal Button and use your credit card. Max Donation TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS US.



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