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The powers that be (TPTB) aren't telling you the truth about September 11th 2001. Demand the truth. (Kinda boring).

They are lying. I think I make some sort of accusation that someone had knowledge of the September 911 terrorist attacks before they were going to happen. At least people with technology that has the ability to send text messages directly into your mind. Full motion video even as well. Super secret technology. A weapon. Virtual Reality. Advanced Weapons Technology Virtual Reality. Artificial Intelligence. New Life.

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They are LYING.


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My Story Begins with me Yelling "WAR" Live on Air to a New Zealand Nation Wide Radio Talk Back show during Prime Time 2 days before September 11th 2001 the infamous 9/11 World Trade Center and Pentagon Terrorist attacks.

This site is also about Virtual Reality. A new technology the Government possesses where the picture is in your head, in association with a computer which is Artificially Intelligent.

The government currently possess the technology to link your mind to a computer. They can read your mind while you are in bed, wirelessly, and full motion video text and images can be beamed directly into your mind. It comes up in your head in your eyesight. They also can interact with your dreams.


There are Extra Terrestrials around in the universe. The government would know the most. Just one more thing this blog is about.

FREE SPEECH? Then where is a copy of my phone call? Why are they hiding it? Because it's important. Osama Bin Laden is Dead. The 911 terrorist attacks will fade into the past as they have done already. My phone call will never see the freedom it deserves - with a general internet release. But don't say I didn't try, and facing the government which is a far superior force to me, then I always lose.

All I want is a copy of my phone call. That's all i'm saying. I'm living it. It's painful. Why can't I have a copy. WHY!! A copy of my phone call for general internet release. Thank you for listening if you got this far. As always leave a comment and donate some cash money if you can.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Blur Tender

Blur - Tender

My old land lord got me onto this song. I looked it up on his cell phone while we had internet. I qutie enjoy it.

Darcy Lee

Somewhere over the Rainbow Israel

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo╩╗ole

My old flatmate had this on repeat for a long time and I just picked it up. Adding to Music.

Darcy Lee

Summer Breeze Seals & Croft

Summer Breeze - Seals & Croft

Found myself singing Summer Breeze I think. I like this song. Adding to music 2. We been having a great summer atr moment.

Darcy Lee

Mr Mister Kyrie

Mr. Mister - Kyrie

Wouldn't have the faintest how I got here. Adding to Music 3.

Darcy Lee

Lips Traces of Teddy

Lips - Traces of Teddy

This is another Clive song that heard on the radio in Wellington and got me to look up. I was instantly attracted to this song. It only has about 5000 views so lets make it popular. It's a New Zealand Song. I like this song and video.

Darcy Lee

Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved

Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

This is yet another 2001 World Trade Center September 11th songs of mine. Think that's the only reason I looked it up.

Darxcy Lee

Imagine Dragons Thunder

Imagine Dragons - Thunder

I heard this song in a bottle store when buying bourbons for my flatmate. What made me look it up is that someone was singing the Thunder Thunder part.

Not a bad song adding to music 2.

Darcy Lee

Tenacious D Tribute Cover by Jon Sudano

Tenacious D - Tribute (Cover by Jon Sudano)

I didn'y like this cover at first but it grew on me. He makes a couple errors but otherwise does ok. I have this fantasy of playing this song to my 4th form music teacher for a recital I had to do at that age.

If only we could time travel.

This is also one of my World Trade Center September 11th songs.

Darcy Lee

Wow Vanilla Guy

Wow Vanilla Guy.

I stumbeled across this guys first video entitled "Wow vanilla player plays legion" with over 200k hits or more can't remember. He only played the starter account upto level 20 and got heaps of stick cause legion only starts at 100.

These type of videos are something I could easily do if wow didn't bore me so much nowadays. One day ill play again.

Adding to movies.

Darcy Lee

Try Nelly Furtado Cover

I've always liked the song "Turn Off the Lights" by Nelly Furtado and so looked up that. Then I had to go to other Nelly songs and this showed up. It's ok not totally awesome or anything. It's only got 1800 views. Adding to music 3.

Try is also one of my September 11th 2001 World Trade Center Songs.

Darcy Lee

The Ritz Life and Times 1977

The Ritz - Life and Times (1977)

This is another one of Clives.

Adding to music 3.

Just to say i've been here.

Darcy lee

Everlast What its Like

Everlast - What its Like

Really enjoyed this song when it first came out back in about 1998-1999

Remember thinking about it then just oneday random clicking a youtube link and it was this. Surprise.

Darcy Leee

TLC Unpretty

TLC - Unpretty

Think my old flatmeat was playing this. Also thingk this is one of my 2001 September 11th songs except I sung "Damn I'm Pretty" there could be a few more lines embedded in the song.

Adding to Music.

Darcy Lee

Edit* This is the 900th post exactly to this blog.

Foo Fighters Best Of You

Foo Fighters - Best Of You

Can't remember yet agaihn how I got onto this. It's not to bad adding to Music 2.

Darcy Lee

DJ Khaled Wild Thoughts ft Rihanna

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna

First heard this on the radio I think. It's a great song adding to Music.

It should be Rihanna ft DJ Khaled.


Superorganism Something For Your M I N D

Superorganism - Something For Your M.I.N.D.

Think my friend Clive got me onto this but can't quite remember.

The singer sounds much older than she looks.

Check it out. Adding to Music 3.

Darcy Lee

Chester Beningtons Last Concert Linkin Park

Chester Beningtons Last Concert - Linkin Park

Very sad to see the suicide of Chester of Linkin Park. Hybrid Theory was one of my favourite all time ever albums. I never got to see them in concert.

Linkin Park also did quite a number of my World Trade Center September 11 songs. Songs like Bleed it Out and Somewhere I belong are both mine. Also Numb. Rip Chester.

You will be missed Chester and i'm sad I never got to see you live in concert. I always had dreams of when I got rich I would pay Linkin Park to preform a concert at a party I would hold herer in Masterton for everyone to attent.

Cya Chest.

Darcy Lee

Audioslave Like A Stone

Audioslave - Like A Stone

Not sure how I got onto this but I really enjoy it. This also could be one of my September 11th 2001 World Trade Center Pentagon Attacks songs.

Instead of singing "Room by Room" I sung "Rung by Rung" which you can also hear if you listent.

Adding this to Music.

Havent posted in a while. I've been streaming a little but not much. I moved house Wednesday the 29th of November 2017.

It's a nicer place but at the moment the internet is crap. Cant stream or mine currency.

Enjoy this song if you haven't heard it. Wait for the Guitar Solo. No photos because internet is so crap.

Darcy Lee

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