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There are Extra Terrestrials around in the universe. The government would know the most. Just one more thing this blog is about.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Domain - Wasting Money. Something I'm Good At.

So I finally came to the realisation that i'm good at something. I can spend money really well and i'm also really good at wasting it.

I bought a new domain on impulse without putting much thought into it. The domain is which can be pronounced AMERICA. What a complete and total waste of money to be honest.

To add further insult to injury (I know this is really boring and you don't care but no-one reads this). So to add further insult to injury I then listed the domain for sale on which is like ebay. This cost $20 bucks as well putting my trademe account into debt by like 17 dollars. So in total I spent about $40 NZ dollars on junk, $20 for the domain and $20 for the add.

It won't sell. I'm not smart enough to think of witty domains and I don't have the skill to then market them for sale on the internet. People with inside information are the main ones who make money now out of domain names.

So $40 dollars of my hard earned money gone. Sigh. Stupid impulse buys cause you have some spare money.

Also people could misconstrue AMaoriCar maybe. Like racism or something. So I could get flamed.

I just thought it was cool because it was a different spelling of America. If your in the market you could buy a domain for a website and actually use it rather than just selling it. I will probably never use amaoricar for a website and it will probably never sell. Yep i'm fail. And tortured.

Anyway i've bored you enough, I might write a little bit later in the day. Seeya.

Darcy Lee

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